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Nautical Fiction Index

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Stevens, William Oliver (1878-1955) & Barclay, McKee (1869-1940)

The Young Privateersman. D. Appleton, 1910. 311 pages

During the War of 1812, three Baltimore lads are captured at sea and taken to Dartmoor Prison






Stevenson, Janet

Departure. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985. 333 pages

Novel about a 19th Century woman allowed to sail with her husband, captain of a merchant ship. She takes command after he falls gravely ill and, having learned navigation, gets the ship to the mouth of the Columbia River. Loosely based on an actual incident.






Stevenson, Robert Louis (1850-1894)

Treasure Island. Cassell, 1883. 292 pages

The classic grandaddy of all pirate stories. Jim Hawkins discovers a map to treasure on the Spanish Main. With the local squire and doctor, he sets out to recover the treasure -- only to discover they hired the pirates that originally buried it for the crew of their ship.




Kidnapped : being memoirs of the adventures of David Balfour in the year 1751. Cassell, 1886. 311 pages

David Balfour is kidnapped and shipped off in the brig COVENANT, but escapes and is shipwrecked.




St. Ives : being the adventures of a French prisoner in England. Scribners, 1896. 438 pages

Unfinished historical novel set during the Napoleonnic Wars recounting the adventures of the dashing Capitaine Jacques St. Ives, after his capture by the British.





Stevenson, Robert Louis (1850-1894) and Osbourne, Lloyd (1868-1947)

The Wrecker. Cassell, 1892. 427 pages

A wonderful mystery novel set in roughly 1880 or so, centering on the salvage rights to a wreck out on Midway Island. When the rights are auctioned in San Francisco, and an odd consortium bids far more than the wreck ought to be worth, Our Hero outbids them -- and then has to try to figure out what's so valuable about his wreck.



The Ebb-Tide : a trio and quartette. Heinemann, 1894. 327 pages

Some neer-do-wells steal a ship and discover an uncharted island on which a pearl fishery is operating. Set about 1890.






Stevenson, Robert Louis III

Torchlight. G.P. Putnam's, 1997. 290 pages

In 1917, a U-boat torpedoes an American cruiser making a secret voyage to England, which sinks in 250 feet off the coast of Rhode Island. On board the cruiser is a fortune in American Double Eagle twenty-dollar gold coins. These coins were to be used to keep the Russians in the war against Kaiser Bill. Today, a ruthless arms dealer with the very highest connections in Washington wants to use the treasure to buy nuclear weapons from the former USSR. He acquires the assistance of two ex-SEALS, who, unbeknown to him, are connected to American Intelligence! Throw in some romance and double crosses, but the realistic deep-water diving scenes are the centerpiece and most memorable parts of the novel.



Steward, Davenport (1913- )

Sail the Dark Tide. Tupper & Love, 1954. 310 pages

Blockade runners operatating out of Nassau during the Civil War.




Way of A Buccaneer. Dutton, 1956. 320 pages

English youth escapes from Spanish treachery when his father is killed and his ship stolen. He takes up with the maroons in Jamaica, grows into manhood, then gets captured and enslaved by the Spanish. After a long period he is liberated by buccaneers, joins Morgan's raid on Porto Bello, and becomes a buccaneer captain.



Caribbean Cavalier. Dutton, 1957. 253 pages

Professional soldier on his way to visit an ill brother in Georgia gets caught up in the opening of the War of Jenkins Ear. After escaping Spanish imprisonment, he seeks revenge by becoming a privateer.




Black Spice. Dutton, 1959. 255 pages

Learning the war with England is over in 1815, having a prize ship taken from him, Scott Rogers comes home to Charleston to find his wife dead and a baby son cared for by his in-laws. With the chance to head to the Orient to try for the pepper trade on Sumatra, he is off, with his own ship, his brother-in-law and Hosea Fox, of Massachusetts, as his right hands.




