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Nautical Fiction Index

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Follansbee, Joe

Bet: Stowaway Daughter. Fyddeye Media, 2011. 227 pages

Lisbet "Bet" Lindstrom is the 13- year-old daughter of a sea captain convicted of theft and sent to prison. Bet is convinced her father is innocent, but she has no way to prove it. Desperate to free her father, she visits his old fishing boat, and spots a horribly scarred sailor who might know the truth about the crime. Ignoring the warnings of her friends, she secretly jumps aboard the ship and sails to Alaska. She braves huge storms, performs daring rescues, and faces the man who threatens everything she loves.




Follet, James (1939- )

The Wotan Warhead. Stein and Day, 1979. 201 pages

The skipper of a WW II U-boat carrying a torpedo with a deadly warhead is pursued by the British as he tries to carry out a secret mission. Also published as U700.




Churchill's Gold. Houghton Mifflin, 1980. 218 pages

In 1941 a German spy discovers an attempt to secretly move British gold reserves from South Africa to the United States via a merchantman, leading to a Nazi attempt to capture the ship on the high seas.




Those in Peril. Heinemann, 1994. 344 pages

The Royal Navy has dealt a massive blow to Hitler's campaign. But for Ernst Kessler, commander of U-395, their success creates a near impossible situation as he attempts to bring his crew home.




Follett, Wilson (1887-1963)

No More Sea. Holt, 1933. 488 pages

The story of a sea-faring family, and of the effort of Luella Teaswith, widow of the last of them, to save her son from the sea. She takes him to the middle west, but the power of the sea, the call of the sea, is too strong for her, and takes its vengeance on her ultimately. Third place for the 1934 Pulitzer Prize for fiction





Forbes, Colin

Target Five. Signet, 1973. 256 pages

American Arctic expert obtains a secret list of Soviet submarine stations and attempts to escape with it without being captured.




Forbes, George (1849-1936)

Adventures In Southern Seas : A Tale of the Sixteenth Century. Dodd, Mead, 1920. 287 pages

A fictionalized and illustrated account of the voyages of Dirk Hartog, sixteenth century Dutch explorer of the Antipodes. The account has everything; giant sea spiders (octopus), hopping creatures (kangaroos), and so on.




Forbes, Stephen K.

Neptune's Lance. Signet, 1992. 430 pages

Brothers Drew and Coy Murdock must find a missing American nuclear submarine, hidden somewhere in the Persian Gulf, and discover who is behind the theft.




Ford, Charles

Death sails with Magellan. Random House, 1937. 363 pages

In Guam, mysterious castaway Gonzalo of Vigo comes to loggerheads with the brutal Magellan






Foreman, Russell (1921-2000)

Long Pig. McGraw-Hill, 1958. 362 pages

In 1800, thirteen survivors of a shipwreck on Fiji deal with the native cannibals and their own demons






Forester, C. S. [Cecil Scott] (1899-1966)

Brown on Resolution. John Lane, 1929. 272 pages

U. S. title: Single-Handed. Marooned British sailor takes on WW I German raider single-handed, filmed as "Sailor of the King".




The African Queen. P. F. Collier, 1935. 275 pages

In the early days of World War I, a steam launch on African river attempts to sink a German cruiser.




To the Indies. Little, Brown, 1940. 298 pages

U. K. title: The Earthly Paradise. Historical fiction about the tragic story of Christopher Columbus's last expedition to the new world.




The Captain From Connecticut. Little, Brown, 1941. 344 pages

In the second year of the War of 1812, Captain Peabody's mission is to break the British blockade. A blizzard has cut visibility to yards. Who would expect a Yankee frigate to be in the Long Island Sound at night and under such conditions?




The Ship. Little, Brown, 1943. 281 pages

An account of a fictitious engagement between British light cruisers and a far more powerful Italian force during WW II. Inspired by the 2nd Battle of Sirte, which occurred March 22, 1942 when 4 light cruisers and 11 destroyers successfully defended a Malta-bound convoy against an Italian task force composed of the modern battleship Littorio, 2 heavy cruisers and 4 light cruisers by actually attacking the Italians under cover of smoke. Follows the course of the battle from the perspectives of several different members of the crew of the fictitious cruiser HMS ARTEMIS, of the same class as HMS PENELOPE, which participated in the actual battle and to whose crew the book is dedicated. As a war-time novel, THE SHIP is somewhat propagandistic in tone, but nevertheless provides the reader with a good sense of the diverse nature of the crew and its interaction in battle, the tactics employed against such seemingly hopeless odds, and of the battle itself. Although quite readable, The Ship is not as well-written as another of Forester's WW II novels, The Good Shepherd, nor is the characterization as vivid.


