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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Cha - Chu

Chalker, Jack L. (1944-2005)

The Devil's Voyage. Doubleday, 1981. 328 pages

The sinking of USS INDIANAPOLIS during WW II.




Challoner, Robert (1924-1986)

Jamaica Passage. Penguin, 1982. 435 pages

Piracy and passion in the 1820s aboard the 8 gun ARGO, fastest ship afloat.




Oakshott series

  1. Run Out the Guns. Century, 1984. 193 pages

    Commander Lord Charles Oakshott sallies forth to war. He faces not one enemy but three. France, newly at war with England in the aftermath of the Revolution. His ship, grimy, down-at- heel, and riddled with death watch beetle. And the third is his crew, mutinous and very low on morale.




  3. Give Fire! Century, 1986. 204 pages

    Lord Charles, having survived the French siege of Toulon, is assigned to carry a special British envoy aboard the sloop Daisy to Mameluke Egypt to try and thwart Napoleon's Oriental strategy. Calling at Naples, he meets Lady Emma Hamilton and her elderly husband Sir William, as well as the King and Queen of the Two Sicilies. After some unexpected scrapes, Oakshott finds himself witnessing the Battle of the Pyramids.



  5. Into Battle. Century, 1987. 214 pages

    In March 1800 Lord Charles Oakshott, commanding the 32 gun frigate Javelin, is serving in the squadron of Commodore Sir James Freakley off the coast of Denmark. In a storm Javelin and and the flagship ground but are saved by a Danish 84 gun ship Odense. During a subsequent mission to Russia he is imprisoned but escapes in time to rejoin the fleet and serve under William Bligh aboard Glatton at the Battle of Copenhagen.



Chalmers, Stephen (1880-1935)

The Vanishing Smuggler. Edward J. Clode, 1909. 286 pages

British revenue agents vs. plucky smugglers in the early 19th century


Chambers, Robert W. (1865-1933)

The Man They Hanged. D. Appleton, 1926. 416 pages

Argues that Captain Kidd was a pasty for the crimes of his aristocratic patrons





The Happy Parrot. D. Appleton, 1929. 344 pages

The hero is the captain of a slave ship. He thinks that the blacks are better off as slaves then they would be in Africa. A very disturbing book because of the matter of fact portrayal of the acceptance of slavery by almost all of the early 1800's society. It is hard to say if it was Chambers' intent to disturb and awaken or if he was just reporting the facts of history.



Chambers, Whitman (1896-1968)

Bright Star of Danger. Doubleday, Doran, 1940. 273 pages

Murder mystery in which the captain of a yacht goes overboard






Chambliss, W. C. (William C.) (1908-1975)

Boomerang. Harcourt, Brace, 1944. 87 pages

Wartime wish fulfillment of a captured Japanese destroyer used as a secret weapon against Nippon






Chamier, Captain Frederick, R.N. (1796-1870)

Ben Brace : The Last of Nelson's Agamemnons. R. Bentley, 1836. 3 volumes

A nautical biography of Horatio Nelson as seen by a sailor who has been with him since his midshipman days. There several interesting passages relating to Emma. Ben Brace is said to be modeled on Nelson's coxswain. After Nelson's death Ben retires to Greenwhich; marries and lives an interesting life eventualy becoming wealthy.




Arethusa : A Naval Story. R. Bentley, 1837. 3 volumes





The Life of A Sailor. R. Bentley, 1832. 3 volumes






Walsingham : the Gamester. H. Colburn, 1837. 3 volumes


Jack Adams, the mutineer. H. Colburn, 1838. 3 volumes

Also published as: Jack Adams, the mutiny on the Bounty.




The Spitfire : a Tale of the Sea. H. Colburn, 1840. 3 volumes





Tom Bowling: A Tale of the Sea. H. Colburn, 1841. 3 volumes

Ten year old Tom is rescued from a drunken pedlar and taken in hand by the Rev. Mr Monckton, whose daughter Susan teaches Tom the 3 R's. At age twelve Tom goes to sea, where his courage, zeal, and education attract the patronage of Nelson and Collingwood and lead to rapid advancement. He is post captain at 20, marries Susan, and finds that he is really the stolen son of a noble family. Tom serves through the Napoleonic wars, and dies as Admiral Sir Thomas Bowling, Governor of Greenwich Hospital. The story contains detailed accounts of many real actions, and first-hand descriptions of conditions in the Royal Navy. Supposedly based on the life of Captain Richard Bowen, 1761-1797, who was killed in the action at Teneriffe in which Nelson lost his arm.


