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Webb, Alexander

Fates Anointed. Kimber, 1985. 191 pages

1805, Lt. Phillip Naseby, RN, formula period piece but readable.






Webb, Christopher [pseud. Leonard Wibberley (1915-1983)]

Matt Tyler's Chronicle. Funk & Wagnalls, 1958. 216 pages

Boy experiences all the major events of the Revolutionary War on land and sea





Quest of the Otter. Funk & Wagnalls, 1963. 180 pages

During a whaling voyage, a teen searches for his lost father,





The Ann and Hope Mutiny. Funk & Wagnalls, 1966. 192 pages

Mystery on board a missing sailing ship. Based upon the Mary Celeste legend






Webb, Forrest [pseud. Robert Forrest-Webb (1929-2023)]

Caviar Cruise. Doubleday, 1975. 203 pages

A First Mate's prefect plan dump the passengers, steal their jewelry and cash, and scuttle a luxury ship is ruined by the young doctor and nurse who remain on board.






Webber, Gordon (1912-1986)

The Far Shore. Little, Brown, 1954. 236 pages

1944: the Normandy Beaches.






Weber, Joe

Defcon One. Presidio, 1989. 336 pages

A worst-case scenario of the future of U.S.-Soviet relations envisions the failure of the current Soviet reform, leading to a desperate attack on the U.S. that threatens to escalate to nuclear war.






Webster, Henry Kitchell (1875-1932)

Traitor and Loyalist, or, the man who found his country. Macmillan, 1904. 318 pages

Civil War blockade off the North Carolina coast of the southern cotton trade






Webster, Rank V.

Two Boys of the Battleship. Cupples & Leon, 1915. 208 pages

Ned and Frank join the navy. It's off to South America aboard the battleship GEORGETOWN to deal with them furriners in the carefree days before the Big War.






Weekly, William George (1890-1983)

The Ledger of Lying Dog. Doubleday, 1947. 341 pages

Written as a diary, several castaways on a deserted island (shaped like a dog) fight for survival. The author's only novel






Weidman, Jerome (1913-1998)

The Lights Around the Shore. Simon & Schuster, 1943. 279 pages

Europe bound liner just before the outbreak of hostilities





The Captain's Tiger. Reynal & Hitchcock, 1947. 293 pages

Short stories featuring convoys and their crews





Hand of the Hunter. Harcourt, Brace, 1951. 311 pages

Accountant in a convoy






Weing, Drew

Set to Sea. Fantagraphics, 2010. 1 volume

Graphic novel about a big lug and aspiring poet who runs up tabs at the local bars by day and haunts the docks by night, writing paeans to the sea-faring life. When he gets shanghaied aboard a clipper board for Hong Kong, he learns firsthand about life on the open seas-bad food, pirates, unceremonious funerals, foreign ports, and unexpected epiphanies.





Weiser, Bruce

Nicholas Chenevix Series:

  1. The French Imposter. Leisure, 1980. 278 pages

    British lieutenant Nicholas Chenevix is sent to Cadiz to spy as Admiral Nelson cruises offshore.





  3. Dispatch From Cadiz. Leisure, 1981. 283 pages

    Chenvevix allows himself to be captured by the French as part of a plan to lure the French out of Cadiz so Nelson can defeat them. Unfortunately, Chenevix, once caught, is tried as a spy, then kept aboard the BUCENTAURE during Trafalgar -- and the subsequent storm when the ship runs aground. Contains a long dream sequence about a world where Nelson loses Trafalgar.