The Good Shepherd. Little, Brown, 1955. 310 pages

US destroyer escorts North Atlantic convoys during WW II. Although an experienced officer, with many years of seniority, this is Commodore Krause's first wartime mission. The captains of the other escort vessels are junior to him, and much younger, but they have been at war for over two years. His relative inexperience troubles him.




The Man in the Yellow Raft. Little, Brown, 1969. 190 pages

WW II stories: The Man in the Yellow Raft; Triumph of the Boon; The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck; Dr. Blanke's First Command; Counterpunch; USS Cornucopia; December 6th; Rendezvous.




Gold from Crete : Ten Stories. Little, Brown, 1970. 263 pages

WW II stories: Gold from Crete; Dawn Attack; Depth Charge; Night Stalk; Intelligence; Eagle Squadron; An Egg for the Major; "You are Welcome"; The Dumb Dutchman; If Hitler had Invaded England.




The Horatio Hornblower Saga:

  1. Mr. Midshipman Hornblower. Little, Brown, 1950. 310 pages

    June 1794 - April 1798. Midshipman Hornblower, new to his ship and the Royal Navy, stands up to a bully, loses his first command, and becomes a prisoner with a duchess under his care, but surprises continue.




  3. Lieutenant Hornblower. Little, Brown, 1952. 306 pages

    May 1800 - April 1803. Hornblower must deal with poverty, a near-mutiny, a mad captain, hand-to-hand combat, command, and perhaps the most difficult, his landlady's daughter, Maria. Told from the point of view of his friend Bush.




  5. Hornblower and the Hotspur. Little, Brown, 1962. 344 pages

    April 1803 - July 1805. Commander Hornblower marries Maria and blockades the French in the sloop HOTSPUR.





  7. Hornblower During the Crisis. Little, Brown, 1966. 162 pages

    1805. Unfinished at Forester's death. Includes two short stories bookending Horatio's career "Honeblower's Temptation" and "The Last Encounter"




  9. Hornblower and the Atropos. Little, Brown, 1953. 325 pages

    December 1805 - January 1808. Our hero takes part in Lord Nelson's funeral and goes treasure hunting in the Levant, among other adventures.




  11. Beat to Quarters. New York : Grosset & Dunlap, 1937. 324 pages

    June 1808 - October 1808. U. K. title: The Happy Return, In the UK. Captain Hornblower must deal with the tin-pot Central American dictator El Supremo and the romantic temptation of Lady Barbara. The first book in the series to be published.




  13. Ship of the Line. Little, Brown, 1939. 323 pages

    May 1810 - October 1810. Commanding the ship of the line SUNDERLAND, our hero is captured by the French when his ship is overwhelmed by a superior force after a series of daring raids along the Spanish coast.




  15. Flying Colours. Little, Brown, 1939. 292 pages

    November 1810 - June 1811. The French want to execute Hornblower as a spy, but he and the crippled Bush, along with his coxswain Brown, manage to escape and make their way down the Loire river.




  17. Commodore Hornblower. Little, Brown, 1945. 313 pages

    May 1812 - October 1812. Hornblower leads a squadron in the Baltic trying to protect trade and stop Napoleon's advance.





  19. Lord Hornblower. Little, Brown, 1946. 318 pages

    October 1813 - May 1814. Hornblower must rescue a known tyrant from the mutiny of his crew.





  21. Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies. Little, Brown, 1958. 329 pages

    May 1821 - October 1823. Admiral Hornblower struggles to impose order in the Caribbean following the Napoleonic Wars, surviving pirates, revolutionaries and a hurricane.




Short stories:

The Hand of Destiny. COLLIERS November 23, 1940

Immediately after being promoted to Lieutenant, Hornblower is transferred to HMS Marguerite, under the command of the incredibly abusive and sadistic Captain Courtney. But after a week of being there, Hornblower is called upon to negotiate the terms of a mutiny, and as the ship comes into battle with a Spanish ship, a unique opportunity presents itself to Hornblower to ensure his further promotion, to benefit the service and his ship, and to gain the ultimate justice.



Hornblower's Charitable Offering. ARGOSY (UK) May 1941

Set in June 1810 when Hornblower is in the Mediterranean and captain of a “74”, HMS Sutherland. During her voyage, the ship picks up two French seamen from a raft after their escape as prisoners of war of the Spanish from the Balearic island of Cabrera. Published in US as "The Bad Samaritan"




Hornblower and His Majesty. COLLIERS March 1941

Hornblower is placed command of the Royal Yacht Augusta during a nautical expedition of the King George III and his entourage, for the benefit of the King's health. The King is fearful of brutal doctors, and Hornblower feeling sympathy for him. Fog separates the Augusta from her warship escort and a far larger American vessel sights and chases the yacht.