Stewart, Fred Mustard (1932-2007)

The Magnificent Savages. Forge, 1996. 383 pages

The illegitimate son of an American shipping magnate signs on to one of his father's clipper ships. Marked for murder by his half brother, he's saved by a missionary's daughter, only to be attacked by pirates & taken as a slave in China.





Stewart, James Arthur

That Wild Surge. Gibbs & Phillips, 1961. 256 pages

Published as James Meade. Semi-autobiographical novel about the vicissitudes of a half-caste Australian running a charter launch in Sava, Fiji. U.S. title The Branching Coral.





Stirling, Yates, jr. (1872-1948)

A United States Midshipman Afloat. Penn Publishing, 1908. 382 pages






A United States Misshipman in China. Penn Publishing, 1909. 346 pages






A United States Misshipman in the Philippines. Penn Publishing, 1910. 382 pages






A United States Midshipman in Japan. Penn Publishing, 1911. 396 pages






A United States Midshipman in the South Seas. Penn Publishing, 1913. 402 pages







Stockenberg, Antoinette

The Challenge and the Glory. Bantam, 1987. 547 pages

"Harlequin" style romance set around the America's Cup races.






Stockman, D. E.

Tween Sea and Shore

  1. The Ship’s Carpenter. Fireship, 2019. 219 pages






  3. Captains of the Renown. Fireship, 2021. 198 pages






  5. On Waves of Glory. Fireship, 2024. 326 pages







Stockton, Frank Richard (1834-1902)

The Adventures of Captain Horn. Cassell, 1895. 440 pages

A typical late 19th century adventure story, with 2 shipwrecks, Aztec gold, and a shootout with a murderous gang.




The Great Stone of Sardis. Harper & Brothers, 1898. 230 pages

Set in 1947 this futuristic novel recounts Arctic submarine exploration and a journey to the Earth's center.





Rudder Grange. Scribner's, 1879. 292 pages

The 1885 revision replaced the last section with two new chapters, setting up the sequels.





The Floating Prince and other Fairy Tales. Scribner's, 1881. 199 pages






The Casting Away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine. Century, 1886. 130 pages






The Dusantes: a sequel to 'The Casting Away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine'.Century, 1888. 150 pages






The Merry Chanter. Century, 1890. 192 pages






The Rudder Grangers Abroad, and other stories. Scribner's, 1891. 195 pages






The Clocks of Rondaine, and other stories. Scribner's, 1892. 174 pages






Pomona's Travels. Scribner's, 1894. 275 pages

A series of Letters to the Mistress of Rudder Grange from her former handmaiden.





Mrs. Cliff's Yacht. Scribner's, 1896. 314 pages

Sequel to The Adventures of Captain Horn. Mrs. Cliff buys a yacht and is besieged by pirates and clergymen.





Captain Chap: or, The Rolling Stones. Lippincott, 1897. 298 pages






Afield and Afloat. Scribner's, 1900. 422 pages






Kate Bonnet, The Romance of a Pirate's Daughter. D. Appleton, 1902. 420 pages






The Captain's Toll-Gate. D. Appleton, 1903. 359 pages







Stockwin, Julian (1944- )

The Kydd series

Based on real events from history, the story of one man’s journey from pressed man to Admiral in the Great Age of Fighting Sail.

  1. Kydd. Hodder & Stoughton, 2001. 440 pages

    Europe is ablaze with war. The British prime minister is under pressure to intimidate the French, and dispatches a Navy squadron to appear off the French coast. To man the ships, ordinary citizens must be press-ganged. Thomas Paine Kydd, a young wig-maker from Guildford, is seized and taken across country to be part of the crew of the ninety-eight-gun line-of-battle ship Duke William.



  3. Artemis. Hodder & Stoughton, 2002. 375 pages

    Thomas Paine Kydd's jubilation after a ferocious battle against the French is cut short when a family matter means he must return to Guildford. But the sea beckons irresistibly and he manages to ship out again in his beloved Artemis.




