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NAU 103 - Introduction to Marine Transportation

This research guide introduces new Marine Transportation students to the Cal Maritime Library.

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Newspaper Databases

Database Search Tips

It's easy to get overwhelmed with too many results in a news database search.

Try searching just the lead/headline in Newsbank or abstract in Proquest NewsStream for more relevant results.

Limit your sources by geography to get news from the country you're researching.

Look for opinion stories to identify the "pro" and "con" arguments. Opinion stories may be labeled:

  • "Editorial"
  • "Op-Ed"
  • "Commentary"
  • "Column"

Maritime News Online

Several maritime publications have websites where you can get a quick sense of what's happening in the maritime world - and maybe get inspiration for a research assignment!

News Magazines

Reading News Article Citations



This weekly magazine is aimed at a popular audience.

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