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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Gri - Gy

Griffin, Gwyn (1922-1967)

Master of This Vessel. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1961. 398 pages

"In a tension-filled situation, a group of lonely people, thrown together aboard an ocean liner, stubbornly cling to their status symbols even though the price might be their lives. At the center of this antagonistic group, and suddenly catapulted into the position of Acting Captain, is 26-year old Serafina Ciccolante. His knowledge of the sea belies his years, but-although in complete control of his ship-he is completely at odds with his ship's company. Consequently, in the midst of a tropical cyclone, he finds himself forced to battle both the elements and his hostile companions." [from the dust jacket]


An Operational Necessity. Putnam, 1967. 447 pages

German U-Boat machine-guns survivors of a French merchantman in South Atlantic, leading to the pursuit, capture, and trial of the submarine's officers after the war.






Griffin, Henry F. [Farrand] (1880-1954)

The White Cockade. Greystone Press, 1941. 359 pages

Jonathan Brewster, straight New England skipper, rescues the reputedly legitimate son of Charles Edward, the Young Pretender, from the River Loire. They sail for San Domingo to rescue a French vicomtesse from a slave revolt -- and then on to American and the Canadian frontier..





Griffith, George Chetwynd (1857-1906)

John Brown, Buccaneer. F. V. White, 1908. 302 pages


Griffiths, Maurice (1902-1997)

The Sands of Sylt: an Episode of the North Sea before the War. Rich & Cowan, 1945. 160 pages

Updated version of The Riddle of the Sands [q.v.].






Griggs, G. P. [George Philip], Lieut. RN

Destroyer at War : An account, in the form of fiction, of life in a destroyer. Hutchinson & Co, 1943. 128 pages

Good contemporary account of the drama, the thrill, the tragedy and the humour which make up the lives of men aboard a British "V" class destroyer in the early days of WW II.




The Days are Spent. Coward-McCann, 1945. 314 pages

U.K. title: The Readiness is All. A slice of life of a young seaman in the Royal Navy during WW II.





Griggs, P. G. [Percy George] (1907-1967)

Treachery at 40 Knots : a sea spy story for boys. Shakespeare Head, 1946. 175 pages

When they go camping, three boys encounter a strange man and a woman who claims she is a werewolf who live in an old seaside house. When they uncover an espionage plot, they take to the sea to assist with the British war effort.





Gringo, Harry [pseud. Henry Augustus Wise (1819-1869)]

Los Gringos, or an Inside View of Mexico and California, with Wanderings in Peru, Chile, and Polynesia. Baker and Scribner, 1849. 406 pages

Tales for the Marines. Phillips, Sampson, 1855. 436 pages

Scampavias: From Gibel-Tarek to Stamboul. Charles Scribner, 1857. 362 pages

The story of the gray African parrot who was rescued by the little sailor boy in the River Gaboon : how he whistled, and how he talked, including his great battle with the monkeys which lasted six weeks, and how he behaved during the awful shipwreck : together with some account of his latter days. Charles Scribner, 1859. 99 pages

Captain Brand, of the Schooner "Centipede". A pirate of eminence in the West Indies; his loves and exploits, together with some account of the singular manner by which he departed this life. A.L. Burt, 1864. 284 pages


Griswold, Francis (1902-2002)

A Sea Island Lady. W. Morrow, 1939. 963 pages

Seventy years in the life of Emily, an immigrant from Boston, in Low Country of South Carolina during the Civil War, Reconstruction and The New South.






Grundner, Tom (1945-2011)

Sir Sidney Smith Nautical Adventure series:

A planned nine volume series unfinished at the author's death.

  1. The Midshipman Prince. Fireship Press, 2006. 260 pages

    How do you keep a prince alive when the combined forces of three nations (and a smattering of privateers) want him dead? Worse, how do you do it when his life is in the hands of a 17 year old lieutenant, an alcoholic college professor, and a woman who has fired more naval guns than either of them? A revision of Between Two Flags (2005) eliminating the time travel subplot.




  3. HMS Diamond. Fireship Press, 2007. 229 pages

    After surviving the horrors of the destruction of Toulon, Sir Sidney is given a critical assignment. British gold shipments are going missing. Even worse, the ships are literally disappearing in plain sight of their escorts and the vessels around them. The mystery must be solved if Britain is going to maintain its lines of credit and continue to finance the war. But to do that Sir Sidney must unravel a web of intrigue that leads all the way to the Board of Admiralty.