  5. Seaflower. Hodder & Stoughton, 2003. 344 pages

    England, 1794. Thomas Paine Kydd and the crew of shipwrecked sailors have returned to England for the court-martial of the sole surviving officer of Her Majesty's frigate Artemis. As a result, Kydd and his mate Nicholas Renzi are forcibly shipped off to the Caribbean.




  7. Mutiny. Hodder & Stoughton, 2003. 376 pages

    In 1797 Kydd joins the crew of the figate Bacchante in a mission to rescue a British diplomat mired in the hostilities of Napoleon's siege of Venice.




  9. Quarterdeck. Hodder & Stoughton, 2004. 329 pages

    Thomas Kydd was promoted to acting lieutenant at the Battle of Camperdown. Now, he must sit an examination to confirm his rank or face inglorious return before the mast. But this is only the first of many obstacles. Kydd is from humble origins and he must become a gentleman - or spend the rest of his career as a tarpaulin officer.




  11. Tenacious. Hodder & Stoughton, 2005. 346 pages

    Kydd is in Halifax when Tenacious is summoned to join Horatio Nelson on an urgent reconnaissance mission. However, Bonaparte evades the British ships, sailing towards Egypt, which holds the key to the route to India.




  13. Command. Hodder & Stoughton, 2006. 345 pages

    Kydd sails in his first command--the brig-sloop Teazer--to defend Malta against Barbary pirates. Soon peace is declared and Kydd is out of work. To make ends meet, he captains a convict ship to Australia. There, at the ends of the earth, his seamanship and humanity are tested to the limit.




  15. The Admiral's Daughter. Hodder & Stoughton, 2007. 361 pages

    Thomas Kydd and Nicholas Renzi return to England in 1803 after tumultuous episodes on the other side of the world to find England in peril of starvation and bankruptcy. Kydd is placed back in command of his beloved vessel, Teazer, but he barely has time to prep her for the sea when he is sent on an urgent mission. Smugglers, enemy privateers, and treacherous sea conditions await Kydd on his journey to northern France on the eve of war, but equally worrisome events are occurring ashore. A growing attachment to the admiral's daughter curbs Kydd's blissful reunion with Teazer and he is forced to make a terrible decision that may cause the end of his friendship with Renzi or the end of his naval career.


  17. Treachery. Hodder & Stoughton, 2008. 344 pages

    U.S. Title The Privateer's Revenge. Thomas Kydd has dragged himself up in the navy from press-ganged seaman to captain of his own ship. Now he faces disgrace. After offending a general and suffering a personal tragedy, Kydd is sent to guard the Channel Islands. His career is tatters, he then makes a terrible enemy on his own side. When he is brutally betrayed off the Normandy coast, only his old friend Renzi is willing to stick by him. Then Kydd is given an extraordinary opportunity to salvage his fortunes and return to the sea as captain of a privateer. But privateers are hated by the French - and the Royal Navy.


  19. Invasion. Hodder & Stoughton, 2009. 346 pages

    Rumors fly of Napoleon's planned invasion of England, and British naval commander Thomas Kydd is sent to liaise with American inventor, Robert Fulton, who has created "infernal machines" that can wreak mass destruction from a distance. Fulton believes that his inventions, namely the submarine and torpedo, will win the day for the power that possesses them, and Kydd must help him develop the devices. Despite his own scruples, believing that standing man-to-man is the only honorable way to fight, Kydd agrees to take part in the crucial testing of these weapons of mass destruction, which just may decide the fate of England.


  21. Victory. Hodder & Stoughton, 2010. 352 pages

    Commander Thomas Kydd is eager to play his part in thwarting Bonaparte's plans for the invasion of England. Joining Admiral Nelson's command, Kydd and his ship soon find themselves at the heart of the action that leads up to the famous clash of the mighty British and French fleets at Trafalgar. Kydd's journey takes him from false sightings of the enemy and dramatic chases across the Atlantic, to the bloody annihilation of the enemy during the actual battle, and the heroic aftermath.



