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Nautical Fiction Index

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Burrage, E. Harcourt [Edwin] (1839-1916)

The Vanished Yacht. Thomas Nelson, 1898. 358 pages







Burrage, A. Harcourt [Athol] (1899-1951)

The Secret Voyage: A Sea-Adventure Story for Boys. Juvenile Productions, 1937. 256 pages






Bending the Sails. Wells, Gardner, Darton, 1938. 248 pages






The Captain's Secret: A Sea Mystery Story. Ward, Locke, 1939. 248 pages






The Clipper's Last Voyage: a Modern Sea Yarn for Boys. Sampson Low, Marston, 1940. 250 pages






Mutiny. Frederick Warne, 1950. 256 pages






Kop of the Secret Service: Adventure Story for Boys. Wells, Gardner, Darton, 1951. 192 pages






Bravo, Sea Scouts: a Sea Scout adventure. Wells Gardner, Darton, 1952. 208 pages







Burt, Olive W. [Woolley] (1894-1981)

I Challenge the Dark Sea : a novel based on the life of Prince Henry the Navigator. John Day, 1962. 188 pages






Burton, Hester (1913-2000)

Castors away! World, 1962. 254 pages

Based on a true incident during the battle of Trafalgar when a British seaman was apparently restored to life 13 hours after his death




Burton, Sir Richard Francis (1821-1890)

The book of The Thousand Nights and a Night: A plain and literal translation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments; made and annotated by Richard F. Burton. Burton Club, 1885. 8 volumes

Sinbad the Sailor's Adventures, other translations and many abridgements of Burton's and others exist.




Burts, Robert ( -1839)

The Scourge of the Ocean. E.L. Carey & A. Hart, 1837. 2 volumes

New York colonist George Everett quickly turns to patriotic piracy after striking his tyrannical first lieutenant and becomes a Revolutionary War hero

The Sea-King: A Nautical Romance. A. Hart, 1851. 203 pages

Completed by Frank Marryat after Burts' death


Bushnell, O. A. (Oswald Andrew) "Ozzy" (1913-2002)

The Return of Lono: a novel of Captain Cook's last voyage. Little, Brown, 1956. 290 pages

Reconstructs the momentous visit to Hawaii by Captain Cook. Told from the point of view of midshipman Forrest of the RESOLUTION. Hawaiian history and customs are accurately portrayed.




Butler, David (1937- )

Lusitania. Random House, 1981. 578 pages

Epic novel about the doomed liner and the people involved with her.





Butler, Richard (1925- )

The Men that God Forgot. Hutchinson, 1975. 255 pages

Demon's Land they called it - a bastardisation of Van Diemen's Land - a place where men rotted or starved or were flogged to death. The maximum security hard-labour camp at Sarah Island in Macquarie Harbour was the end of the line for prisoners - a hell on earth for convicts and gaolers alike - and when in 1833, it was decided to close the settlement, ten desperate and ruthless men seized the ship that was to transport them, and made their final bid for freedom.


Butterworth, Hezekiah (1839-1905)

The Treasure Ship : a tale of Sir William Phipps, the Regicides, and the Inter-charter Period in Massachusetts. D. Appleton, 1899. 251 pages


Butterworth, W. E. [pseud. W. E. B. Griffin] (1929-2019)

Stop and Search : a Novel of Small Boat Warfare off Vietnam. Little, Brown, 1969. 152 pages

Instead of the smooth future he had envisioned Eddie finds himself a seaman second class policing dirty rivers in Vietnam.




Byrne, Beverly

The Griffin Saga series.

Roger Griffin, banished from the court of Charles II, builds trading empire.

  1. The Outcast. Fawcett Gold Medal, 1981. 510 pages





  3. The Adventurer. Fawcett Gold Medal, 1982. 479 pages





  5. Fiery Splendor. Fawcett Gold Medal, 1983. 408 pages






Bywater, Hector C. (1884–1940)

The Great Pacific War: A History of the American-Japanese Campaign of 1931-33. Constable, 1925. 317 pages

A British naval corespondent, author of many books on naval affairs and a friend of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bywater caused a sensation with the publication of this novel. The story's feasibility and likelihood were rubbished by Bywater's contemporaries and the navies of America and Great Britain alike. After all it was a bit far-fetched! The Japanese striking a surprise blow on the American Pacific Fleet, attacking the Philippines, someone from the Philippines taking command of the American counter-attack and island hopping towards the Japanese mainland, a naval battle in mid-ocean the turning point of the war, American industrial power eventually redressing the naval balance.

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