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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Brac - Bray

Brackenridge, H. H. [Hugh Henry] (1748-1816)

Modern Chivalry containing the adventures of Captain John Farrago, and Teague O'regan, his servant. John M'Culloch, 1792-1797. 4 volumes


Bradley, David [pseud. David Williams] (1950- )

The Lodestar Project. Pocket, 1986. 279 pages

When the Blue Fin vanishes into the Caribbean with his wife and daughter aboard, Alex Walker is mystified, until he discovers a Pentagon cover-up that spread from the ocean around Key West to the White House itself. In shockwaves of instant death, two American submarines have also vanished, wrecked in top-secret Navy tests. Now, with the help of a smart, sexy reporter and an expert in deep-sea sound waves, Walker is racing against the U.S. Navy to raise the Blue Fin from the depths. In the menacing waters of the Bermuda Triangle, the final battle begins - a battle that could expose the most awesome weapon ever unleashed beneath the seas.


Brady, Cyrus Townsend (1861-1920)

For love of country; A story of land and sea in the days of the revolution. C. Scribner's, 1898. 354 pages

Recounts the bravery under pressure of John Seymour, a fictionalized version of Nicholas Biddle, one of the first captains of the Continental Navy.




For the Freedom of the Sea; a Romance of the War of 1812. P.F. Collier, 1899. 354 pages

The U.S.S. Constitution vs. H.M.S. Guerriere




The Grip of Honor : a story of Paul Jones and the American Revolution. C. Scribner's, 1900. 246 pages





Reuben James, a hero of the forecastle. D. Appleton, 1900. 158 pages

Young Heroes of the Navy. James supposedly saved the life of Stephen Decatur during the campaign against the Barbary pirates




The Quiberon Touch; a romance of the days when "The Great Lord Hawke" was king of the sea. D. Appleton, 1901. 410 pages

Lieutenant Philip Grafton fights the French navy in 1754 under the command of "The Great Lord Hawke". Good sea battles, and a little romance, too.




In the Wasp's nest, the story of a sea waif in the war of 1812. C. Scribner's, 1902. 327 pages





Woven With the Ship; a novel of 1865, together with certain other veracious tales of various sorts. J.B. Lippincott, 1902. 368 pages

Life afloat late in the American Civil War and earlier, during the War of 1812.




The Southerners: a story of the civil war. C. Scribner's, 1903. 407 pages

Mobile City and bay theaters





Sir Henry Morgan, buccaneer : a romance of the Spanish Main. G.W. Dillingham, 1903. 444 pages





In the War with Mexico; a Midshipman's Adventures on Ship and Shore. C. Scribner's, 1903. 313 pages

Includes U.S. naval support of land operations




A midshipman in the Pacific; his adventures on whaler, trader and frigate. C. Scribner's, 1904. 314 pages

The last cruise of the Essex, lost to enemy action in the War of 1812.




A Little Traitor to the South; a war-time comedy, with a tragic interlude. Grosset & Dunlap, 1904. 257 pages





My Lady's Slipper. Dodd, Mead, 1905. 245 pages

John Paul Jones in Paris prior to sailing aboard the "Bonhomme Richard".





The Two Captains: a romance of Bonaparte and Nelson. Macmillan, 1905. 413 pages






The Blue Ocean's Daughter. Moffat, Yard, 1907. 336 pages

The American Revolution adventures a captain's daughter caught betwwen a British frigate and a Yankee privateer.





The Adventures of Lady Susan. Moffat, Yard, 1908. 372 pages

Sequel to The Blue Ocean's Daughter.





On the Old Kearsarge, a story of the civil war. C. Scribner's, 1909. 289 pages





Bob Dashaway, privateersman; an old time sea tale of good fun and good fighting. Dodd, Mead, 1911. 334 pages





Bob Dashaway, treasure hunter : a story of adventure in the strange South Seas. Dodd, Mead, 1912. 314 pages





Bob Dashaway in the Frozen Seas. Dodd, Mead, 1913. 1 vol.

Bob and his friends venture above the Arctic Circle seeking a man lost ten years earlier




The island of the Stairs; being a true account of certain strange and wonderful adventures of Master John Hampdon, seaman, and teller of the tale, and Mistress Lucy Wilberforce, gentlewoman, in the great south seas. A.C. McClurg & Co, 1913. 369 pages

Romance, adventure and danger on islands in the South Pacific.




The Island of Surprise. A.C. McClurg & Co, 1915. 317 pages

Romantic novel about some castaways on an island between Timor and New Guinea.




Waif-o-the-sea : a romance of the great deep. A.C. McClurg & Co, 1918. 318 pages

The adventures of the crew of a whaling ship.





Brahms, Caryl (1901-1982) and Sherrin, Ned (1931-2007)

Benbow Was his Name : a story of tall ships in battle compiled from the literature of the sea and fashioned into a novel. Hutchinson, 1967. 209 pages

First written for the BBC as a radio, and then a television play, it concerns Admiral Benbow's 1702 battles with the French in the West Indies during which his officers refused to engage the enemy, their subsequent courts martial and Benbow's death from his wounds.



Branch, Houston (1899-1968) and Waters, Frank (1902-1995)

River Lady. Farrar & Rinehart, 1942. 314 pages

The arrival of a gambling riverboat owned by a beautiful woman upsets the uneasy truce between lumberjacks and a mill town





Diamond Head. Farrar & Rinehart, 1948. 371 pages

The Confederate raider Shanandoah in the South Seas






Brand, Jack (Capt.)

By Wild Waves Tossed : an Ocean Love Story. McClure, 1908. 310 pages


Bray, Donald

Between Two Shores. Kimber, 1983. 242 pages

A sea captain sets his heart on commanding a French commerce raider at the same time as he becomes enthralled with a French girl whose name he doesn't even know.




The Captain's Wife : a Captain Davy story. Kimber, 1985. 268 pages

Captain Ned Davy and his tough little wife, Genevieve, sail to India in the 1780s to rescue a British spy.




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