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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Robe - Robi

Roberts, Charles G. D. [George Douglas] (1860-1943)

Reube Dare's Shad Boat : a Tale of the Tide Country. Hunt & Eaton ; Cranston & Curts, 1895. 145 pages

Later editions published as: The Cruise of the Yacht "Dido" : a tale of the tide country

The Forge in the Forest : Being The Narrative of the Acadian Ranger, Jean de Mer, Seigneur de Briart : and how he crossed the Black Abbe : and of his Adventures in a Strange Fellowship. Lamson, Wolffe, 1896. 311 pages

A Sister to Evangeline : being the story of Yvonne de Lamourie and how she went into exile with the villagers of Grand Pré. Lamson, Wolffe, 1898. 298 pages


Roberts, Kenneth (1885-1957)

Arundel: being the recollections of Steven Nason of Arundel, in the Province of Maine, attached to the secret expedition led by Colonel Benedict Arnold against Quebec and later a captain in the Continental army serving at Valcour Island, Bemis Heights, and Yorktown. Doubleday, Doran, 1930. 618 pages

A young innkeeper in Maine tells of the terrible journey made by Colonial Benedict Arnold and his soldiers through the wilderness to Quebec, many months before the Declaration of Independence, in a vain-attempt to dislodge the British.


The Lively Lady : a chronicle of certain men of Arundel in Maine, of privateering during the war of impressments, and of the circular prison on Dartmoor. Doubleday, Doran, 1931. 374 pages

Follows the fortunes of Richard Nason, a Maine sailing master and privateer who is captured and imprisoned by the British during the War of 1812. Roberts writes of the courage of American privateers during the war and the sufferings of thousands of American seamen in the infamous Dartmoor Prison.


Rabble in Arms : a chronicle of Arundel and the Burgoyne invasion. Doubleday, Doran, 1933. 870 pages

Dramatic, though somewhat old-fashioned novel of Benedict Arnold's 1776-77 campaigns from Canada to Saratoga. It focuses on the construction of his fleet and the battle of Valcour Island on Lake Champlain.




Captain Caution : a chronicle of Arundel. Doubleday, Doran, 1934. 310 pages

It is 1812 and America has declared war on Britain. The American ship OLIVE BRANCH is waylaid by a British cruiser. Captain Dorman is killed, and his crew is taken prisoner, including the captain's pretty and strong-willed daughter, Corunna. Roberts portrays the bravery of American seamen, their sufferings within the mist-shrouded walls of Dartmoor Prison, the invention of the gangway pendulum, and the sailor's dangerous and dramatic escape.



Northwest Passage. Doubleday, Doran, 1937. 709 pages

Novel follows the career of Major Rogers, whose incredible exploits during the French and Indian Wars are told through Langdon Towne, an artist and Harvard student who flees trouble to join the army. Includes an ice excursion to seek for a water passage to the Pacific.




Oliver Wiswell. Doubleday, Doran, 1940. 836 pages

Presents the Tory point of view of the American Revolution, including significant sea-based sections.




Lydia Bailey. Doubleday, 1947. 499 pages

Americans involved in Toussaint L'Ouverture's revolt in Haiti and at war with the "Barbary Pirates".




Boon Island. Doubleday, 1956. 275 pages

Shipwreck on barren Boon Island in the Gulf of Maine during the winter of 1710.






Roberts, Morley [Charles] (1857-1942)

The Mate of the Vancouver. Lawrence & Bullen, 1892. 268 pages

The Master of the Silver Sea: a Tale. Ward & Downey, 1895. 151 pages

The Adventures of a Ship's Doctor. Downey, 1897. 259 pages

The Adventure of the Broad Arrow : an Australian Romance. Hutchinson, 1897. 276 pages

A Sea Comedy. John Milne, 1897. 165 pages

The Promotion of the Admiral : and other Sea Comedies. Eveleigh Nash, 1903. 298 pages

Captain Balaam of the 'Cormorant' : and other Sea Comedies. Eveleigh Nash, 1905. 248 pages

