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Nautical Fiction Index

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Stack, John

Masters of the Sea series:

  1. Ship of Rome. HarperCollins, 2009. 368 pages

    Atticus, captain of one of the ships of Rome's small, coastal fleet, is from a Greek fishing family. Septimus, legionary commander, reluctantly ordered aboard ship, is from Rome, born into a traditionally army family. It could never be an easy alliance. But the arrival of a hostile fleet, larger, far more skilful and more powerful than any Atticus has encountered before, forces them to act together.



  3. Captain of Rome. HarperCollins, 2010. 384 pages

    Atticus is the young captain of the Aquila, the flagship of the attack fleet of the Roman navy. But his commander is a young upstart whose position has been purchased rather than earned. Bound to obey his inexperienced commander's rash orders, Atticus sails straight into a carefully-laid trap. In the battle that follows, it is only by defying his commander that he can pull his men back from the brink of defeat. But Atticus will pay a high price for his defiance, and, as he is summoned to Rome, he realises he has created a powerful enemy.


  5. Master of Rome. HarperCollins, 2011. 400 pages

    Atticus, the young Greek captain, is now a commander of the growing Roman navy, blockading a port near Tunis, when the Roman legions suffer terrible defeat by the triumphant Carthaginian army, spearheaded by the elephant charges. He and his ships escape together with the main body of the Roman fleet out manoevred by the more skillful Carthaginians and then caught and almost completely annhilated by a terrible storm.



Armada. HarperCollins, 2012. 400 pages

Thomas Varian is a captain in Drake's formidable navy, rising quickly through the ranks. But he guards a secret – one for which he would pay with his life if discovered: he is a Catholic. He is about to find his conflicting loyalty to his religion, to his Queen, and to his country tested under the most formidable of circumstances: facing the mighty Armada. Unknown to Varian, he will also be facing his long-estranged father, who is fighting on the side of the Spanish enemy.




Stackpole, Edouard A. (1905-1993)

Madagascar Jack; The Story of a Nantucket Whaler, being the account of Obed C. Folger, thirteen years of age, who went to the South Seas with whalemen and found there many adventures as well as sperm whales. W. Morrow , 1935. 308 pages





Smuggler's Luck, being the adventures of Timothy Pinkham of Nantucket island during the war of the revolution. Morrow, 1931. 310 pages






You Fight for Treasure! Morrow, 1932. 307 pages






Privateer Ahoy! A Story of the War of 1812. Morrow, 1937. 310 pages






Mutiny at Midnight: the Adventures of Cyrus Hussey of Nantucket Aboard the Whale-Ship Globe in the South Pacific From 1812 to 1826. Morrow, 1939. 245 pages






Dead Man's Gold. Ives Washburn, 1958. 212 pages






Nantucket Rebel. Ives Washburn, 1963. 306 pages







Stacpoole, Henry de Vere (1863-1951)

Palm Tree Island trilogy:

  1. The Blue Lagoon: A Romance. T.F. Unwin, 1908. 326 pages

    A boy and a girl shipwrecked on a tropical island grow up together and learn about the birds and the bees. Filmed in 1949 and 1980.




  3. The Garden of God. Dodd, Mead, 1923. 328 pages

    Sequel to The Blue Lagoon. The movie "Return to the Blue Lagoon" was loosely based on this novel.





  5. The Gates of Morning. Dodd, Mead, 1925. 290 pages

    A kind of exposé of the despoiling of South Sea Island cultures and people by Europeans. Takes place a day or so after the events at the conclusion of "The Garden of God".




The Cruise of the "Kingfisher": A Tale of Deep-Sea Adventure. Wells Gardner, 1910. 308 pages

The KINGFISHER is a cable ship which has undertaken a voyage down to the Canaries in order to mend the Venezuelan cable which runs under the sea near there




The Ship of Coral: A Tropical Romance. Hutchinson, 1911. 368 pages

A tale of pirates, treasure, and murder in the Carribean.




The Children of the Sea: A Romance. Hutchinson, 1913. 357 pages

Chronicles the exploits of a deep-sea cable mender and his friend; set in the sea of Japan and in Iceland.





