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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Car - Cav

Carey, Charlie [pseud.]

The Lady of the Green and Blue; or The Magic Figure Head. George H. Williams, 1847. 103 pages


Carin, Michael (1951- )

Five Hundred Keys. Deneau & Greenberg, 1980. 240 pages

A student tries for a quick buck on a 38' boat carrying drugs from Morocco to Newfoundland with deadly results.




Carlisle, Henry (1926-2011)

Voyage to the First of December. Putman, 1972. 243 pages

U.K. title: The Somers Mutiny. Novel based on the true events surrounding the attempted mutiny on board the USN brig SOMERS in 1842, for which the son of the Secretary of War was hanged.




The Jonah Man. Knopf, 1984. 260 pages

Fictional biography of Capt. George Pollard, commander of the whaleship ESSEX which was sunk by a sperm whale in the Pacific, the survivors ate their shipmates to stay alive. Told in his own fictional words.




Carpenter, Edward Childs (1872-1950)

Captain Courtesy: A Tale of Southern California. G.W. Jacobs, 1906. 299 pages

Vowing revenge against the Mexicans who murdered his parents, Leonardo Davis becomes "Captain Courtesy," a mysterious masked defender of Americans' rights in the Alta California territory, robbing wealthy Mexicans and giving the plunder to his fellow Americans






Carpenter, Scott M. (1925-2013)

The Steel Albatross. Hardline, 1991. 475 pages

One of the techno-thriller genre. Our Hero is a misfit US Navy pilot who joins the SEALs and is sent to command a new class of submarine -- one that soars in the ocean currents. With his super vessel, he protects the world from the Soviet bad guys.




Carr, Philippa [pseud. Eleanor Hibbert] (1906-1993)

The Lion Triumphant. Putman, 1973. 380 pages

Heroine meets jake the ship captain, is kidnaped by Spanish pirates, and winds up in the Canary Islands just before the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Number 2 in the Daughters of England series.




Carse, Robert (1902-1971)

Siren Song. Farrar & Rinehart, 1930. 314 pages

Sea captain and war hero whose siren songs were "the call of the sea, the lust for power and the desire for women".




Pacific. Farrar & Rinehart, 1932. 280 pages

A lone woman stranded aboard a ship manned by a crew of barbarous shellbacks. Later reprinted as Woman of the Night.




Deep Six. William Morrow, 1946. 311 pages

A novel of desert adventure, of individual as well as group crises, as the survivors of the Wolston Hill sink their differences to thwart their captors, and under Jerry Duane, veteran of the war in Spain, get across the desert. There are many flashbacks of the lives of these merchant mariners during the 1930s and 1940s.



From the Sea and the Jungle. Scribner, 1951. 294 pages

Merchantmen vs. U-boats in the Caribbean.




The Sea Waifs. Fawcett, 1952. 278 pages

Published under the pseudonym John Vail. A Liberty Ship rescues two young women from a life raft and all hell proceeds to break loose aboard the freighter. Banned in Australia.




The Beckoning Waters. Scribner, 1953. 438 pages

A novel of the Great Lakes in the late 19th and early 20th century.




Great Circle. Scribner, 1956. 243 pages

Sweeping, rich and romantic--a story of whaling ships, a hard driving young skipper, and the tropical temptations of a South Sea paradise.




The Fabulous Buccaneer. Dell, 1957. 256 pages

Novel about Alexander Selkirk, the early 18th century privateer whose marooning on Juan Fernandez, off the coast of Chile, was the real-life inspiration for Robinson Crusoe.




Morgan the Pirate. Dell, 1961. 192 pages

Henry Morgan is sold as a slave in Panama, returns as pirate captain to plunder and destroy. Adapted from the motion picture.




Winter of the Whale. Putnam, 1961. 160 pages

Three Manhasset Indians braves set out on a hunt to relieve a famine during a very cold winter. A whale is killed for food.




Turnabout. Putnam, 1962. 160 pages

Orphaned boy travels to Massachusetts Bay Colony. Only first section is nautical.




Hudson River Hayride. New York Graphic Society, 1962. 89 pages

Set in New Amsterdam and the Hudson River Valley in 1693, 11 year old Lise Vernel and two friends run into a stranded whale, a missing shipment & a crew of pirates.




