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OneSearch and CSU+

OneSearch is a new CSU-wide library catalog, and CSU+ provides delivery of books and media from other campuses.

Why OneSearch?

"Our big and important goal is to support equity across all campuses so all CSU students, faculty and staff have equally successful, innovative, and powerful library services for learning, teaching, and scholarly activities.”

(Gerry Hanley, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Technology Services for the CSU)

  • Aid Discovery: The platform serves as a gateway to library resources for CSU students, faculty and staff across disciplines, ensuring library users at every campus shared access to books and media.
  • Unite Resources: OneSearch provides “consortium capabilities,” allowing libraries to see what other campuses are buying and leverage that knowledge for better contracts when purchasing digital journals and articles.
  • Empower Analytics: Libraries can easily able to share and compare usage data, giving the CSU a more complete picture of what books, journals and resources are in high demand and allowing libraries to better serve users’ needs.
  • Simplify Workflow: One platform reduces redundant data entry and unifies the source of data about CSU library collections. Before, staff had to enter the same data into multiple systems, many that didn’t communicate with each other. 
  • Cost saving: the implementation of Alma/Primo (the software behind OneSearch) will save the CSU system close to $1 million dollars per year.

Benefits of OneSearch

Listen to David Walker (Director of CSU's System Wide Digital Library Services) explain the benefits of OneSearch.

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