The Perils of Beauty. H. Colburn, 1841. 3 volumes



Chanukoff, Lon (1893-1958)

Submarine Z-1. Citadel, 1960. 221 pages

Translation of די סובמארין Z-1 first published in 1932. Novel about a submarine disaster caused by a delusional captain which has trapped its crew in a battle for survival in a compartment at the bottom of the sea.




Charles, Robert [pseud. Robert Leader] (1938- )

Sea Vengeance. Hale, 1974. 192 pages

A freighter is hijacked by the Viet Cong and comes under attack by both US and Vietnamese fighter planes.





Charles, Theresa [pseud. Charles Swatridge (1896-1964) & Irene Maude Mossop Swatridge (1904-1988)]

The Ultimate Surrender. Hale, 1958. 161 pages






Charrier, Larry

Tidelines. Great Wave, 1994. 194 pages

Contemporary, small time commercial fishing in Southeast Alaska , British Columbia and the Northwest. based on the author's experiences.




Charters, Zelda Stewart

Barbary Brew: A Romantic Novel. Stackpole Sons, 1937. 361 pages

A young American physician is captured by Barbary pirates, held as a slave, and finds himself in a torrid romance in the King's harem. Charters' only novel






Chase, Mary Ellen (1887-1973)

Mary Peters. Macmillan, 1934. 377 pages

Autobiographical novel of a daughter of a Maine sea captain, who after fifteen years being brought up and educated on her father's vessel, settles in a little Maine village




Silas Crockett. Macmillan, 1935. 404 pages

Set in Maine covering the history of the Crockett family from 1830 to 1933, and the fate of each of the many Crocketts as they descended the scale from clipper ships to schooners, to coastwise steamers, to fishing smacks, to ferryboats.



The Edge of Darkness. W.W. Norton, 1957. 235 pages

Life in an isolated Maine fishing cove






Chase-Riboud, Barbara (1939- )

Echo of Lions. Morrow, 1989. 381 pages

Novel based on the AMISTAD incident in 1839, when a cargo of slaves captured the vessel they in which they were being transported.




Chastain, Madye Lee (1908-1989)

Magic Island. Harcourt, Brace & World, 1964. 189 pages

A voyage by clipper ship from New York to Barbados and an exciting winter spent there not only restore orphaned Angel Thorne to complete health but give her new friends and her own special place





Chatterton, E. (Edward) Keble (1878–1944)

Across the Seven Seas. Lippincott, 1933. 251 pages

Adventures of a 15 ton yacht through the Panama Canal.




Through Sea and Sky. Lippincott, 1929. 259 pages





In Great Waters. Lippincott, 1929. 282 pages





Scouts of the Sky: a Story of High Adventures through the Ages. Frederick Warne 1933. 255 pages

U.S. title The Sky Raiders.




Below the Surface: a Naval Novel. Hurst & Blackett, 1934. 286 pages

Novelization of a play by J.L.F. Hunt and H.G. Stoker.




Sea Spy: a Naval Novel. Hurst & Blackett, 1937. 287 pages





Secret Ship. Hurst & Blackett, 1939. 256 pages

German plans for a sneak attack on the British home fleet with an aircraft carrier disguised as a passenger liner are foiled by a plucky couple


Cheever, Henry P.

The Rival Brothers, or, The Corsair and Privateer. A tale of the last war. Gleason's Pub. Hall, 1845. 66 pages

The Witch of the Wave; or, The Rover's Captive : a story of adventure. Gleason's Pub. Hall, 1847. 100 pages


Chekhov, Anton (1860-1904)

At Sea - a Sailor's Story. Мирской толк. No. 40, October 29, 1883

Russian title: В море. Two rather dissolute sailors, father and son, win the "honor" of looking through two peepholes drilled into the wall of a cabin that happen to be occupied by honeymooners. Chekhov's first story published under his own name.


