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Think Tanks

What are Think Tanks?

Think Tanks are a great place to look for information on various political and economic issues. They can provide non-partisan perspectives, solutions to big issues, and hold other organizations accountable. They are often non-profit research organizations, or NGO (non-governmental organizations), providing public policy analysis and research. Writing about think tanks and using their research: A cautionary tip sheetprovides a great overview of what think tanks are and how to evaluate them. 

How to Find Them

How to Evaluate Think Tanks

There is still a strong need to evaluate these resources and be aware of fake organizations or conflicts of interests for funding or donations. Consider the following when you looking at Think Tanks and Watchdog organizations: 

  1. Review the "About Us" page, can you identify the following:
    1. Do they have a mission or goals statement, or history of the organization?
    2. Who are the contributors, authors, board of trustees? What are their credentials? What makes them an expert? Google them!
    3. Do they have information about their standards, research methods, etc.?
  2. Look at a few of the articles, reports or commentary.
    1. What kind of topics do they cover?
    2. How do they collect data or conduct their research?
    3. Can you identify any bias?
  3. What do other people say about this organization?
    1. Are they connected with government agencies, political parties or organizations that give you pause?
    2. Where do they fall on this Global Go To Think Tank Index?


Books on Foreign Policy

Starting with books is a great way to get an overview on various topics. The best way to search is using OneSearch using any of the following search terms below and then limit your search results on the left side by clicking "Format" then "Books" then "Apply Filters". OneSearch also has articles, government documents, magazines, news papers and more!

  • "U.S. Foreign Policy"
  • "Foreign Policy" Wilsionism  (or a different theory you are researching)
  • "Foreign Policy" "North Korea"

OneSearch indexes all of our databases, providing literally millions of sources. Using quotation marks, limited your results with the facets on the left and using precise keywords will help you limit your results. 

Relevant Databases

Academic and Government Journals On Foreign Policy & Issues

The library has access to several news and academic journals on foreign policy

List of links to BBC publications included International Reports and BBC Monitoring 

News Databases

Government Documents

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