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Countries of the World


Brittanica World Data Analyst
Country data.  Creates tables and charts for current or chronological comparisons and ranked statistics.

CIA World Factbook
Good source of brief information.

Country Background Notes
Published by the US Department of State.  Authoritative information updated fairly frequently by various regional bureaus.

Country and Industry Market Reports
Excellent resource for business, trade, and economic information for most countries and regions of the world; from the US Commercial Service Market Research Library.

Country Studies/Area Handbooks
Extensive and authoritative information.  Developed by the Library of Congress and the Department of the Army.
Excellent and up-to-date source of country information.  Contains key country data, political, economic, business, and environmental overviews as well as current news wire stories about the country.

Country Health Profiles
The Americas.   Developed by the Pan American Health Organization

Electronic Embassy
Country information provided by Embassies located in Washington, DC.

Foreign Government Statistics
Includes all types of data (economic, political, trade, vital, etc.)

Geo-data : the world geographical encyclopedia
Entries describe the physical geography of every nation and dependency on Earth.

Africa : An Encyclopedia for Students
This work spans many disciplines, covering animals, foods, holidays and festivals, tribal groups, ecology, music and art, trade and economy, geography, religion, folklore, and fossil and skeletal discoveries.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
Historical articles emphasize people, places, events, and developments that have had a lasting influence on Asia. Articles also cover Asian relations with Western nations, the relations between nations within Asia, and also the flow of people, goods, and ideas within Asia and globally.

Encyclopedia of Russian History
Providing a comprehensive discussion of the people, politics, economics, religion, culture, and social systems of Russia.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
Information on 200 countries and dependencies from around the world.

United Nations