Fire in the Night. Norton, 1965. 157 pages

In 1838, the plans for the world's fastest China clipper ship are stolen. Two young brothers attempt to steal them back




Carter, George Goldsmith

The Smacksmen: a Story of the Fishermen of the Borough. Constable, 1947. 300 pages







Carter, Isabel Hopestill (1886-1976)

Shipmates: a tale of the seafaring women of New England. W.R. Scott, 1934. 319 pages

U.K. title: All Sails Set. Set in Maine, a young school teacher marries a sea captain, raises her children aboard ship, and has many adventures in strange ports.




Carter, Peter (1929-1999)

The Sentinels. Oxford, 1980. 247 pages

HMS SENTINEL tries to snuff out the slave trade on the African coast. Our heroes are midshipman John Spencer and Lyapo, a slave. Winner of both the Guardian Prize and the Premio Europeo di Letteratura Giovanile.




Carter, Robert

Armada. Joseph, 1988. 470 pages

This novel, of Elizabethan England locked in a bloody war with Spain, explores the religious and secular conflict as it affects the two nations, and in particular, two very different brothers. All the historical heroes have a role in this rambling saga which covers two continents and two decades.




Case, Josephine Young (1907-1990)

Written in Sand. Houghton, Mifflin, 1945. 161 pages

The invasion of Tripoli and General William Eaton's attempt to suppress the Barbary pirates and rescue 300 Americans held prisoner






Casey, John (1939- )

Spartina. Knopf, 1989. 375 pages

Modern novel about a grumpy Rhode Island fisherman struggling to build a fishing boat in his back yard and get ahead. Awarded the 1989 U.S. National Book Award for Fiction.




Cassell, Stephen

The Final Voyage of the S.S.N. Skate. Windsor, 1989. 383 pages

The "leper" of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, SSN-578 nuclear attack sub Skate should have been reduced to scrap a decade earlier. But America is on the brink of impending disaster at Russian hands and the underwater deathtrap has one final mission to perform, one impossible act of piracy in hostile enemy waters that will pit the obsolete floating dinosaur and its inexperienced crew against the combined might of the Soviet Navy's finest. For Captain Charles Burkhart a successful run could mean a long-awaited command. For CIA "shadow man" Jake Niven it could help exorcise the demons of guilt that haunt his every waking hour. And for the unsuspecting crewmen of the Skate - caught in a deadly Company game of "spooks" and turncoats on Russian's doorstep - it could be the beginning of the end.



Castlemon, Henry (1842-1915) [pseud. Charles Austin Fosdick]

The Gun-boat series

  1. Frank: the Young Naturalist. Porter & Coates, 1864. 253 pages






  3. Frank on a Gun-Boat. Porter & Coates, 1864. 256 pages






  5. Frank Before Vicksburg. Porter & Coates, 1864. 256 pages






  7. Frank in the Woods. Porter & Coates, 1865. 256 pages






  9. Frank on the Lower Mississippi. Porter & Coates, 1867. 236 pages






  11. Frank on the Prairie. Porter & Coates, 1869. 246 pages






The House-boat series

  1. The House-boat Boys. Porter & Coates, 1895. 409 pages






  3. The Mystery of the Lost River Canyon. Henry T. Coates, 1896. 388 pages






  5. The Young Game-Warden. Henry T. Coates, 1896. 411 pages






Frank Nelson in the Forecastle, or, the Sportsman's Club Among the Whalers. Porter & Coates, 1876. 332 pages






The Sportsman's Club Afloat. Porter & Coates, 1876. 332 pages






George at the Wheel: or, Life in the Pilot House. Porter & Coates, 1881. 332 pages

Book 3 of Castlemon's 'Roughing It' series





Marcy the Blockade-Runner. Porter & Coates, 1891. 428 pages

Book 4 of Castlemon's 'War' series





The First Capture, or, Hauling down the flag of England. Saalfield, 1900. 248 pages







Catherall, Arthur (1906-1980)

Tugboat BULLDOG series

  1. Ten Fathoms Deep. Dent, 1954. 180 pages

    A seventeen-year-old boy joins his father, a tug master, in Singapore and finds himself opposing a group trying to prevent salvage of a sunken ship.




