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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Las - Lav

Laskier, Frank (1912-1949)

Log Book. Allen & Unwin, 1942. 109 pages

A fictionalized account of merchant service, WW II German attack, and harrowing survival by a British mechant seaman who in real life survived the sinking of a tanker in 1940, came back for training as a Merchant Seaman Gunner, and was one of a handful of survivors when his next ship was sunk by the ADMIRAL SCHEER early in 1941; he lost part of a leg as a result, and while in England waiting for a prosthesis told his story on the BBC. He shipped out once more, and apparently wrote the book in Halifax in 1942. The protagonist is named simply Jack, and his full seagoing career is set down briefly: he runs away to sea at twelve, learns his trade on a variety of vessels on various oceans (meeting several of his seagoing brothers along the way), suffers various adventures and misadventures and finally survives the sinking of the COURAGEOUS by a nameless surface raider - the only truly convincing part of the narrative - and the book ends with Jack in his mother's parlor, new wife Betty at his side along with four brothers, about to tell his story into a radio microphone.


Unseen Harbour. J.B. Lippincott, 1947. 319 pages

In the wake of the Second World War, the merchant ship MV Francis Hall sails from England across the Atlantic. With a crew still scarred by the traumas of the recent conflict, it is a journey that will challenge them all.




The Siren Sea. W.H. Allen, 1953. 304 pages

Action in The Devil's Triangle. Completed by John Harris [q.v.] after Lasiker's death.





Latham, Jean Lee (1902-1995)

Carry on, Mr. Bowditch. Houghton Mifflin, 1955. 251 pages

Fictionalized biography of Nathaniel Bowditch. A young boy joins the privateer HENRY, works his way up to captain. For young readers. Newberry Award winner. A classic.




Drake : the Man they Called a Pirate. Harper & Row, 1960. 278 pages






Man of the Monitor; the story of John Ericsson. Harper, 1962. 231 pages

Novel about John Ericsson, creator of the Civil War ironclad MONITOR. For young readers.





Far Voyager : the story of James Cook. Harper & Row, 1970. 224 pages







Lathrop, West

Unwilling Pirate. Random House, 1951. 277 pages

Even when he is captured by pirates off Cape Cod in 1720, a seven-year-old boy continues to search for his missing father through his long ordeal of being maltreated and lost at sea






Laumer, Keith (1925-1993)

The Drowned Queen (The Avengers #6). Berkley, 1968. 127 pages

A combination luxury liner / submarine is sabotaged on its maiden voyage. Mr. Steed and Emma Peel's sucessor Tara King save the day.





Laurie-Long, E. (Ernest) (1886-1969)

