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Michele Van Hoeck

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Katherine "Kitty" Luce

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"76% of students surveyed considered written guidelines about course-related assignments to be one of the most helpful materials an instructor can provide." Assigning Inquiry, Project Information Literacy report, July 2010

  • Provide situational context for your research assignment
  • Verify and sample resources available in the Library
  • Suggest specific research databases for your field or discipline
  • Explain criteria for quality sources. These may vary across discipline and situational context.
  • Specify citation style and provide, or link to, examples
  • Provide contact information for getting help, either from yourself or the Library
  • Provide all of the above in writing

Cal Maritime librarians are available to visit classes or consult with faculty on research assignments.

Workshop Description

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014, led by Margot Hanson and Michele Van Hoeck


Would you like to see higher quality research papers from students? Are you discouraged by grading papers with weak sources or insufficient citation? Drawing on recommendations from studies of student research habits, as well as librarian experience working with Cal Maritime students, attendees will work with a partner to revise one of their own research assignment handouts (prompts).

NOTE: Please bring a paper copy of one of your research paper assignments to the workshop.


Register by Friday, August 22, to reserve your spot.

Checklist to Evaluate Assignment Handouts

Use this checklist from our workshop to review your research assignment prompts. Is there anything missing? Anything you'd like to add so your students turn it better assignments?

Adapted from the Maricopa County Community College Libraries checklist.

Helpful Links

Guide students to citation help, recommended databases, and library liaisons.

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