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Nautical Fiction Index

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Bass, Cynthia

Maiden Voyage. Village, 1996. 257 pages

A 12 year old boy who, in surviving the Titanic disaster, discovers something steely and enduring in himself.





Bassett, James E. (1912-1978)

Harm's way. World Pub. Co., 1962. 510 pages

Aboard USN cruiser "Old Swayback" in the Pacific during WW II, a regular Naval officer in the Pacific theater is assigned to command a "backwater" operation to seize a group of strategic islands from the Japanese, and has almost as much trouble from an entrenched and interfering area commander as from the enemy.



The Sky Suspended. Delacorte Press, 1968. 326 pages

A novel of naval mercenaries in Southeast Asia.




Cmdr. Prince, USN : a novel of the Pacific War. Simon & Schuster, 1971. 415 pages

Commander Prince, USN Naval commander who has served on staff positions is given command of a destroyer squadron in the Asiatic Fleet after the outbreak of WWII. He must overcome doubts about his competence and courage in the Java Sea, then fight an unequal battle with a Japanese cruiser and his former flagship -- captured by the IJN -- off the Solomons.




Bassett, Ronald (1924-1996)

The Tinfish Run. Harper & Row, 1977. 264 pages

Set in 1942, immediately after the ill-fated PQ17 convoy. An ancient British destroyer hunts subs, fights German aircraft in the Arctic. Bassett served in the Arctic aboard a British cruiser. He has made a serious attempt at to have the characters speak in the vernacular of the Royal Navy of the day and to this end includes a thirteen page glossary of Royal Navy lower-deck terminology and technical terms. There is also a two page synopsis of the events of the PQ17 convoy.



The Pierhead Jump. Macmillan, 1978. 224 pages

The American transport SUSQUEHANNA, bound from Oran to the USA with a cargo of Afrika Korps POWs, gets sunk by a German U-boat -- which then offers a truce so that survivors can be rescued. Loosely based on the sinking of the LACONIA.




The Neptune Landing. Macmillan, 1979. 214 pages

LCF49 -- Landing Craft, Flak -- goes to war against Germany in late 1943 through 1944, taking part in the Overlord Invasion, and its aftermath.




The Guns of Evening. Macmillan, 1980. 201 pages

Aboard the battle-cruiser INVINCIBLE at the Battle of Jutland.





Bassett, Sara Ware

The White Sail. Doubleday, 1949. 244 pages

Old-fashioned romance set on Cape Cod in the summer amidst sailing and fishing boats.





Batchelder, Eugene (1822-1878)

A Romance of the Sea Serpent, or, The ichthyosaurus. John Bartlett, 1849. 172 pages


Bateman, Robert

Race Against the U-boats. J. Cape, 1963. 111 pages

When he is orphaned during the Second World War, an English youth signs on as cabin boy with a convoy of tramp steamers bound for Canada and experiences tense moments when German submarines threaten.




Bates, H. E. (1905-1974)

The Cruise of the Breadwinner. M. Joseph, 1946. 63 pages

WW II English fishing boat on patrol.





Bates, Ralph (1899-2000)

Rainbow Fish. E.P. Dutton, 1937. 242 pages

A group of criminals work on a boat for a Greek sponge collecting company in order to avoid society and the police






Baumann, Hans (1914-1988)

Son of Columbus. Oxford University Press, 1957. 248 pages

Translation of Der Sohn des Columbus





The Barque of the Brothers: a tale of the days of Henry the Navigator. H.Z. Walck, 1958. 245 pages

When his brother is called by the promise of exploration, Aires follows him in giving up their lives as fishermen to join Prince Henry the navigator and sail for Africa on an adventure from which only one will return. Translation of Die Barke der Brüder





Baume, Eric (1900-1967)

Yankee Woman: a Story of Slavery and Piracy. Dodd, Mead, 1945. 259 pages

A young widow sails her late husband's ship to California during the Gold Rush






Bax, Roger [pseud. Paul Winterton] (1908-2001)

Two If By Sea. Harper, 1949. 245 pages

U.K. title: Came the Dawn. Two Englishmen on duty in Moscow during WW II marry Russian women, but are refused permission to take their wives home to England when they are reassigned. With the help of an American newspaperman, they hatch a plan to spirit the women out of the USSR by using a small sailing boat.




Baxter, John (1939- )

The Black Yacht. Jove, 1982. 341 pages

A tale of intrigue and suspense surrounding the America's Cup 12-meter style, complete with international assassins, Japanese challengers utilizing the latest in high-tech boat building techniques, and old 12-meters being used for Columbian drug running. The book is high on the mystery content and not-so high on the sailing aspects. Enjoyable if somewhat over the top in certain areas.




