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BUS 301 - International Marketing

Using the Harmonized System

HS numbers are six-digit codes used to categorize products that are traded between countries.

They tend to focus on the raw materials that make up a product.

You will need HS numbers to determine tariff and license requirements for your product.

The United States assigns four additional digits to all HS numbers to create 10-digit Schedule B numbers

HS numbers are the same as Schedule B numbers for the first six digits

Finding Tariff Info with WTO Tariff Data

Feel free to explore the other tariff resources as well. This box walks you through finding tariff info for a product in different countries using WTO Tariff Data's Tariff Download feature.

1. Go to WTO Tariff Data at the link below. Notice the information on the page, including the Jargon Buster with definitions down the page on the right.

2. Select Tariff Download Facility.

3. Click Next. You click Next to move through this tool.

4. Under Reporters, select the countries you're interested in. You can select multiple countries.

5. Under Products, you can either search for the HS number(s) of your product, or select progressively more specific HS numbers. You can select multiple HS numbers.

6. Click Next.

7. Select the format for your download file, and save it. Note that AV means ad valorem rates which are charged as a percentage; bound rates are a ceiling which may be applied. Definitions are on the main WTO tariff data page.


The image below shows what a file downloaded from the WTO Tariff Download Facility can look like.

Example WTO Tariff Download Facility spreadsheet.

Tariffs and Trade Data

Where to Find Trade Data?

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