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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors O'De - O'Ne

O'Dell, Scott (1898-1989)

The Dark Canoe. Houghton Mifflin, 1968. 165 pages

Salvage and the novel Moby Dick merge as Queequeg's coffin is found by the younger brother, Nathan in the lagoon where his two older brothers, Jeremy and Caleb, are trying to salvage the sunken cargo of a whaler wrecked by the incompetence of one of the two, -- but which one? Young adult.





Ogilvie, Elisabeth M. (1917-2006)

Tide Trilogy - Bennett's Island

  1. High Tide at Noon. Thomas Y. Crowell, 1944. 414 pages





  3. Storm Tide. Thomas Y. Crowell, 1945. 350 pages





  5. The Ebbing Tide. Thomas Y. Crowell, 1947. 310 pages






O'Hara, Patrick

The Luck of the Lonely Sea. D. McKay, 1965. 411 pages

UK title: The Wake of the Gertrude Lüth. Beached German finds himself in command of an ancient cargo steamer in the China Sea, survives fire, typhoon, stranding, commies, Nationalists, and beautiful girl.





Ollivant, Alfred (1874-1927)

The Gentleman : a Romance of the sea. Murray, 1908. 406 pages

A French agent attepmts to kidnap Nelson before the Battle of Trafalgar






O'Loughlin, Joseph

The Age of Sail Adventures:.

  1. Gallagher's Prize. self, 2017. 357 pages






  3. Gallagher's Pride. self, 2021. 293 pages







Olsen, Robert I. (1927-2018)

Torpedoes Away! Dodd, Mead, 1957. 247 pages

WW II in the Java Sea. Illustrations by David Porter.






Olsen, T. V. [Theodore Victor] (1932-1993)

Brothers of the Sword. Berkley, 1962. 224 pages

Adventures of two viking brothers, pursued by the wolf-like Halfdan.






Olson, Sheree-Lee (1954- )

Sailor Girl. Porcupine's Quill, 2008. 285 pages

The Great Lakes serve as the setting for a story about the men and women who work upon them. 19 year old Kate, belying her contemporary suburban origins and current career as an art student, takes a summer job as porter / steward / galley assistant on a freighter. She proves equal to the challenge of life aboard the Lakers.





O'Neil, David

Distant Gunfire. Argus Better Book, 2013. 378 pages

Robert Graham, rising from the ranks to become the Captain of a British battleship by virtue of his dauntless leadership, displayed under enemy fire, finds himself a wealthy man as the capture of enemy ships resulted in rich rewards.




Captain Sir Martin Forest-Bowers KB series:

  1. Sailing Orders. W & B Publishers, 2013. 340 pages

    A mysterious spy(call me merely Mr. Smith)involves Martin in more activity in the shadowy world of spies and secret agents. Mainly a question of infiltrating and extricating agents, his involvement becomes more complex as time goes on. Why does the spymaster require of him, and what lies ahead?




  3. Quarterdeck. W & B Publishers, 2014. 372 pages

    Martin returns to work for 'plain Mr. Smith' with clandestine excursions and undercover trips to France. At sea once more, he is involved not only with preventing treasure ships from falling into French hands, but also with events on the east coast of America in the run-up to the war of 1812.




  5. Winning. W & B Publishers, 2015. 272 pages

    Captain Forrest-Bowers finds himself and his crew fighting the French, the Spanish, Barbary pirates, and the Americans as he and a small band of other ships sail the dangerous waters of war in service to his homeland. Then, just when needed and much to his surprise, Martin finds an unexpected ally in battle: the Americans. But can they really be trusted? One question: Friend or Foe? The correct answer means survival.




Better the Day. Argus Better Book, 2013. 318 pages

Peter Murray and his brother officers in Coastal Forces face overwhelming odds fighting German E-boats, the German Navy and the Luftwaffe in action in the Channel, the Mediterranean, Norway and the Baltic – where there is conflict with the Soviet Allies.




In Dangerous Waters. W & B Publishers, 2015. 336 pages

When enemy shells are falling all about them, can courageous naval officers and their valiant ladies find time for romance while battling the opposing forces and still continue doing their duty of transporting and rescuing British agents from certain death at the hands of the warring foe?




Desperate Measures. W & B Publishers, 2015. 322 pages

A valiant fleet of British ships resist Bonaparte's onslaught and foremost in the battle is the British sloop HM Active, captained by Lieutenant Robert Salter and his courageous crew. Not only must they contend with the French navy but that of Spain as well, along with a few unmitigated scoundrels, a renegade pirate crew or two, and corrupt government officials in the foreign ports.



Privateer. W & B Publishers, 2016. 276 pages

Sailing as a privateer under a Letter of Marque provided by the Governor of Jamaica, Robert Shaw recruits a crew of fearless sailors, mostly ex-navy, to attack and seize vessels of enemy nations. Success of such efforts can be rewarding with riches untold. Failure can bring death by hanging or worse. Robert and his crew are determined to succeed and along the way comes opportunities to rescue ladies in distress, slaves in bondage, and governments under siege.


HMS Audax. W & B Publishers, 2016. 306 pages

Convoy vs. U-boats.




Glory. W & B Publishers, 2017. 288 pages

The saga of HMS Gloire (Glory- a captured French Corvette) and Jonathon Hope and his crew composed mainly of the freed galley slaves he led in the escape.



Saving the Day. W & B Publishers, 2018. 278 pages

After serving on secret missions in France, Anton Chance is given the chance to return to sea service with a series of missions that take him from India to the Baltic. Book one of an abortive series.



The Yanks. W & B Publishers, 2020. 240 pages

Seeking to establish herself as a major sea-power, the fledging United States Navy chose three young naval officers to serve as diplomatic attachés whose tasks were to visit foreign countries to discover as much as possible about the ship- building capabilities of each country.




O'Neill, Edward

The Rotterdam Delivery. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1975. 285 pages

Diplomatic relations between Holland and her main Middle Eastern oil supplier "Al Tufiyah" are strained enough that when the Dutch naval attaché in Dublin is approached by an Irish terrorist, at odds with his murderous colleagues for not being too happy about bombing innocent children, he agrees in the name of the Dutch Government to help seize an "Al Tufiyahn" super tanker as she makes her approach to the oil terminal at Bantry Bay and deliver the ship and her cargo to Rotterdam.




O'Neill, Eugene (1888-1953)

Children of the Sea, a play in one act. 1914. 37 leaves

The Hairy Ape; a comedy of ancient and modern life in eight scenes. American Play Co., 1922. 1 volume

A brutal ship's stoker cannot relate to human or beast.




The Long Voyage Home : Seven Plays of the Sea. Random House, 1923. 217 pages

Collection of one acts from early in the playwright's career. The Moon of the Caribbees -- Bound east for Cardiff -- The Long Voyage Home -- In the Zone -- Ile -- Where the Cross is Made -- The Rope. The first four plays all take place on the merchant ship Glencairn







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