The Blue Peter : Sea Comedies. Eveleigh Nash, 1906. 235 pages

Sea Dogs : a set of Sea-Comedies. Eveleigh Nash, 1910. 256 pages

The Lords of the Fo'c'sle : and other Sea Comedies. Eveleigh Nash, 1915. 309 pages

Ancient Mariners [short stories]. Mills & Boon, 1919. 246 pages

Followers of the Sea : a set of Sea-Comedies. E. Nash & Grayson, 1923. 245 pages


Robertson, Keith (1914-1991)

Wreck of the Saginaw. Viking, 1954. 144 pages

A shipwrecked crew voyages 1500 miles to the safety of Hawaii.





Ice to India. Viking, 1955. 224 pages

In 1816, a merchant family tries to save their mysteriously failing shipping business by shipping ice from Philadelphia to India.





Robertson, John T.

Corvette Patrol. John Spencer, 1959. 162 pages

Novel, told in first person, about a Royal Navy corvette, HMS GARGOYLE, as it participates in a raid on Norway and Operation Pedestal in the Mediterranean. Style similar to A. F. Barton's [q.v.] THOSE WHO SERVE.





Robertson, Morgan (1861-1915)

The Wreck of the Titan, or, Futility. M.F. Mansfield, 1898. 145 pages

A gigantic, unsinkable steamship, the TITAN strikes an iceberg while recklessly racing across the Atlantic from England to the US on it's maiden voyage. In some ways eerily close to the TITANIC disaster, but in other ways very different.




Spun-yarn Sea Stories. Harper, 1898. 214 pages

The Slumber of a Soul: A tale of a Mate and a Cook; The Survival of the Fittest; A Creature of Circumstance; The Derelict Neptune; Honor Among Thieves.




The Three Laws and the Golden Rule. McClure, 1898. 249 pages

The Three Laws and the Golden Rule; The Americans; Dignity; The Honeymoon Ship; The Third Mate; Through the Deadlight; The Hairy Devil; The Slumber of a Soul; Honor Among Thieves; The Survival of the Fittest; A Creature of Circumstance.




"Where Angels Fear to Tread" and Other Tales of the Sea. Century, 1899. 302 pages

"Where Angels Fear to Tread"; The Brain of the Battle-Ship; The Wigwag Message; The Trade-Wind; Salvage; Between the Millstones; The Battle of the Monsters; From the Royal-Yard Down; Needs Must When the Devil Drives; When Greek Meets Greek; Primordial.




Masters of Men : a romance of the new navy. Doubleday, Page, 1901. 335 pages

Dick Halpin, 15, joins the US Navy at the time of the Spanish-American War, fights in Cuba.




Land Ho! Harper & Brothers, 1905. 321 pages

Stories: The Dollar; The Ship-Owner; The Wave; The Cook and the Captain; The Line of Least Resistance; The Lobster; On Board the Athol; The Magnetized Man; The Mistake; The Submarine Destroyer; The Dancer; On the Rio Grande.




Down to the Sea. Harper & Brothers, 1914. 311 pages

Stories: The Closing of the Circuit; A Cow, Two Men, and a Parson; The Rivals; A Chemical Comedy; A Hero of the Cloth; The Subconscious Finnegan; The Torpedo; The Submarine; Fifty Fathoms Down; The Enemies; The Vitality of Dennis; The Helix; The Shark; The Mutiny.




Sinful Peck. Harper, 1903. 244 pages

Fourteen residents of the inland City of Cleveland, Ohio, are as young men shanghaied aboard a sailing ship, make an involuntary voyage around the world, and take part in a bloody mutiny.




Over the Border. McClure's Metropolitan, 1914. 293 pages

Stories: The last battleship -- Absolute zero -- Over the border -- The fire worshiper -- The baby -- The grinding of the mills -- The equation -- The twins -- The brothers -- Kismet -- The mate of his soul -- The voices -- The sleep walker.




