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Nautical Fiction Index

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Subercaseaux, Benjamin (1902-1973)

Jemmy Button. Macmillan, 1952. 382 pages

Robert Fitz-Roy, captain of the H. M. S. Beagle, is fascinated by the untutored savages of Tierra del Fuego. Convinced that these natives could be civilized, he takes four - included the title character - back to England to educate them in a Christian manner. Translated from the original Spanish.





Sublette, C. M. [Clifford MacClellan] (1887-1939)

The Scarlet Cockerel: A Tale Wherein is Set Down a Record of the Strange and Exceptional Adventures of Blaise de Breault and Martin Belcastel in the New World, as Members of Expeditions Sent Out by the Great Coligny. Atlantic Monthly, 1925. 293 pages

Winner of the Charles Boardman Hawes [q.v.] memorial prize.





Surrey, Geroge S.

Adrift in the South Seas. Oxford University, 1923. 319 pages







Suthren, Victor J. H. (1942- )

Paul Gallant series:

  1. The Black Cockade: Paul Gallant's Louisbourg Command. Collins, 1977. 246 pages

    Based on the siege and capture of the French fortress of Louisburg in Nova Scotia during 1745 by a small force of British colonials supported by a fleet of merchantmen.




  3. A King's Ransom. Collins, 1981. 217 pages

    Gallant is sent to find a bejewelled statuette being sent to France by the Spanish to seal their alliance, and now lost. "Was LA NUESTRA SENORA DE LA CONCEPCION captured by the British? Was she lost in a storm? Or has she fallen prey to marauding pirates? Gallant's search leads him from the high seas to a British dungeon in Fort Louisbourg, from the arms of a beautiful Micmac squaw into a pitched battle with his greatest enemies. The fearless captain of the ECHO must overcome the treacherous waters of Louisbourg and match wits with the Royal Navy in his quest to retrieve the golden virgin. He is a brave and courageous navigator, but this is his greatest challenge. Whoever finds the statue rules the seas."


  5. In Perilous Seas. St. Martin's, 1983. 208 pages

    It's 1747 and Gallant is now captain of a frigate assigned to shepherd a convoy of merchantmen from the West Indies to France. "...evading privateers and the British Navy and guarding the person and dowry of Marianne de Poitrincourt, Marquise de Bezy. There is treachery in high and low places, and Marianne and dowry are taken hostage... Gallant once again lives up to his name, and against terrific odds (including a nasty Spanish noble, a vicious Dutch pirate, a British warship and the Carolina waters



Edward Mainwaring series:

  1. Royal Yankee. Hodder & Stoughton, 1987. 230 pages

    Edward Mainwaring, a provincial lieutenant in the Royal Navy, commands the six gun British schooner ATHENA in the Caribbean during Admiral Vernon's attack on Porto Bello in 1739.




  3. The Golden Galleon. Hodder & Stoughton, 1989. 192 pages

    Edward Mainwaring's adventures in 1741, as he takes a the sloop of war DIANA around Cape Horn chasing Spanish privateers and finds the fabled Manila Galleon.




  5. Admiral of Fear. Hodder & Stoughton, 1991. 192 pages

    Edward Mainwaring is sent to Toulon harbor to storm a French fortress.





  7. Captain Monsoon. St. Martin's, 1993. 220 pages

    Mainwaring as a captain in 1744. In command of the 44-gun ship PALLAS in action against the French off Mauritius. He is taken prisoner, but escapes and steals a flotilla of bizarre ships and attacks the enemy.





Swallow, Henry James (1869-1943)

Love while y maye: a romance of the rising in the North. Jarrold & Sons, 1907. 334 pages

Set on the Durham coast during the 1569-72 Catholic rebelion against Elisabeth I



Syers, William E.

The Seven : Navy Subchaser. Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1960. 373 pages

Young reservist Sam Chance is thrust too quickly into command, but soon faces up to the constant crises bearing down on him (including a hurricane) and earns the respect of his crew.






Szilagye, Robert J. and Monroe, Stanley C.

The Trident tragedy. Dell, 1983. 272 pages

Submarine adventure.




Mediterranean Manuever. Dell, 1984. 287 pages

The old carrier CORAL SEA is called back into action to help carry out a daring raid to steal secret electronic stuff from Russians.




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