  23. Conquest. Hodder & Stoughton, 2011. 340 pages

    Newly victorious at the Battle of Trafalgar, England now rules the seas and is free to colonize the furthest reaches of the world. Captain Thomas Kydd joins an expedition to take Dutch-held Cape Town, a strategic harbor that will give England a rich trade route to India. With enemies lurking on all sides, Kydd and his men must defend the fragile colony while braving Africa's vast and hostile hinterland. When Renzi learns too much about the enemy's plans, even Kydd may not be able to save him.



  25. Betrayal. Hodder & Stoughton, 2012. 384 pages

    Cape Colony is proving a tiresome assignment for Thomas Kydd's daring commander-in-chief Commodore Popham. Rumours that South America's Spanish colonies are in a ferment of popular unrest and of a treasure hoard of Spanish silver spur him to assemble a makeshift invasion fleet and launch a bold attack on the capital of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate, Buenos Aires.




  27. Caribbee. Hodder & Stoughton, 2013. 368 pages

    More than a decade ago, Thomas Kydd and Nicholas Renzi were in the Caribbean as sailors before the mast in the old Trajan. Now Kydd, a storied hero of Trafalgar, holds the glory of being Post-captain of the 32-gun frigate, L'Aurore. His almost unbelievable feat of self-advancement is the toast of his own crew... but the envy of others less blessed than he. After unremitting war a Caribbean posting seems a welcome respite. But, in addition to the balmy warmth and turquoise waters, Kydd and Renzi find themselves facing a familiar threat as the French imperil Britain's vital sugar trade. When more and more merchantmen begin vanishing from the sea, fear spreads. Before long, the sugar ships refuse to set sail at all. Now Kydd and Renzi must embark on a dangerous game of espionage, seamanship and breath-taking action in order to destroy this new and terrible danger to the Empire.


  29. Pasha. Hodder & Stoughton, 2014. 328 pages

    Kydd returns to sea and has just pulled off a daring reconnaissance into the inner harbour of Cadiz when he is summoned to urgently carry despatches to Admiral Louis in Malta. Word has come from the British ambassador Arbuthnot that the neutral Turks are being wooed by the French; if the ancient city of Constantinople falls into their hands Napoleon's route to India will be completely unfettered and his plans for world domination a reality. Concerned for his safety, Arbuthnot is demanding a large fleet presence to take him off and bring the Turks to their senses.


  31. Tyger. Hodder & Stoughton, 2015. 352 pages

    The greatest naval trial in the Georgian period is underway at Portsmouth with the court martial of Sir Home Popham, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd’s commanding officer in the doomed occupation of Buenos Aires. Kydd has some sympathy for Popham’s unauthorised action but his support for his former commander leaves him athwart some very influential people in the Admiralty. With his frigate L’Aurore unfit for sea, Kydd is given a commission that some hope will destroy his career. Tyger has recently mutinied but instead of having her company dispersed around the fleet as is customary, the ship is pressed into immediate service in the North Sea. Kydd faces a crew still under some malign influence.


  33. Inferno. Hodder & Stoughton, 2016. 448 pages

    1807. Captain Sir Thomas Kydd’s famous sea action aboard Tyger has snatched his reputation from ignominy. He is the hero of the hour. But though Britain’s Navy remains imperious, a succession of battles has seen Napoleon victorious on mainland Europe. In an attempt to prevent the French from taking control of Denmark’s navy, Kydd’s great friend Nicholas Renzi – now Lord Farndon – is sent on a desperate diplomatic mission to persuade the Danes to give up their fleet to Britain. But the Danes are caught between two implacable forces and will not yield, opting instead for the inferno of battle


  35. Persephone. Hodder & Stoughton, 2017. 416 pages

    November 1807. Captain Sir Thomas Kydd must sail to Lisbon to aid the Portuguese Royal Family’s evacuation in the face of Napoleon’s ruthless advance through Iberia. In the chaos of the threatened city an old passion is reawakened when he meets Persephone Lockwood, a beautiful and determined admiral’s daughter from his past. But the Royal Family’s destination is Brazil, Perspehone’s England, and it seems Kydd’s chance has gone again. Only later he discovers Persephone has another suitor – and that, if he wants to win her hand, he must enter the highest echelons of London society.