The Cadet Hornblowers:

A four-volume abridgement of eight Hornblower novels tailored for young audiences.

  1. Hornblower Goes To Sea. Queen's House, 1948. 191 pages

    Excerpts from Mr. Midshipman Hornblower and Lieutenant Hornblower.





  3. Hornblower Takes Command. Little, Brown, 1953. 223 pages

    Excerpts from Hornblower and the Atropos and Beat to Quarters.





  5. Hornblower in Captivity. Little, Brown, 1939. 224 pages

    Excerpts from Ship of the Line and Flying Colours.





  7. Hornblower's Triumph. Little, Brown, 1946. 223 pages

    Excerpts from Commodore Hornblower and Lord Hornblower.





Forman, James D.

So Ends This Day. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1970. 247 pages

A young boy recounts the events of his first voyage aboard his father's whaler and how they become involved in slave running





Forrest, Anthony [pseud. Norman MacKenzie (1915-2004) and Anthony Brown (1946- )]

John Justice series:

  1. Captain Justice. Hill & Wang, 1981. 307 pages

    John Justice is sent on a secret mission to France to determine the fate of a British spy.





  3. The Pandora Secret. Hill & Wang, 1982. 296 pages

    Justice charged with protecting a submarine which Fulton was building for the Royal Navy from French agents. Note: has historical basis -- Robert Fulton did try to sell a submarine to the Royal Navy.




  5. A Balance of Dangers. Hill & Wang, 1983. 231 pages

    Captain Justice from the Board of Beacons, Bells, Buoys and Mercantile Messengers is sent to Holland by a friend to investigate a timber brig seen there that supposedly had sunk. He discovers a French plot to get Denmark to enter the war on the French side and sweep the Royal Navy from the oceans with the Danish fleet (fat chance). He heads to Copenhagen for intelligence and triggers the 1807 raid on Copenhagen -- led by Arthur Wellesley, who gets a horse from Justice.




Forrester, Larry

Battle of the April Storm. Harrap, 1969. 223 pages

Based on the true story of HMS GLOWWORM, a British destroyer that fought through a German destroyer screen to engage and finally ram the heavy cruiser ADMIRAL HIPPER. GLOWWORM's skipper was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, on the recommendation of the German commander.




Forsyth, Frederick (1938- )

The Devil's Alternative. Viking, 1979. 432 pages

The plot is fairly involved, but part of it involves the hi-jacking of the world's biggest tanker by terrorists who threaten to open the manifolds and start the pumps, polluting the whole North Sea. Not mainly a nautical novel, but the hi-jacking of the VLCC is enough to get it included here.




Fosburgh, Hugh (1916-1976)

The Sound of White Water. Scribner, 1955. 192 pages

Canoe trip down a river in upstate New York.




Foster, Walter Bertram, (1869-1929)

Swept out to Sea, or Clint Webb Among the Whalers. M. A. Donohue, 1913. 257 pages

South Seas whaling adventure for young readers.




Foxall, Raymond

The Noble Pirate. Hale, 1980. 192 pages

18th century English highwayman switches to preying on ships in the English Channel instead.




Foy, George (1952- )

Asia Rip. Viking, 1984. 226 pages

Fishermen versus the "Organization" on Atlantic waters and the New York fish market. U. K. title: Tidal Race.




Coaster. Viking, 1986. 326 pages

Our hero's ship sinks in English Channel, and he searches for answers from Wales to Antwerp.




Challenge. Viking, 1988. 400 pages

Paul Briggs, once a promising boat designer, has fallen into despair over the disappearance of his wife and daughter. He and his cousin Jack have been contracted by a well-heeled corporate syndicate to design a yacht for the America's Cup competition. For the investors, the Cup bid is little more than a splashy publicity ploy to sell cheap electronic gadgets. But for Paul Briggs, its tha chance to save the Maine boatyard that's been in the family for five generations, and the town of French Harbor, with its cast of curmudgeonly Downeast inhabitants. The project takes on even more urgency when Jack is murdered one night by an intruder clearly looking for the yacht plans and test results. Suddenly Paul Briggs is tossed into a maelstrom of murder, sabotage and treachery; someone has determined to sink the CHALLENGE effort before the boat can be launched, and Paul must unravel the plot and stop the perpetrators before it's too late.




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