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GMA 215 - Comparative Maritime Politics


This guide provides suggestions to help you complete research on Maritime Straits & Chokepoints, Regional Seas, and Large Marine Ecosystems (LME).

Each section below includes recommendations on specific types of formats or topics. Try them all!

Country Information

When researching a marine area, it's also useful to study the countries surrounding the area, or who have political interests in the area. Try out the sources below for country background information.

Research Articles

Search these library subscription databases for academic articles related to your topic.


Look in these ebook databases for in-depth analysis of regional political history.

Piracy & Security

Check out these resources for information related to current and past piracy and security issues.

Legal information

Legal information can be daunting, but it can also be a rich source of information for the context of your research. Legal journals provide more analysis that might be easier to digest than legal code.

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