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MGT 400 - Strategic Management: SWOT Analysis

Critical Thinking

You will probably not find an article or a section of a report that says, "This is [your company's] strength," or "This is an opportunity for [your company]." 

You will have to interpret the information you find and decide for yourself which category it fits into. Do your own analysis!

Why a SWOT?

A SWOT Analysis is a compilation of significant factors that affect an organization. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal resources and capabilities. Opportunities and threats are factors external to the organization.

Preparing your own SWOT will allow you to master a popular business technique that has a wide range of applications. For your course requirement, you will be performing a SWOT for your company, but the analyses are also useful for analyzing departments, divisions and project teams.

The Library has access to several prepared SWOTS.  Use these to find out more about your company, but you may not cut and paste these items to use for your own SWOT. There are two primary reasons not to do this:

  •    It is plagiarism
  •    You would not be providing evidence for the points you are making. 

You CAN use these points as idea for your own SWOT analysis. You will need to find other sources that provide evidence that you can cite to back up claims that you make.


Find a MarketLine report in Business Source Premier

  1. Click on the link below to access Business Source Premier.
  2. In the blue box on the right side of the page, click on "Company Profiles"
  3. In the search box, enter your company name
  4. Click on the pdf of the MarketLine report

In the table of contents on the left side of the report, you'll notice that there is a section that provides a SWOT analysis of your company.


Find analyst reports in LexisNexis

  1. Click on the link below to access LexisNexis database.
  2. In the blue tabbed list on the left, click the "Companies" tab, then the "Company Dossier" link
  3. Search for your company by name or ticker symbol
  4. In the company dossier, click on "Analyst Reports" in the menu on the left
  5. Read the reports!

Do you see evidence of the company's strengths here? Weaknesses? This is a very good source for the evidence you need to back up your claims.


Find articles about your company in ABI/INFORM

  1. Click on the link to ABI/Inform below.
  2. In the first search box, enter your company name
  3. Go to the drop-down menu next to the search box, and select "Company/Org"
  4. You can scan all the articles about your company, or in the second search box you can enter a keyword to focus your search

Using the drop-down menu gets you articles that are really about your company, instead of articles that only mention your company.

What keyword you will put in your second search box?  You will have better results if you think of issues or concepts that relate to what you have already learned about your company.

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