Cheney, Theodore A. Rees (1928-2008)

Day of Fate. Popham, 1981. 259 pages

Chinese get a copy of a US super sub and set out for Hudson Bay to destroy America.





Chester, M. Alan

Brother Captain : a novel reconstructing H.M.S. Roebuck's voyage to the South Seas in 1698/1701 under the command of William Dampier, formerly one of the buccaneering Brethren of the Coast. Davies, 1964. 259 pages

A dramatisation/fictionalised account of William Dampier's historically factual 1680s adventures in the Philippines, Sumatra, north coast of Australia and the Andaman Islands. Rollicking good tale full of blood and thunder. Reprinted in 1984 as The Cygnet Adventure





Chetwood, William R. [Rufus] ( -1766)

The voyages, Dangerous adventures And imminent escapes of Captain Richard Falconer: Containing The Laws, Customs, and Manners of the Indians in America; his Shipwrecks; his Marrying an Indian Wife; his narrow Escape from the Island of Dominico, &c. Intermix’d with The Voyages and Adventures of Thomas Randal, of Cork, Pilot; with his Shipwreck in the Baltick, being the only Man that escap’d: His being taken by the Indians of Virginia, &c. Written by Himself, now alive. W. Chetwood, 1720. 3 volumes

One of the earlier examples of British Sea fiction, influnced by Daniel Defoe


Chidsey, Donald Barr (1902-1981)

Stronghold. Doubleday, 1948. 343 pages

Action, color, romance and drama, set against the danger-filled days of the War of 1812.




Captain Adam. Crown, 1953. 318 pages

A Romantic tale of pirates, smugglers, war and love, in the day of Queen Anne. The Hero is a recently freed indentured servant, who became Captain of a trading ship plying between the Caribbean and Rhode Island.




Captain Crossbones. Ace, 1958. 191 pages

The pirate from Philadelphia and the wench from Gallow's End -- a swashbuckling novel of the Spanish Main.




Reluctant Cavalier. Crown, 1960. 287 pages

16th-century adventurer, embroiled in political intrigue between England and Spain, escapes to a life of further adventure on the high seas with Sir Frances Drake




Edge of Piracy. Crown, 1964. 284 pages

Set during the American Revolutionary War.




Legion of the Lost. Crown, 1967. 246 pages

Captain Kidd and Madagascar





Childers, Robert Erskine (1870-1922)

The Riddle of the Sands : a record of secret service recently achieved. Simth, Elder, 1903. 336 pages

Pre Great War yachtsmen find German military preparations. One of the Best. The classic adventure of cruising along the sand banks of the North Sea. Compare to Maurice Griffith's non- fiction books about the same areas.




Chipman, William P. [Pendleton] (1854-1937)

In Ship and Prison: a story of five years in the Continental Navy with Capatin Samuel Tucker. Saalfield, 1908. 357 pages






Two Yankee Middies: a story of the first cruise of an American squadron in 1775. A.L. Burt, 1904. 300 pages

Later editions have the title The Navy Boys Cruise to the Bahamas






Christensen, Willard R. (1921-2010)

Voyage No. 39. Vantage, 1951. 201 pages

A voyage on a tramp steamer "Sea Witch" exposes the threat of Soviet espionage and International Communism



Christopher, John [pseud. Samuel Youd] (1922-2012)

The White Voyage. Simon and Schuster, 1960. 212 pages

UK Title: The Long Voyage. Danish freighter-passenger vessel sailing from Dublin to Copenhagen experiences rudder and hatch failure during a storm on the North Sea. After the panicked crew abandons the ship during the height of the storm, the officers and passengers work together to survive an arctic shipwreck.




Chute, Arthur Hunt (1888-1929)

Mutiny of the Flying Spray. J. H. Sears, 1927. 308 pages

Grim tale of a clipper rounding The Horn. Serialized in Boy's Life




Far Gold. J. H. Sears, 1927. 307 pages

Sprott Gabereau makes his last excursion to the Southern Ocean as a sealer but his real motive is to find the treasure of the pirate Andrea Ferrara. Serialized in Argosy




The Crested Seas. J. H. Sears, 1928. 258 pages

Initiation adventures aboard a fishing boat. Serialized in Boy's Life







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