  5. The Temple. Fireship Press, 2009. 241 pages

    It's 1798 and Sir Sidney Smith is languishing in 'The Temple,' France's maximum security prison. For the past two years he had been running the Agence de Paris - Britain's primary spy ring in France - from his cell. But the authorities are starting to close in. It's time for Sir Sidney to leave; but, to do so, he must stage one of the most spectacular prison breaks in history. Arriving back in England, he receives a set of orders sending him to Portsmouth for further duty. What he didn't know was that his new duty would involve working with an itinerant musician, by the name of William Parish - who happens to be a genius at breaking codes.




  7. Acre. Fireship Press, 2011. 274 pages

    Napoleon's army might not be able to go anywhere by sea, but they can still march. He leads them from Egypt through Syria toward Constantinople. From there he can go west and enter Europe through the backdoor, or go east, and conquer India. Either way, it would be a disaster for Britain. The only thing standing in his way is a small coastal city called Acre. Sir Sidney Smith is given command of every British warship in the eastern Mediterranean - all of two third-rate ships of the line. He moves his minuscule forces to Acre to head off Bonaparte.




Guns, Q.F.C. [pseud. Francis Quiller Champness] (1887-1967)

The Flagship. W H Barrell, 1934. 253 pages


Guns, Q.F.C. and Phyl Theeluker

Middle Watch Musings : Stories of life on board a British battleship, from the amusing side. W H Barrell, 1911. 216 pages






Gruppe, Henry (1929-2008)

The Truxton Cipher. Simon and Schuster, 1973. 223 pages

Lt. Commander Harry St. John is unexpectedly appointed Executive Officer of the destroyer USS SOMERSET. His captain is a bully and discipline is bad. Coding officers have fatal accidents. On exercise the SOMERSET is cut in two by an aircraft carrier with major loss of life while Harry is OOD. To make matters worse survivors claim he was the drunk at the time.




Guillot, René (1900-1969)

The Sea Rover. Oxford University Press, 1956. 165 pages

Translation of Shrimp le corsaire. His eldest son unjustly imprisoned, Viscount Saint-Elme, known as the 'Malamok', seeks revenge. Accompanied by the boy Shrimp, his young protegé, the Malamok sets sail on his last remaining ship on a voyage of piracy and battle, seeking to destroy his enemies.





Gun Buster [pseud. Austin, John Charles (1912-2001)]

Return via Dunkirk. Hodder & Stoughton, 1940. 256 pages

Royal Navy vs. the Kreigsmarine.





Battle Dress. Hodder & Stoughton, 1941. 255 pages






Zero Hours. Hodder & Stoughton, 1942. 176 pages






Grand barrage. Hodder & Stoughton, 1944. 186 pages






Victory salvo. Hodder & Stoughton, 1946. 190 pages






Gunn, John (1925- )

Barrier Reef Espionage: a thrilling adventure story for boys with an authentic naval and flying background. Lutterworth, 1955. 168 pages






Battle in the Ice : an exciting "Peter Kent" story with an authentic naval and flying background. Lutterworth, 1956. 186 pages






Gibraltar Sabotage : an exciting "Peter Kent" story with an authentic naval and flying background. Lutterworth, 1957. 168 pages






Sea Menace. Constable, 1958. 192 pages






Submarine Island : a thrilling 'Peter Kent' adventure story with the authentic background of flying and naval action. Lutterworth, 1958. 160 pages






Peter Kent's Command. Lutterworth, 1960. 160 pages






Dangerous Enemies. Lutterworth, 1961. 182 pages






City in Danger : A thrilling "Peter Kent" story with the authentic background of flying and naval action. Lutterworth, 1962. 160 pages






The Goodbye Island. Lutterworth, 1963. 166 pages







Gunn, Neil M. [Miller] (1891-1973)

The Silver Darlings. Faber & Faber, 1941. 584 pages

The dawning of the Herring Fisheries brings about both the hope of escape of Scottsmen from the brutality of the Highland Clearances and the struggle to make a living in the turbulent North Sea.





Gyles, Tony (1925- )

Deep their grave : the diary of a merchant ship and her crew, during the battle of the Atlantic, 1942. P.O.D., 1998. 414 pages

A peace-time passenger ship is converted to a troop carrier, and her crew are sent on a single fateful voyage, at a time when the enemy was sinking, on average, an Allied ship every four hours and the prospect of the crew returning safely to their homes and families was grim. Seamanship of the highest standard would not, alone, be sufficient to guarantee their safety, for this was a time when Britain's 'darkest hour' loomed ominously close.




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