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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Cob - Col

Cobb, Irvin S. [Shrewsbury] (1876-1944)

All aboard: Saga of the Romantic River. Cosmopolitan, 1927. 338 pages

People and places surrounding the Tennessee River.






Cobb, James H. (1953-2014)

Amanda Lee Garrett Series:

  1. Choosers of the Slain. Putnam, 1996. 339 pages

    Argentina has launched an armed takeover of the Antarctic Peninsula, in an attempt to seize the last untapped pool of natural resources on the planet. One hope remains, a lone U.S. Navy vessel docked in the harbor of Rio de Janeiro and her untested commanding officer, Amanda Lee Garrett, U.S.N.




  3. Sea Strike. Putnam, 1997. 357 pages

    Set in the near future of 2006, when a Colin Powell-type is President of the United States, there is a bloody civil war in China with Taiwan invading to reclaim their homeland. Into this action, Commander Amanda Garrett arrives on her hypertech stealth destroyer, the U.S.S. "Duke" Cunningham.




  5. Sea Fighter. Putnam, 2000. 424 pages

    Garrett heads a United Nations task force made up of units from Great Britain, France, and the United States. Her mission: halt a rapidly escalating African civil war.




  7. Target Lock. G.P. Putnam's, 2002. 419 pages

    The disappearance of an industrial research satellite puts Commander Amanda Lee Garrett and her Navy task force on the hunt for a high-tech pirate-a criminal genius whose own sea force turns the mission into an international crisis.




Cobb, Sylvanus, Jr. (1823-1887)

The Golden Eagle; or, The Privateer of '76. A tale of the revolution. F. Gleason, 1850. 100 pages

The Maniac's Secret, or, The Privateer of Massachusetts Bay. A story of the revolution. F.A. Brady, 1854. 100 pages


Cochran, Hamilton (1898-1977)

Windward Passage. Bobbs-Merrill, 1942. 313 pages






Captain Ebony. Bobbs-Merrill, 1943. 430 pages






Silver Shoals. Bobbs-Merrill, 1945. 320 pages






The Dram Tree. Bobbs-Merrill, 1961. 286 pages







Coffin, Robert P. T. [Peter Tristram] (1892-1955)

John Dawn. Macmillian, 1936. 307 pages

Generational saga of Maine shipbuilders and seafarers who all have the spirit of true seafarers






Colcord, Lincoln (1883-1947)

The Drifting Diamond. Macmillan, 1912. 279 pages

Colcord's only novel, set in the Orient.




The Game of Life and Death : stories of the sea. Macmillan, 1914. 289 pages

Short story collection. The game of life and death -- The measure of a man -- The leak -- The voice of the dead -- De Long: a story of the Sunda Straits -- Carrying sail -- Thirst: an incident of the Pacific -- The moths -- The final score -- The captian's son -- Home.




An instrument of the gods, and other stories of the sea. Macmillan, 1922. 321 pages

Short story collection. An instrument of the gods -- Outward bound -- The uncharted isle -- Servant and master -- Rescue at sea -- Good-bye, Cape Horn! -- Under sail -- Anjer -- Moments of destiny -- Cape St. Roque -- A friend -- Ballad of master mariners.




Sea Stories from Seasport to Singapore : selected works of Lincoln Colcord. North Country Press, 1987. 217 pages

Edited with an introduction by Donald F. Mortland. FICTION. The Drifting diamond -- Servant and master -- Ah-man: The story of a Chinese steward -- The Game of life and death -- The Leak -- De Long: A story of Sunda straits -- Carrying sail -- Home -- ESSAYS. I was born in a storm at sea -- Preface to an instrument of the Gods -- The Bogie Hole -- Eastern names -- POETRY. Outward bound -- Captain Robert Belknap goes west.




Coleman, Lonnie (1920-1982)

Ship's Company. Little, Brown, 1955. 229 pages

WW II troop transport in the Mediterranean.




The Golden Vanity. Macmillian, 1962. 214 pages

Two men, Captain Winter and first lieutenant Wesley Mason, fight for control of the U.S.S. Nellie Crocker in order prove their authority.





Collenette, Eric J.

Sub-Smash. Brown, Watson, 1958. 159 pages

Life aboard a RN submarine in peacetime. The sub and occupants become trapped at the bottom of the sea.




Ninety Feet to the Sun : a sea novel of World War II. Kimber, 1984. 192 pages

In 1940 when the officers of the British submarine SCAVENGER are killed in an attack off the Norwegian coast it is the coxswain, Ben Grant, who has to assume command of the damaged vessel and complete her vital mission.




The Gemini plot. Kimber, 1986. 189 pages

The submarine in which coxswain Ben grant is serving, HMS AVON, is sunk by German stukas in Malta after she returns from an abortive attempt to deliver tank spares to the army at Tobruk (Its 1942). He finds himself selected for a secret mission in Greek waters; the destruction of a new type of U-boat undergoing trials. Sequel to Ninety Feet to the Sun.



Eye of the Eagle. Kimber, 1986. 188 pages

In the spring of 1944, aboard HM aircraft carrier Cyclops, Seaman Mortimer, his enemy the distracted Mallory, and pilot Lieutenant-Commander Potter nervously await official orders that will involve them in the Normandy invasion.




Atlantic Encounter: a novel of World War Two at sea. Kimber, 1987. 190 pages





The Monday Mutiny. Kimber, 1987. 190 pages

Hunt for Jewish immigrants ships 1947-1948




Secret of the Kara sea. Kimber, 1987. 189 pages

WW II. A Ben Grant adventure. The crew of a submarine goes in the second world war in Norwegian waters looking for a missing freighter full of chemicals.