The Grain Ship. McClure's Metropolitan, 1914. 242 pages

Stories: The grain ship -- From the darkness and the depths -- Noah's ark -- The finishing touch -- The rock -- The argonauts -- The married man -- The triple alliance -- Shovels and bricks -- Extracts from Noah's log.




Shipmates. Harper & Brothers, 1901. 347 pages

Stories: The nuisance- The fool killer -- The devil and his due -- Polarity: a tale of two brunettes -- A tale of a pigtail -- The man at the wheel -- The day of the dog -- At the end of the man-rope -- A fall from grace -- The Dutch port watch -- On the forecastle deck.





Robertson, Terence

The Hurricane. Ballentine, 1960. 143 pages

Four-piper destroyer in Royal Navy service endures a North Atlantic hurricane during escort duty in December 1942.






Robertson, Wilfrid (1892-1973)

The Lost Gold Bars. Oxford University Press, 1946. 184 pages






Coaster's Mate. Oxford University Press, 1949. 210 pages







Robeson, Kenneth [pseud. Lester Dent] (1904-1959)

The Submarine Mystery. Doc Savage, June 1938.

The Man of Bronze investigates modern-day piracy when a Navy sub is destroyed off of Boston Harbor, and it's only survivor is found to be speaking an obscure 16th-century dialect. Earlier pulp tales: The Polar Treasure (Jun 1933), The Sargasso Ogre (Oct 1933), The Fantastic Island (Dec 1935), The Mystery Under the Sea (Feb 1936), Terror in the Navy (Apr 1937), The Sea Angel (Nov 1937), The Sea Magician (Jan 1938).




Robinson, Bill (1918-2007)

Destruction at Noonday. Sheridan House, 1992. 211 pages

Nautical peril and adventure aboard ship after a devastating shoreside earthquake. A first novel by the former editor of YACHTING.





Robinson, Charles Napier (1849-1936) and Leyland, John (1857-1924)

In the Queen's Navee: The adventures of a Colonial Cadet on his way to the 'Britannia'. Griffith Farran, 1892. 382 pages






Robinson, Ernest H. [Herbert]

The Cruise of the Saucy Jane. Cassell, 1924. 215 pages






The Magic Submarine. Goodship House, 1926. 144 pages







Robinson, Gertude

Sign of the Golden Fish : a story of the Cornish fisherman in Maine. Winston, 1949. 207 pages

15-year-old boy's adventures Down East during the 17th century






Robinson, Hercules (1789-1864)

Sea Drift. T. Hinton, 1858. 252 pages

Based on the Rear-Admiral's diaries, kept during his voyages 1813-1858

Harry Evelyn, or Romance of the Atlantic; a naval novel, founded on facts. J. Blackwood, 1859. 326 pages


Robinson, Kim Stanley (1952- )

Black Air. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 1983.

Speculative fiction about the Spanish Armada. Robinson describes the conditions well, giving the inside dope on the rush job on some of the ships. We follow the teenage protagonist through his unusual spiritual development, where he learns the talent of seeing souls (as a flame above the head) from a friar on board.





Robinson, Patrick (1940- )

Admiral Arnold Morgan series:

  1. Nimitz Class. HarperCollins, 1997. 411 pages

    A nuclear powered Nimitz class carrier, the THOMAS JEFFERSON, suddenly vaporises, with the loss of 6000 men, in a nuclear explosion whilst exercising with her battle group in the Indian Ocean. A tragic accident that could cast doubt on the wisdom of American naval policy is the first thought that grips a grieving nation. The reader knows better - a nuclear-armed torpedo from a well-placed conventional submarine is to blame. We follow America's doubts, then resolution, as the villain is tracked down.



  3. Kilo Class. HarperCollins, 1998. 442 pages

    Set in the early years of the first decade of the twenty-first century when China places an order for ten Kilo class conventional submarines, almost undetectable and armed with nuclear torpedoes, from Russia. The chief of America's National Security Agency believes China's intention is to deny America access to the Taiwan Strait whilst they regain Taiwan back into Beijing's fold. This is so against America's interest that a "black" operation is instigated to prevent the Kilos ever reaching China. Concurrently Taiwan is clandestinely developing nuclear weapons at a secret island base. The part dealing with Russia's inland waterway system is extremely interesting and the story enfolds at a cracking pace.