Welch, Ronald [pseud. Ronald Oliver Felton (1909-1982)]

Ferdinand Magellan. Oxford University Press, 1955. 178 pages






The Hawk. Criterion, 1967. 201 pages

A young lieutenant pretends to join an assassination plot against Elizabeth I






Wellman, Manly Wade (1903-1986)

Rebel Mail Runner. Holiday House, 1954. 211 pages

Civil War adventure afloat





The River Pirates. Washburn, 1963. 143 pages

Pirates on the Mississippi in the 1820's & 1830's





Jamestown Adventure. Washburn, 1967. 194 pages

The adventures of young James Rickard, fictional cousin of Captain John Smith, and the difficulties faced by the settlers, at the time of Virginia's beginnings




Carolina Pirate. Washburn, 1968. 167 pages

So that his passengers and crew may go free, a young navigator is forced to become part of the pirate crew that captures his ship






Wenger, Susan

The Port-Wine Sea. America House, 1999. 190 pages

A rousing parody of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series. It is a story about a British naval captain during the Napoleonic War, and his friend, a naval physician/espionage agent. They set sail once again aboard HMS AGHAST during the War of 1812 to demonstrate to the upstart Colonies the errors of their ways. The doctor/spy tries to establish liaison with the Creek Indians to create a diversion to the main British assault. Meanwhile the noble Captain is diverted by a teenaged Maryland vixen. Along the way, they encounter a skittish horse, a demure skunk, a whooping crane, and an escaped colony of termites aboard the ship.



Werstein, Irving (1914-1971)

Civil War Sailor. Doubleday, 1962. 114 pages

Billy Harper steals on board the Union Navy's Monitor and joins the famous battle with the Confederate Merrimack





The Cruise of the Essex: an Incident from the War of 1812. Macrae Smith, 1969. 157 pages

A biography of Captain David Porter and the U.S. frigate Essex which he commanded during its seventeen-month voyage so vital to the outcome of the War of 1812






West, Nigel

Cuban Bluff: a Documentary Novel of the Cuban Missle Crisis. Secker & Warburg, 1990. 250 pages

Feautres a last-minute scramble to find a missing Soviet submarine.






Westbrook, William

Nicholas Fallon Sea Novels:

  1. The Bermuda Privateer. McBooks, 2017. 328 pages

    It’s 1796, and Sea Dog’s owner, Ezra Somers, employs Fallon to protect his Caribbean salt trade from French privateers and pirates. Wicked Jak Clayton is especially ruthless. When the two meet just off the Bahamas, even Fallon’s cunning can’t overcome their mismatch in firepower and desertion by a cowardly ally.




  3. The Black Ring. McBooks, 2018. 328 pages

    The year is 1798. The African slave trade is in brutal flower, and the great powers are fighting for control of the Caribbean’s immensely profitable sugar plantations. Nico, meanwhile, has been trying his damnedest to become a salt merchant under Ezra Somers, father of the beautiful Elinore. But when an urgent request arrives from Admiral Davies of the Leeward Island Station, Ezra and Elinore give Nico their blessing to head off in search of plunder and adventure.



  5. Barbarians on an Ancient Sea. McBooks, 2020. 286 pages

    Captain Nicholas Fallon and his crew aboard the British privateer "Rascal" vs. the Barbary pirates.






Westcott, Jan Vlachos (1912-2011)

Captain for Elizabeth. Crown, 1948. 308 pages

Biographical novel of Thomas Cavendish





Captain Barney. Crown, 1951. 286 pages

Privateer battles British from home port of Philadelphia during the Revolutionary war.






Westergaard, Ross

Midshipman Kirk : being the adventures of a midshipman, Royal Navy, aboard the iron screw corvette HMS Calcutta, during the 1880s on the west coast of North America. Horsdal & Schubart, 1993. 167 pages

Midshipman Eric Kirk aboard HMS CALCUTTA, patrolling Pacific Coast in the 1880s.





Weston, Paul

Weymouth Bound: Jack Stone, seaman, and the French naval plot to strike a mortal blow against England during the Napoleonic Wars. self, 2022. 199 pages





Not by Sea: Only the Royal Navy and a few miles of sea stand between Britain and Napoleon's Armeé d'Angleterre. self, 2022. 200 pages





Cape Corse. self, 2023. 295 pages








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