The Nautical Fiction List

An Annotated Bibliography of Novels
based in part on the work of John Kohnen


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The Focus of this Bibliography.

This is a list of novels - along with some short stories, poetry and drama - covering the sea. It includes war, sailing, steam and contemporary stories. The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by author, with annotations for each cited item. Whenever possible, the citation is for the first edition.

Sources consulted.

The Nautical Fiction List. The primary source of materials for this bibliography.

Cruel Seas : World War 2 Merchant Marine-Related Nautical Fiction. Design elements and citations from this site are incorporated into this bibliography.

Historic Naval Fiction. Covers the Age of Sail and the transition to steam.

Fantastic Fiction. Bibliographies for over 30,000 authors. Vital for discovering sequel and series titles.

Sea Fiction Guide by Myron J. Smith, Jr., and Robert C. Weller. Scarecrow Press, 1976. An excellent and comprehensive bibliography.

Ports of call : a study of the American nautical novel by Gordon Milne. University Press of America, 1986.

Nelson's Navy in Fiction and Film: Depictions of British Sea Power in the Napoleonic Era by Sue Parrill. McFarland, 2009.

Hot Straight and Normal : a Submarine Bibliography by Ron Martini. Writer's Showcase, 2001. 2nd ed. The submarine fiction bibliography section is riddled with errors - all of which have been corrected here.

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