  5. HMS Unseen. HarperCollins, 1999. 440 pages

    Gets off to a great start, many of the main characters are from the author's previous novels. This story involves the Iraqi submarine commander from THE NIMITZ. Sadam Hussein ungratefully wants him killed so he offers his services to Iran. Using a stolen conventional submarine imaginatively fitted with a new Russian guided missile system he sets out to terrorise the world which, as planned, believes Iraq is to blame.



  7. U.S.S. Seawolf. HarperCollins, 2000. 436 pages

    Espionage and the theft of military technology have enabled the Chinese to build a fleet of powerful warships. When the submarine "Seawolf" falls to enemy hands, the power balance shifts.




  9. The Shark Mutiny. HarperCollins, 2001. 463 pages

    Chinese admirals team up with the mullahs of Tehran to set up a massive minefield across the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, directly in the path of the world's oil tankers; destroying them will drive world oil prices through the stratosphere and derail the global economy. And the submarine USS Shark is in the thick of it.




  11. Barracuda 945. HarperCollins, 2003. 440 pages

    National security advisor Arnold Morgan faces his toughest adversary in a military genius who heads the Middle East's most vicious terrorist group and who has taken over a sophisticated and deadly Russian nuclear submarine.




  13. Scimitar SL-2. HarperCollins, 2004. 420 pages

    When terrorist Ravi Rashood plots to blow up a volcano and trigger a tsunami that will have devastating consequences for America, U.S. Admiral Arnold Morgan races against time to prevent the attack.




  15. Hunter Killer. HarperCollins, 2005. 453 pages

    When a rogue Saudi Arabian prince plots a coup d'etat with the assistance of the French, American admiral Arnold Morgan is assigned to counter the work of terrorist Ravi Rashood in the face of mounting international opposition.




  17. Ghost Force. HarperCollins, 2006. 418 pages

    The year is 2011, and Russia is poised to help Argentina blast its way into the Falkland Islands, to hurl the ruling British out of the South Atlantic forever. Enraged at this act of international piracy, Great Britain dispatches a battle fleet to the islands for the second time in thirty years.




  19. To the Death. Vanguard, 2008. 383 pages

    When Admiral Arnold Morgan breaks up a terrorist cell in the U.S. following a bombing at Boston's Logan Airport, the Hamas high command, led by Morgan's old enemy, Ravi Rashood, vows to assassinate the admiral when he leaves American soil.





Navy Seal Lt. Commander Mack Bedford series:

  1. Diamondhead. Vanguard, 2009. 408 pages

    After Iraqi insurgents kill his fellow officers, Navy SEAL Mack Bedford sets out for revenge, ultimately becoming involved in a plot to assassinate a French politician. At the same time, Mack must work out a way for his dying son to receive the costly and experimental medical treatment that may save his life.




  3. Intercept. Vanguard, 2010. 334 pages

    After a liberal judge releases four al-Qaeda terrorists, they slip away from CIA surveillance and disappear into the mountains of Pakistan, and soon the CIA learns that an attack on the U.S. mainland is imminent, an attack that can only be stopped by retired Navy SEAL Mack Bedford.




  5. The Delta Solution. Vanguard, 2011. 328 pages

    After Somali pirates capture two U.S. ships, Mack Bedford and the Navy SEALs' Delta Platoon are tasked with not only rescuing the ships, but also completely obliterating all pirates operating in the Indian Ocean.




  7. Power Play. Vanguard, 2012. 336 pages

    It is the year 2018—a highly volatile nuclear world. Against this background, the Russians have upped the stakes in the latest world power-play—cyber warfare—to reduce the United States to helplessness. It is now up to Mack Bedford to devise a plan to stop the Russians.









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