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EGL 100 - English Composition

Tips for Picking a Topic

  1. Pick something you're interested in, curiosity is a great motivator.
    • What are your personal interests?
    • What are your academic interests?
  2. Pick something current, it has to be new!
    • What's in the news?
    • What's in your social media feed?
    • What are people talking about?
  3. Pick something controversial.
    • Something divisive, something people have strong opinions about. 
  4. Start broad and brainstorm to narrow it down. 

Finding a Topic

Sometimes finding a topic can be the most difficult part of starting your research. You want to choose a topic that you are genuinely interested in and excited to learn more about. This section of resources is a great place to start! Begin by browsing broad topics, then narrowing it down by sub-topics, looking at pro/con arguments and then finally checking out what's in the news. 

Start Exploring

These databases are a great place to start browsing possible research topics. They offer controversial topics, pro/con perspectives, and lots of searching and browsing options.

Current Events and News

Exploring what's going on in the world is another great place to search for research topics. The following resources offer news at the local, national, and international level. 

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