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Copyright & Fair Use Guide for Faculty

Guidance on what fair use is, how it works, and how to apply it when using materials in your class

Fair Use ChecklistChecklist by Andrejs Kirma from the Noun Project

The learning management system has become the primary point to distribute articles, book excerpts, charts and research data to support Cal Maritime's cadets in their courses.

Material placed in the learning management system is subject to the same copyright protections as any other item. An exception can be made the material falls under the Fair Use guidelines.

The Fair Use checklist is:

  1. The instructor is the copyright owner of the material, or
  2. The copyright owner of the material grants permission, or
  3. The material is in the public domain, or
  4. The material falls within another statutory exception, or
  5. The use of the material is a "fair use" under the law

Review the following pages regarding Fair Use Factors and Fair Use Scenarios for more detail about your specific situation.

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