  37. The Baltic Prize. Hodder & Stoughton, 2017. 400 pages

    1808. Parted from his new bride, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is called away to join the Northern Expedition to Sweden, now Britain's only ally in the Baltic. Following the sudden declaration of war by Russia and with the consequent threat of the czar's great fleet in St Petersburg, the expedition must defend Britain's dearly-won freedom in those waters. However Kydd finds his popular fame as a frigate captain is a poisoned chalice; in the face of jealousy and envy from his fellow captains, the distrust of the commander-in-chief and the betrayal of friendship by a former brother-in-arms now made his subordinate, can he redeem his reputation?


  39. The Iberian Flame. Hodder & Stoughton, 2018. 432 pages

    1808. With the Peninsula in turmoil, Napoleon Bonaparte signs a treaty to dismember Portugal and put his brother, Joseph, on the throne of Spain. Meanwhile, Nicholas Renzi, the Lord Farndon, undertakes a deadly mission to stir up partisan unrest to disrupt this Napoleonic alliance with Spain. Thrust into the crucible of the uprising, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is dismayed to come up against an old foe from his past - now his superior and commander - who is determined to break him.



  41. A Sea of Gold. Hodder & Stoughton, 2019. 400 pages

    1809. After his heroic actions during the retreat to Corunna, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is the toast of London society. Here he falls in with the legendary frigate captain, Lord Thomas Cochrane. So begins a relationship, professional and personal, that will be unlike any that Kydd has known: a relationship that will lead him, almost simultaneously, to first glory, then ruin.




  43. To the Eastern Seas. Hodder & Stoughton, 2019. 432 pages

    With Bonaparte held to a stalemate in Europe, the race to empire is now resumed. Britain's ambitions turn to the Spice Islands, the Dutch East Indies, where Admiral Pellew has been sent to confront the enemy's vastly rich holdings in these tropical islands. Captain Sir Thomas Kydd joins reinforcements to snatch these for the British Crown.




  45. Balkan Glory. Hodder & Stoughton, 2021. 432 pages

    1811. The Adriatic, the ‘French Lake’, is now the most valuable territory Napoleon Bonaparte possesses. Captain Sir Thomas Kydd finds his glorious return to England cut short when the Admiralty summons him to lead a squadron of frigates into these waters to cause havoc and distress to the enemy.




  47. Thunderer. Hodder & Stoughton, 2022. 342 pages

    1812. Arriving back in England after his successes in the Adriatic, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is bestowed with honours. In London he’s greeted by the Prince Regent who, despite Kydd’s protestations that he’s happy with his present command, insists he be given a bigger ship – HMS Thunderer, a 74-gun ship of the line. But she’s old, and being part of a standing fleet Kydd’s chances of further fame and distinction are slim indeed.



  49. Yankee Mission. Hodder & Stoughton, 2022. 392 pages

    1812. Off the coast of Brazil, HMS Java, a proud British 38-gun frigate, is captured in battle by the American USS Constitution. Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is given a mission: engage the young republic in a fair fight, frigate against frigate, and restore the Navy’s reputation. And they have just the ship and crew for him…Tyger.




  51. Sea of Treason. Hodder & Stoughton, 2024. 432 pages

    Following his recovery after a savage wounding in America, Kydd returns to England to re-assume command of his ship-of-the-line, Thunderer, which is sent to the remote station of Bermuda.









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