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Library Policies

The policies of the California Maritime Academy Library

Group Study Rooms

The Library provides space and equipment for Cal Maritime students to study and collaborate on academic work.

In addition to open space, the Library has three student study rooms, one large (capacity 24, the “Green Room”) and two small (each capacity 8). All study rooms are equipped with white boards. The Green Room is also equipped with a projector, which may be connected to a laptop and used by students.

Reserving Study Rooms

  • Library open space and study rooms are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis, for individual and group study.
  • During the academic year, Library open space and study rooms are not available for staff or faculty meetings or events.
  • During the academic year, faculty librarians will occasionally reserve the Green Room for library-related instruction.
  • When classes are not in session, library open space and study rooms may be reserved for staff or faculty meetings with the advance approval of the Library Dean.

For questions about this policy or to reserve a room when class is not in session, contact Michele Van Hoeck (x1097).