Gruesome Tide. Kimber, 1988. 192 pages

The adventures of an English boatswain at Dunkirk.




A Capful of Glory. Kimber, 1988. 192 pages

The further adventures of submarine coxswain Ben Grant. Aboard the submarine "Audacity" Grant finds himself en route to the Korean War. His captain's death-and-glory bid to reach the war as soon as possible has disastrous consequences for the crew, especially when he clashes with Grant's old enemy, Chief Welks.



Sea-wolf Hunter. Kimber, 1989. 176 pages

W II. A Ben Grant adventure. Hunting U-boats in British submarine Tarantula.




The Talisman Deception. Inner Circle, 1991. 256 pages

In 1943, as the U-boat war rages in the Atlantic, a captain and his crew find that they are the innocent victims of a conspiracy.




Collett, Bill

The Last Mutiny. Norton, 1995. 294 pages

The year is 1817, and Vice Admiral William Bligh is settled into a distinctly unpeaceful retirement in rural Kent. Bligh has been dogged by mutinies and accusations of tyranny. Even in retirement, there is no rest. Beset by the dumb insolence of neighbors, the domestic mutinies of his daughters, the folly of doctors, and the rebellion of his own failing health, Bligh casts his mind back over his life, reliving Cook's last voyage, the famous victories at Camperdown and Copenhagen, encounters with the natives of Timor, his governorship of New South Wales, and the mutiny of his friend Fletcher Christian.




Collins, Dale (1897-1956)

Ordeal: a Story of Revenge. A.A. Knopf, 1924. 298 pages

On a yacht, the sailors revolt and take control






Collins, Max Allan (1948- )

U-571. Avon, 2000. 245 pages

Novelization of the movie. A World War II German submarine is boarded in 1942 by disguised United States Navy submariners, seeking to capture her Enigma cipher machine.




Collins, Norman (1907-1982)

Black Ivory: being the story of Ralph Rudd, his early adventures, perils and misfortunes on land and sea. Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1948. 305 pages

Set in the 1820s this is the story of a youngster forced to sign on as cabin boy in the brigantine NERO. He subsequently discovers that the ship is a slaver, and she is bound for West Africa for another cargo of slaves.




Collins, Paul

Dangerous Waters. Jesperson, 1996. 164 pages

Fictionalized account of actual events that occured in and around Newfoundland during WW II including an U- boat shotting torpedos at St. John's Harbour.




Collins, Warwick (1948-2013)

America's Cup:

Set in the near future (up to 2010) and dealing with a Cup competition between the US, Estonia and Russia. In the "sailing thriller" genre.

  1. Challenge. Pan, 1990. 400 p.






  2. New World. Pan, 1991. 431 p.






  3. Death of an Angel. Pan, 1992. 418 p

    The year is 2003. As Russia moves from crisis to crisis, the Kremlin struggles to retain control over the Baltic Republics. Meanwhile the dreams of the renegade Estonian America's Cup team are destroyed by the death of their helmsman, but then their American tactician takes control.




Collison, Linda (1953- )

Patricia MacPherson series:

  1. Star-Crossed. Knopf, 2006. 416 pages

    Patricia Kelley has been raised a proper British lady--but she's become a stowaway. Her father is dead, and her future in peril. To claim the estate that is rightfully hers, she must travel across the seas to Barbados, hidden in the belly of merchant ship. It is a daring escapade, and the plan works - for a time. But before she knows it, Patricia's secret is revealed, and she is torn between two worlds. During the day, she wears petticoats, inhabits the dignified realm of ship's officers, and trains as a surgeon's mate with the gentle Aeneas MacPherson; at night she dons pants and climbs the rigging in the rough company of sailors. And it is there, alongside boson's mate Brian Dalton, that she feels stunningly alive. Revised for adults in 2012 under the title Barbados Bound.


  3. Surgeon's Mate. Fireship Press, 2011. 292 pages

    Patrick MacPherson is a qualified surgeon's mate; but she's not the man he claims to be. It's late October, 1762. After surviving the deadly siege of Havana, Patrick MacPherson and the rest of the ship's company are looking forward to a well deserved liberty in New York. But what happens in that colonial town will change the surgeon's mate's life in ways she could never have imagined. Using a dead man's identity, young Patricia Kelley MacPherson is making her way as Patrick MacPherson, surgeon's mate aboard His Majesty's frigate Richmond. She's become adept at bleeding, blistering, and amputating limbs; but if her cover is blown, she'll lose both her livelihood and her berth aboard the frigate.


  5. Rhode Island Rendezvous. Old Salt Press, 2017. 288 pages

    Patricia MacPherson is not the man she claims to be. The Seven Years War is over but trouble in the American colonies is brewing. Maintaining her disguise as a young man, Patricia is finding success as Patrick MacPherson. Formerly a surgeon’s mate in His Majesty’s Navy, Patrick has lately been employed aboard the colonial merchant schooner Andromeda, smuggling foreign molasses into Rhode Island. Late October, amidst riots against the newly imposed Stamp Act, she leaves Newport bound for the West Indies on her first run as Andromeda’s master. In Havana a chance meeting with a former enemy presents unexpected opportunities while an encounter with a British frigate and an old lover threatens her liberty - and her life.

Colton, Arthur (1868-1943)

The Belted Seas. Henry Holt, 1905. 302 pages

Linked short stories, told by an old salt in around the fireplace in a seaman's hotel


Colver, Anne (1908-1991)

Shamrock Cargo: a Story of the Irish Potato Famine. John C. Winston, 1952. 182 pages










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