  3. Jackals of the Sea. Dent, 1955. 184 pages






  5. Forgotten Submarine. Dent, 1956. 181 pages






  7. Java Sea Duel. Dent, 1957. 183 pages






  9. Sea Wolves. Dent, 1959. 160 pages

    The adventures of a seagoing salvage tug, the BULLDOG, owned by 18-year-old Jack Frobisher, and commanded by Husky Hudson, six-foot, tow-headed and tough. A Dutch tanker runs aground in Souruba harbor. When BULLDOG responds to the call before her rivals, one of them attempts to steal the ship aided by the eruption of a volcano long believed to be extinct.




  11. Dangerous Cargo. Dent, 1960. 166 pages

    BULLDOG attempts salvage of the SULU PRINCE, an aged freighter on fire off the Little Laut Islands in the Macassar Straits. Unknown to BULLDOG, the SULU PRINCE is gunrunning for Indonesian rebels, who bribe the BULLDOG's rival salvors to SINK the SULU PRINCE.




  13. China Sea Jigsaw. Dent, 1961. 167 pages

    BULLDOG attempts to salve the 7,000 ton passenger ship TAI LUNG, but Karmey, a rival tugboat captain sends a false report that the TAI LUNG has sunk and BULLDOG was found abandoned. To transform it into an accurate report, and settle the score for past encounters, Karmey rams the TAI LUNG.




  15. Prisoners Under the Sea. Dent, 1963. 168 pages






  17. Tanker Trap. Dent, 1965. 166 pages






  19. Death of an Oil Rig. Dent, 1967. 172 pages

    A father and son need additional pipe for the off-shore drilling rig they've leased but the owner of the drilling apparatus tries to sabotage their operation and claim the oil.




  21. Island of Forgotten Men. Dent, 1968. 166 pages






Lost With All Hands. Coronet, 1940. 199 pages

The trawler BLACKBALL ANNIE sets out on her maiden voyage in the hope of making a good haul, but her skipper has reckoned without Mark Slane the new cook's assistant. What connections has Slane with the mysterious Viktor Nordt and the gunboat HKLA? What has happened to the four trawlers "lost with all hands..."?



Sea Wraith. Lutterworth, 1955. 167 pages






The Scuttlers. Nelson, 1955. 202 pages







Lost Off the Grand Banks. Criterion, 1962. 160 pages

An English and an American boy try to save themselves and the crew of a Navy submarine trapped under an iceberg.




The Strange Intruder. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1965. 160 pages

First published in Scotland as The Strange Invader. The survivor of a wrecked schooner brings a reign of terror to a remote island off Scotland.




Last Horse on the Sands. Dent, 1972. 117 pages

A brother and sister risk their lives and that of an old cart horse while trying to rescue victims of a plane crash before the tide comes in. For young readers.



Cave of the 'Cormorant'. Dent, 1974. 142 pages







Cato, Nancy (1917-2000)

North-West by South. Heinemann, 1965. 282 pages

The career of Sir John Franklin as lieutenant-governor of Tasmania in the early 19th century.





Catto, Max (1909-1992)

Fire Down Below. Hutchinson, 1954. 287 pages

Tale set in Martinique about the fate of a young sailor trapped below the waterline in a damaged ship. Published under the pseudonym Simon Kent.




D-Day in Paradise. Heinemann, 1963. 231 pages

An aging Dutch captain and his aging tramp steamer team up with the natives of Christ's Island to foil a vast international navel exercise.




Murphy's War. Simon and Schuster, 1968. 284 pages

In the final days of WWII in Europe, a U-Boat off the coast of southern Africa torpedos an Australian armed merchant cruiser and the hospital ship it is escorting, machine guns the survivors, then sails up a jungle river to wait out the war's end. A survivor from the AMC, a disreputable petty officer, salvages a Swordfish floatplane from the wreck, and hunts the U-boat with it. Filmed in 1971.




Cave, Peter (1940- ) and Wreddon, Margaret

Pisces Rising. Sidgwick and Jackson, 1978. 189 pages

Marine biologist H. Grossman is working in an underwater city when the marine world strikes back at the dry land. An eco-horror novel.




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