Bayer, John F.

The Omega Deception. Broadman & Holman, 2000. 310 pages

Posting as a soldier and loyal follower of Hitler, Michael Shaw is assigned to the Peenemunde research facility where he discovers the Germans are developing a sophisticated rocket propulsion system to launch chemical weapons from U- boats off the eastern coast of America. Finding a surprising confidante in civilian scientist Kurt Daleuge, Shaw must learn all he can about the upcoming attack targeted at Wall Street, and with Daleuge's's help, intercede before millions of Americans are killed.




Beach, Edward Latimer, Sr. (1867-1943)

An Annapolis Plebe. Penn, 1907. 435 pages

An Annapolis Youngster. Penn, 1908. 386 pages

An Annapolis Second Classman. Penn, 1909. 389 pages

An Annapolis First Classman. Penn, 1910. 367 pages

Ralph Osborn--Midshipman at Annapolis : a story of life at the U.S. Naval Academy. W.A. Wilde, 1909. 366 pages

Midshipman Ralph Osborn at Sea : a story of the U.S. Navy. W.A. Wilde, 1910. 330 pages

Ensign Ralph Osborn : the story of his trials and triumphs in a battleship's engine room. W.A. Wilde, 1911. 328 pages

Lieutenant Ralph Osborn aboard a torpedo boat destroyer : being the story of how Ralph Osborn became a lieutenant and of his cruise in an American torpedo boat destroyer in West Indian waters. W.A. Wilde, 1912. 342 pages

Roger Paulding, Apprentice Seaman. Penn, 1911. 355 pages

Roger Paulding, Gunner's Mate. Penn, 1912. 349 pages

Roger Paulding, Gunner. Penn, 1913. 351 pages

Roger Paulding, Ensign. Penn, 1914. 360 pages

Dan Quin of the Navy. Macmillan, 1922. 383 pages



Beach, Edward Latimer, Jr. (1918-2002)

Run Silent, Run Deep. Holt, 1955. 364 pages

WW II Pacific submarine action. Best sub novel ever written, some say.




Dust on the Sea. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1972. 351 pages

American sub EEL in Japan's tightly guarded inland sea during WW II.




Cold is the Sea. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1978. 348 pages

15 years after WW II a nuclear submarine CUSHING goes on a secret mission to the arctic to test fire missiles from under the ice, collides with Russian submarine.




Beach, Rex (1877-1949)

The World in His Arms. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1946. 214 pages

Fur poacher Jonathan Clark loses his heart to Russian Countena Marina. Clark, finally caught in Russian waters, persuades the Russians to preserve the seal herds, and tries to sell Alaska to his own country.




Beals, Carleton (1893-1979)

Adventure of the Western Sea. Holt, 1956. 192 pages

The 1787 voyage of the Lady Washington to the Pacific Northwest and Japan






Beard, G. S. (Gary)

Fury series:

  1. Mr. Midshipman Fury. Century, 2006. 309 pages

    The year is 1792 - the start of the French Revolutionary Wars. A shadow hangs over John Thomas Fury in his first voyage as a midshipman aboard the 32-gun frigate, Amazon. As Amazon heads southwards on her voyage to India, Fury is involved in a shipboard accident and he finds himself working hard to prove that he isn't cursed just like his father.




  3. Lieutenant Fury. Century, 2007. 396 pages

    When Amazon left England nearly two years before the countries were not at war but any hopes that the peace still holds are shattered as the Frenchman unexpectedly opens fire - a bloody sea battle ensues resulting in both triumph and personal tragedy for Acting Lieutenant John Fury.




Beatty, Hetty Burlingame (1907-1971)

Voyage of the Sea Wind. Houghton Mifflin, 1959. 37 pages

A boy sails on his father's cargo schooner for the first time, he learns how a ship is sailed, visits Bermuda and Puerto Rico, and surviving a bad storm when a friend he met in Bermuda sees the ship foundering off the reefs






Beatty, John (1922-1975) and Beatty, Patricia (1922-1991)

Pirate Royal. Macmillan, 1969. 209 pages

Sir Henry Morgan from the point of view of his accountant






Beaty, David (1919-1999)

The Four Winds. William Morrow, 1955. 320 pages






The Wind Off the Sea. William Morrow, 1962. 350 pages







Beaver, Floyd

The Homeward Bounder and Other Sea Stories. Glencannon Press, 1995. 239 pages












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