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Donations Policy



The California Maritime Academy Library welcomes donations that directly contribute to the Library's mission of supporting the educational curricula and programs of the campus. Librarians will review these donations to determine if they meet this purpose and the needs of the collection.

Once donated, all gifts become the property of the CMA Library. The CMA Library does not guarantee use of donations and will not return donations that are not added to the collection. Donations may be discarded or sold.

The CMA Library WILL normally accept these types of items in excellent condition:

• Hardcover fiction and non-fiction (desired - copyright in past 5 years)
• DVD videos (desired - copyright in past 5 years)
• Travel Books (required - copyright in last 5 years)

The CMA Library WILL NOT normally accept:

• Materials in poor condition (for example: moldy, yellowing pages, highlighted or lined throughout, loose spines, missing covers or pages, etc.)
• Materials that are outdated or in obsolete formats
• Materials already owned by the Cal Maritime Library
• Mass-market paperbacks
• Textbooks (unless current edition)
• Materials indicating they are "For Review Only" or "Discarded"
• Newspapers
• Scattered issues/serials, incomplete volumes, or short runs of magazines or journals
• Encyclopedias or directories
• Outdated formats (VHS tape, cassette tapes, LP records, floppy discs, etc.)

Valuation of Donations

The appraisal of donated materials to the CMA Library for income tax purposes is the sole responsibility of the donor. Federal tax regulations prohibit the CMA Library from giving appraisals or estimates of value.

Gifts of Cash and Property

Gifts of cash and property, etc., in excess of $250 must be reported. Cash and securities in excess of this amount must be deposited in a library account at the California Maritime Academy Foundation.

The CMA Library will provide a letter of acknowledgement and can provide verification for the quantity of materials donated upon request.


Michele Van Hoeck
Interim Library Dean
Mark Stackpole
Library Technologist

Updated July 20, 2011