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Creating Immersive Learning Experiences: Virtual Reality (VR) at Cal Maritime - Faculty Workshop

IDEAS (from workshop brainstorming session)

Google should sponsor us for Google Waterways (like Google Street View)

Interactive quizzes within 360 videos


iPod touch for people to borrow if they don't have phone

CSU Entertainment Initiative for funding

Get together to learn from each other (shared doc/trello board/community of sharing information)

Shipboard tour (like google street view to let people choose where to go next)

Library hoping to get VR headsets

Incentives for faculty who are putting in the time to make this happen (CSU Course Redesign funding?)

Workshop Description

Creating Immersive Learning Experiences: Virtual Reality (VR) at Cal Maritime

Faculty Development Workshop
Wednesday, August 14, 2019 (9:55 – 11:25), ABS 101

Cal Maritime’s curriculum provides unique opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning, but sometimes diving under the Antarctic sea ice is just a bit too far for a class field trip. Instead, students can have a simulated experience using VR, which could be used for training and instructional videos, simulation, empathetic storytelling, and more.

Virtual reality provides new opportunities for faculty to create relevant and inspiring assignments and other materials for their courses. In this workshop, participants will hear from colleagues who have incorporated VR into their courses, learn how to use (very) basic equipment, and find out how VR is being used in higher education.

Presenters: Margot Hanson, Fred Reiman and Kate Sammler

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality provides immersive opportunities to consume content, but also create your own. Explore some of the following resources to learn more.

Learn more about Google Cardboard

The Library has a set of twenty Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers that include a cardboard frame and lenses. You add your own device to view VR videos.

Learn more about developing your own virtual worlds

Watch VR Videos

Google Earth VR

360 Cameras

The Cal Maritime Library has the following 360 cameras available to borrow.

Workshop Slides

Further Reading

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