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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Pri - Py

Price, Jeramie

Blackbeard's Bride. Crown, 1959. 253 pages

Anne is abducted from a ship by Teach, becomes his 15th (or 16th) wife, and joins in with the piracy.

Price, John-Allen (1954- )

Doomsday Ship. Zebra, 1982. 318 pages

The largest German ship ever built heads for New York City during WW II loaded with V-1 missiles and warheads full of germs. A US bomber squadron has to take it out.

Extinction Cruise. Kensington, 1987. 496 pages

The officers of a Russian Nuclear powered submarine mutiny against their political watchdogs and declare themselves in open defection. Hoping to sail to the west, they signal a British aircraft carrier to their aid, and steam south for Tierra Del Fuego. Planning on sailing into California, they and their British cover confront the Russian navy and some of its local allies (including the Argentines who aren't so much pro-Soviet as anti-British). The novel closes on an epic sea-battle between nuclear subs.

The Siege of Ocean Valkyrie. Kensington, 1992. 351 pages

Arab terrorists want to destroy a North Sea oil platform. A submarine about to be decommissioned is called back to save the day.

Prince, Peter (1942- )

The Great Circle. Random House, 1997. 332 pages

As the paddle steamer LAURENTIA makes her stately passage across the Atlantic from Boston, the passengers have 13 days before they reach England to form alliances, make enemies, and swindle, seduce and betray one another--all while upholding the strictest standards of 19th-century decorum.

Pullman, Philip (1946- )

La Belle Sauvage [The Book of Dust #1]. Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2017. 464 pages

The second half of the novel takes place on board a canoe in the flooded Thames valley.

Purves, Libby

Casting Off. Sceptre, 1995. 264 pages

The wife/crew/cook of a sailing couple suddenly takes off alone. She has to cope with some hairy conditions in the Channel as she gets to grips with whatever caused this behavioural aberration. Previously she was partner in a sedate tea shop.

Pye, Lloyd

Mismatch. Dell, 1998. 342 pages

A computer hacker teams up with the Soviets to attack the US. A US submarine must locate the Rusian boat.

Pyle, Howard (1853-1911)

Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates; fiction, fact & fancy concerning the buccaneers & marooners of the Spanish main: from the writing & pictures of Howard Pyle: compiled by Merle Johnson. Harper & Bros., 1921. 246 pages

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