The Blue Horizon: Romance from the Tropics and the Sea. Hutchinson, 1915. 351 pages

A collection of sea tales set along the Florida coast.




The North Sea, and Other Poems. Hutchinson, 1915. 82 pages





The Pearl Fishers. Hutchinson, 1915. 336 pages

Two men and a woman "fish" for pearls on a Pacific island.





The Reef of Stars: A Romance of the Tropics. Hutchinson, 1916. 312 pages

Gold Trail in US. Five men leave Sydney for New Guinea in search of gold.




In Blue Waters. Hutchinson, 1917. 319 pages

Consists of eight short stories and three novellas, including "The Luck of Captain Slocum".




Sea Plunder. John Lane, 1917. 313 pages

Consists of two novellas: "The Buccaneers" and "The HEART OF IRELAND".




The Beach of Dreams: A story of the true world. Hutchinson, 1919. 315 pages

A flapper named Cleo is shipwrecked on a barren island in the Indian Ocean.




Under Blue Skies. Hutchinson, 1919. 285 pages

A collection of stories, some set at sea, including one about a photographer on board a cable ship which pulls a sea serpent to the surface, and his excitement over developing the photograph, only to discover that he had used an already exposed plate. Contents: The frigate bird -- The Bay of Pearls -- The long reach -- Trapped -- The King of Maleka -- A problem of the sea -- Mrs. Shane -- De profundis -- The slayer -- The message -- Skies of France.



A Man of the Islands. Hutchinson, 1920. 288 pages

A collection of stories originally published in magazines. "Once again we are on the fringe of southern Pacific seas, lost in a world thronged with lovely, lonely islands, whereon sailor-men, beachcombers and Kanakas play the good or the bad game of love and hatred, vice and death, with romantic wilfulness. The most acceptable part of this book consists of the first six tales, which group around Sigurdson, a big, brawny and bearded Dane, with enormous strength, unsubduable persistence and a pretty fashion of winning his way in the end. He belongs to the fraternity of wandering sailors who inevitably get cast on a rough beach in the company of a woman...." [The Bookman]


Vanderdecken: The Story of a Man. R.M. McBride, 1922. 282 pages

Hank Fisher sets out with a friend to claim the reward offered to anyone who can capture the pirate Vanderdecken.




Golden Ballast. Hutchinson, 1924. 288 pages

Richard Sebright discovers that the dilapidated mystery ship BALTRUM he has just bought contains a beautiful girl and a pile of golden ballast. In order to convert the gold to cash without arousing government suspicions he takes the BALTRUM south on a hazardous voyage, ostensibly in search of hidden treasure.



Ocean Tramps. Hutchinson, 1924. 292 pages

A collection of fifteen stories, including: Bud and Billy; Mandelbaum; A Deal with "Plain-Sailin' Jim"




Tropic Love. Readers Library, 1928. 252 pages

Contects: Coral sands -- The pearl of Taheu -- Mircami -- Karan -- The pearl that came home -- Saoni makes good.




Old Sailors Never Lie, and Other Tales of Land and Sea, By One of Them. Hutchinson, 1938. 288 pages






Stafford, Frank [pseud. Stafford Frank Hough] (1889-1978)

Port Sahara. John Long, 1928. 288 pages

Beset. A Tale of the Northern Seas. John Long, 1929. 286 pages

The Mistress Mariner. John Long, 1929. 288 pages

Rain Before Wind. Wright & Brown, 1930. 288 pages

Arctic Paradise. Herbert Jenkins, 1933. 311 pages






Tattered Ensign : a Tale of the Coastwise Seas. Hurst & Blackett, 1940. 288 pages

Heritage Undimmed. Hurst & Blackett, 1946. 223 pages

Lobster Post. Hurst & Blackett, 1943. 152 pages

Western Approach. Hurst & Blackett, 1945. 160 pages

Wind Whistle. Readers' Library, 1945. 128 pages






Clogs to Clogs. Hurst & Blackett, 1946. 208 pages






Weather Shore. Hurst & Blackett, 1948. 255 pages


Stahl, Norman

The Assault on Mavis A. Random House, 1978. 258 pages

A hijacked supertanker and crew of terrorists attacks an enormous oil rig in the North Sea, in the midst of a storm.











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