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Virtual Poster Session: Global Studies & Maritime Affairs Senior Thesis 2020

chart illustrationsWelcome to the 2020 GSMA Virtual Poster Session

The projects on this page present research posters by senior Global Studies & Maritime Affairs students based on their Senior Thesis completed in Fall 2020. In each section, you can view the students' posters summarizing the research they conducted for their theses. We are very proud of our seniors and all their hard work this semester writing 30 pages of analysis and then creating professional posters. We hope you enjoy these posters, and spread the word!


Fall 2020 Research Posters

  • Justin Agbayani: The Next Battle in the Cold War
  • Isabelle Beaven: Combating Maritime Piracy + Armed Robbery
  • Val Cochrell: Maritime Boundary Dispute: South China Sea
  • Ravin Cole: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Has Human Activity Caused Irreversible Damage to Our Oceans?
  • Elijah Couvillon: An Analysis of Modern American Direct Action
  • Stephanie Gonzales: Regulating the High Seas
  • Helen Gordon: Human Trafficking within the US: how is it affecting our economy?
  • Evan Haglund: Preventing the Future War with China in the South China Sea
  • Connor Hendricks: How the Arctic Will Be Won
  • Carly Hewitt: Industrialization vs. Environmental Justice: The Story of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • Pryce Hood: A New Era of Shipping: Unraveling Autonomous Shipping Vessels
  • Alondra Jimenez: Gender Integration within the Coast Guard
  • Brendan Kelly: China's Maritime Strike Capability
  • Joey-Kenta Lambur: How Business As Usual Has Destroyed Our Oceans
  • Angelica Matos: United States National Security & Foreign Assistance Relationship
  • Bonnie May: The Future of Ammonium Nitrate: Risks, Regulation, & Oversight
  • Alena Monahan: Migration Policy: The Last Bastion of State Sovereignty?
  • Nolan Nelson: A concurrent analysis of U.S. shipbuilding: Foggy Waters
  • Duylam Nguyen: United States Grand Strategy: A Nation Without a Path
  • Erik O'Brien: Rising Geopolitical Tensions in the Arctic
  • Ian Ogilvie: Laying the Foundation for US Maritime Strategy in South East Asia
  • Gerald Rodwell: Tension with Iran
  • Gabriella Santana: America's Environmental Injustices
  • Lauren Silva: Assessing U.S. Navy’s Impacts: San Diego’s Ship Repair Industry
  • Cameron Sothern: US - Japan Security Alliance: A Perspective on China
  • Nicholas Sullivan: Cyber Security: Maritime's Final Frontier
  • Matthew Vanegas: Europe in Crisis: Mass Migration and Political Polarization
  • Maria Velasquez: Advanced Technology in the Port Industry Contemporary Development
  • Jieyi Zhen: Chinese Peaceful Growth vs America's Intrusive Reconnaissance in the South China Sea

Previous Poster Sessions

Seniors completing their Global Studies & Maritime Affairs degree have presented research posters for several years. The posters are available on the CSU institutional repository, ScholarWorks.

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