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Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy

Committee Members

Michele Van Hoeck, Chair

Beth Ayers

Julie Chisholm

Margot Hanson

Peter McGroarty

Dianne Meredith

Amy Parsons

Rick Robison

Mark Stackpole

Bob Stewart

Finalists Not Selected

Theme for 2014

Global Awareness, the fourth compass point in our mission statement:

Provide each student with a college education combining intellectual learning, applied technology, leadership development, and global awareness.

Related Institution-Wide Student Learning Outcome:

Global Stewardship: Demonstrate awareness of cultural differences and the responsibilities associated with global welfare

Criteria for selection

1. Relevant to the Cal Maritime mission (this year's theme is "global awareness"). The connection can be indirect, but it should be consistent throughout the book.

2. Multifaceted. Can the book’s themes be approached from most major fields (science, maritime studies, humanities, etc.)?  Major themes must hold up under scrutiny.

3. Non-didactic. The book's themes shouldn't be too obvious or heavy-handed.

4. Artful, but not overwrought (prose style). It should be entertaining, but also thought provoking.

5. Impressive, to you. Rank the book for its "wow-factor."

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