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NAU 103 - Introduction to Marine Transportation

This research guide introduces new Marine Transportation students to the Cal Maritime Library.

Background Research to Find a Topic

Getting started with picking a topic can be a challenge, and one way to make it easier is to start by reading. You can think of a general subject that interests you and do some background reading on that subject. As you read, you can narrow the focus of what sparks your curiosity.

One way to get started with initial background reading is by browsing news sources and branching out from your regular go-to sources. Cal Maritime Library provides access to several news options. Let's try out a few of them from the box below.

Maritime News Online

Several maritime publications have websites where you can get a quick sense of what's happening in the maritime world - and maybe get inspiration for a research assignment!

Browse Current News

Cal Maritime subscribes to the the following digital editions:

Finding a Topic

Try out some of these library subscription databases and websites to read more about current events and issues impacting the world.

Library Subscription Databases for current events & global topics
Websites for current events in science, society and government
Online Reference Books for background information and historical context

Research in Steps

1. Plan: You need a topic and some good keywords

2. Search library databases. Your topic determines which databases you should search.

3. Read what you find.

4. Extract new search terms and a better understanding of your topic.

5. Repeat until you've got what you need. You should get closer with each iteration.


Spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

See your librarian to adjust your research strategy.

Mind Mapping

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