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Citation Styles

Which Style to Use?

Talk to your professor. Both APA and MLA are used at Cal Maritime.

APA: American Psychological Association

MLA: Modern Languages Association

APA citation places greater emphasis on publication date, while MLA requires more author detail.

Why Cite?

  • To provide evidence for your argument.
  • To help readers track down interesting or useful sources.
  • To credit those whose ideas or words you are using.
  • Anything less is plagiarism.

Citation helps us all share knowledge.

Why All the Fussy Rules?

Citations are a form of shorthand from pre-hyperlink days. Getting the format right can be a pain, but it accomplishes two purposes:

  • Communicates critical information in fewest characters possible.
  • Standardizes a long list of cites so they are easier to read


This citation gives extra information via the order and italics required by APA style for magazine articles.

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