Lizzie Collins

  1. Port of Destination. Eldon, 1933. 285 pages





  3. Purser's Mate. Ward, Lock, 1938. 320 pages





  5. Unhappy Ship. Ward, Lock, 1951. 253 pages





Captain Flynn

  1. Flynn of the Martagon. Eldon, 1934. 284 pages





  3. Flynn A. B.. Ward, Lock, 1936. 320 pages





  5. Young Flynn. Ward, Lock, 1937. 288 pages





  7. The Fortunes of Flynn. Ward, Lock, 1938. 319 pages





  9. Captain Flynn. Ward, Lock, 1939. 288 pages





  11. Son of Flynn. Ward, Lock, 1942. 320 pages





  13. The Vengeance of Flynn. Ward, Lock, 1942. 256 pages





  15. Flynn's Sampler. Ward, Lock, 1945. 224 pages





  17. Lieutenant Flynn, R.N. Ward, Lock, 1948. 256 pages





  19. Captain Flynn (Ret'd). Ward, Lock, 1950. 255 pages





  20. Ould Flynn. Ward, Lock, 1953. 222 pages





  22. The Blindness of Flynn. Ward, Lock, 1959. 190 pages





  24. Captain Flynn, Sheriff. Ward, Lock, 1962. 190 pages







As They Rise. Ward, Lock, 1934. 256 pages

Foul Hawsers. Ward, Lock, 1935. 318 pages

On Schedule. Ward, Lock, 1935. 320 pages

Two Little Ships. Ward, Lock, 1935. 256 pages

Seconds and Thirds. Ward, Lock, 1936. 320 pages


The Schooner 'Sybil'. Ward, Lock, 1936. 254 pages






A Cumsha Cruise. Ward, Lock, 1937. 255 pages






Live Lumber. Ward, Lock, 1937. 288 pages






Sea Dust. Ward, Lock, 1938. 255 pages






Sea Range. Ward, Lock, 1939. 288 pages






Storm Canvas. Ward, Lock, 1939. 318 pages






Double Banked. Ward, Lock, 1940. 309 pages






Anchor's Aweigh. Ward, Lock, 1940. 316 pages






Buoyed Cables. Ward, Lock, 1941. 320 pages






The Ghost of the Dunsany. Ward, Lock, 1941. 314 pages






Opium Clipper. Ward, Lock, 1942. 255 pages






Deep Channels. Ward, Lock, 1943. 224 pages






The Galleys of St. John. Ward, Lock, 1943. 256 pages






A Saga of the Cliffs. Fishermen. Ward, Lock, 1944. 224 pages






The Trials of the Phideas. Ward Lock, 1944. 224 pages

A novel about the delivery voyage of a paddle steamer from the UK to South America.





Carried Away. Ward, Lock, 1945. 222 pages





Clear Round. Ward, Lock, 1946. 220 pages





Gauges Steady : a Romance of Early P. & O. Days. Ward, Lock, 1946. 255 pages






The Crew of L.C. 454. Ward, Lock, 1947. 224 pages






'Way Aloft. Ward, Lock, 1947. 246 pages






The Strong Room of the Sutro. Ward, Lock, 1948. 240 pages






Abaft 'midships. Ward, Lock, 1949. 256 pages






Lumber Ship. Ward, Lock, 1949. 223 pages






Four in a Fairlead. Ward, Lock, 1950. 256 pages






The Haven of St. Garth. Ward, Lock, 1951. 253 pages






Gold Ballast. Ward, Lock, 1952. 253 pages






A Chief in Embryo. Ward, Lock, 1953. 221 pages






Dope Ship. Ward, Lock, 1954. 221 pages






Flat Aback. Ward, Lock, 1954. 206 pages






Coolie Tramp. Ward, Lock, 1955. 191 pages






The Gabbart Destiny. Ward, Lock, 1955. 192 pages






The Lugger Audace. Ward, Lock, 1956. 189 pages






River Passage. Ward, Lock, 1956. 191 pages






Crime Cruise. Ward, Lock, 1957. 192 pages






A Curtailed Voyage. Ward, Lock, 1957. 223 pages






Madam Captain. Ward, Lock, 1958. 191 pages






Trawl Adrift. Ward, Lock, 1958. 190 pages






High Noon To High Noon. Ward, Lock, 1959. 191 pages






The Masters of Kaolina. Ward, Lock, 1959. 190 pages






Surgeons Adrift. Ward, Lock, 1960. 191 pages






Cabine De Luxe. Ward, Lock, 1961. 192 pages






The Good Ship Rajah. Ward, Lock, 1961. 189 pages






Hunslett's Yard. Ward, Lock, 1962. 187 pages






Loot Curran, R.N. Ward, Lock, 1963. 187 pages






Open Roadsteads. Ward, Lock, 1963. 190 pages






In Full Commission. Ward, Lock, 1964. 191 pages







Laurie, Maxwell

A Young Man at Sea: an Adventure in Courage. Doubleday, Doran, 1931. 314 pages







Lavallee, David

Event 1000. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1971. 279 pages

A submarine sunk by a collision is trapped 1,300 ft down while everyone tries to help. Made into the movie "Grey Lady Down".




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