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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Ko - Ky

Kobryn, A. P. [Alen Pol] (1949-2023)

Poseidon's Shadow. Rawson, Wade, 1979. 243 pages

Renegade US ballistic missile sub ADRESTEIA goes up against the Pentagon, the Soviets and an American killersub. Skipper intends to expose nasty military scandal, but must stay alive in the meantime.





Köepf, Michael (1940- )

The Fisherman's Son. Broadway Books, 1998. 293 pages

As Neil Kruger clings to a liferaft during a fierce storm recalls his life of commercial fishing off the northern California coast.






Koller, Jackie French (1948- )

The Last Voyage of the Misty Day. Atheneum, 1992. 154 pages

Having reluctantly moved to Maine after her father's death in Manhattan, fourteen-year-old Denise forges a healing friendship with a boat owner surrounded by considerable mystery. For young readers.





Koningsberger, Hans [pseud. Hans Koning (1921-2007)]

The Golden Keys : a Dutch boy sails for the Indies. Rand McNally, 1956. 224 pages

A young Dutchman travels with Willem Barent in search of a Northeast Passage and voyages around the world with Admiral Van Noort






Korel, Charles

Full Alert. Kensington, 1989. 286 pages

The Command One, America's most sophisticated submarine, is pursued by twin Soviet attack subs while en route to the Persian Gulf and Captain Donald Smith is faced with a choice between the safety of his country and the lives of his crew.





Krauss, Bruno [pseud. Kenneth Bulmer (1921-2005)]

Seawolf series:

  1. Steel Shark. Kensington, 1978. 175 pages

    Story of U-boat commander Baldur Wolz in action in the North and South Atlantic during 1940, commanding a new supersub.





  3. Shark North. Kensington, 1978. 171 pages

    Story of U-Boat U45 in action in the North Sea and Norway during the winter of 1940. Wolz is on a misson to land a spy in a Norwegian fjord, and winds up in command of another submarine.




  5. Shark Pack. Kensington, 1978. 156 pages






  7. Shark Hunt. Kensington, 1980. 160 pages






  9. Shark Africa. Kensington, 1980. 156 pages






  11. Shark Raid. Kensington, 1982. 159 pages






  13. Shark America. Kensington, 1982. 120 pages






  15. Shark Trap. Kensington, 1982. 124 pages







Kroop, Lloyd (1937-2023)

The Drift. Doubleday, 1969. 263 pages

A castaway discovers the floating civilization of French brigantines, Spanish galleons, English caravels, and Portugese men-of-war, hidden for hundreds of years at the center of the Sargasso Sea. See Thomas A. Janvier's In the Sargasso Sea for a similar theme





Krutein, Manfred G. (1917-2002)

Hitler's Last Gasp : the Miracle Weapon. Amador, 1995. 193 pages

Encounter between an American OSS officer, a German U-Boat commander and a Nazi SS officer, who wants to become Hitler's successor. They fight for control of a super weapon, directed at the U.S. East Coast.





Kubeck, James

The Calendar Epic: A Novel of the Merchant Marine. Putnam's, 1956. 318 pages

Set during World War 2 on the West Coast and in the South Pacific and New Guinea. An account of the C-2 freighter CALENDAR EPIC's first -- and last -- voyage.





The Monument. McNally & Loftin, 1965. 243 pages

A ship loaded with high explosives anchored in a Pacific lagoon comes under attack by Japanese planes.






Kyle, Duncan [pseud. John Franklin Broxholme (1930-2000)]

The Suvarov Adventure. St. Martin's, 1974. 250 pages

The Russians force a British torpedo recovery expert to retrieve six nuclear missiles sunk off Vancouver Island. Paperback title: A Raft of Swords





Kyne, Peter B. (1880-1957)

Cappy Ricks, or the Subjugation of Matt Peasley. Grossett & Dunlap, 1915. 349 pages

Cappy Ricks is a crusty yet soft-hearted Scots sea captain, a real go-getter, who owns the Dollar Steamship Lines.




Captain Scraggs: or, The Green Pea Pirates . Grossett & Dunlap, 1919. 308 pages

This sea yarn recounts the adventures of three rapscallion sea-faring men,—Captain Scraggs, owner of the green vegetable freighter Maggie, Gibney the mate and McGuffey, the engineer. Set in San Francisco




Cappy Ricks Retires, but that doesn't keep him from coming back stronger than ever. Cosmopolitan, 1922. 442 pages





Never the Twain Shall Meet. Grosset & Dunlap, 1923. 375 pages

Interracial island romance, with the scion of a shipping magnate running away from his job, family, and love interest to be with a Polynesian princess. He quickly finds that paradise is not all it is cracked up to be




Cappy Ricks Comes Back. Kinsey, 1934. 335 pages





The Cappy Ricks Special. Kinsey, 1935. 276 pages

A short story collection.






Kytle, Ray

Last Voyage. Dell, 1979. 219 pages

Two couples, off the Mexican coast in a sailing yacht, are suddenly attacked by modern-day pirates, who board for a day of rape, torture and murder. Sad to say, this kind of stuff happens in the Caribbean on a regular basis. U.K. title: Sea Stalk.




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