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OER and Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$)

Information on free and low-cost textbook and courseware options: what they are, how to find them, and programs to support their adoption.

Apply for AL$ Funding to Reduce Textbook Costs

Cal Maritime received $50,000 under the Affordable Learning Solutions initiative / AB 798 to provide stipends to faculty who reduce the cost of their course materials.  Applications are being accepted for courses to be taught in 2020-201; materials must be ready by the beginning of each course.

AL$ Project Team, 2020-2021

The AL$ Project Team conducts monthly meetings to support affordable learning on campus. It includes faculty representing as many campus departments as possible; the Campus Coordinator(s) and Faculty Ambassador(s); representatives from the Bookstore, Academic Technology, Disability Services, and IT, with governance support from the Dean of the Library and Learning Services, the AVP of Academic Affairs, and the Provost.

Faculty representation on the ALS Project Team, 2020-2021, includes:

  • Katherine (Kitty) Luce, AL$ Coordinator, Library
  • Brent Pohlmann, Faculty Ambassador, Sciences & Math
  • Ariel Setniker, Sciences & Math    
  • Julianne Chisolm, Culture & Communication
  • Christine Isakson, International Business & Logistics
  • Samuel B. Pearson, Marine Transportation   


Accessibility for AL$ Course Materials

Any materials used in CSU courses need to comply with Section 508, being accessible to all students with or without disabilities. If you have questions, review the resources at Cal Maritime's accessibility websitecheck with the Department of Academic Technology or Disability Services at Cal Maritime.