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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Hom - Hou


The Odyssey. Demetrius Damilas, 1488-9. (Demetrius Chalcondyles, ed.) 440 pages

Odysseus and his crew have many adventures on the wine-dark sea on their way back from the Trojan Wars.






Homewood, Harry (1914-1984)

Final Harbor. McGraw-Hill, 1980. 372 pages

Submarine USS MAKO in action against the Japanese in WW II.




Silent Sea. McGraw-Hill, 1981. 354 pages

Submarine USS EELFISH in action against the Japanese in WW II -- a sequel to Final Harbor, with some of the same characters.




Torpedo. McGraw-Hill, 1982. 352 pages

Cold War confrontation between US and Soviet nuclear submarines after Soviets sink US Sub. Includes the same characters as Final Harbor and Silent Sea.




O God of Battles. W. Morrow, 1983. 359 pages

WW II Pacific epic, on, above, and below the sea.






Hoover, Thomas (1941- )

The Moghul. Doubleday, 1983. 473 pages

Captain Brian Hawksworth sails to India as an emissary of King James to the Great Moghul Jahangir and gets into battles with the Portuguese.




Caribbee. Doubleday, 1985. 396 pages

Barbados buccaneers battle British for independence.






Hope, Laura Lee [pseud. for The Stratemeyer Syndicate]

Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue on the Rolling Ocean. Grosset & Dunlap, 1925. 246 pages

Although Bunny Brown gets top billing in the title, little Sue is by no means a shadow character in this story and the girls will enjoy it as much as the boys. The Brown family embarks on a steamer passage to the West Indies and along the way experience a temporary marooning on a tropical isle, the discovery of a wild man, the saving of a shipwrecked mariner (the wild man) and a general good time by all. For young readers.




Hopkins, Gerard Manley (1844-1889)

"The Wreck of the Deutschland" in "Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins". Humphrey Milford, 1918. 124 pages

Poem about the wreck of a German packet steamer on the sands off the English coast, it's based on an actual wreck in the late Victorian era.





Hopkins, William John

The Clammer and the Submarine. Houghton Mifflin, 1917. 346 pages

The Clammer and his family duel with a German submarine off the U.S. East Coast.





She blows! : and Sparm at That!. Houghton Mifflin, 1922. 361 pages







Hoppe, Arthur Watterson (1925-2000)

Dreamboat. Doubleday, 1964. 255 pages

Comedy about a sailboat based in San Francisco.






Hopwood, Ronald Arthur (1868-1949)

The Old Way, And Other Poems. J. Murray, 1916. 62 pages







Horan, James D. (1914-1981)

Seek Out and Destroy. Crown, 1958. 302 pages

Aboard the Confederate commerce raider LEE in the dying days of the Civil War, as it wreaks havoc on the Yankee merchant fleet -- even after the war ends. Novel closely based on the exploits of the SHENANDOAH.





Horsley, David

Tinfish Running! : a thrilling and original World War II naval story. Brown, Watson, 1957. 158 pages

Torpedoes in the Wake. Brown, Watson, 1958. 157 pages

The Ocean, Their Grave. Brown, Watson, 1958. 158 pages

Vinegar Johnnie. Brown, Watson, 1958. 157 pages

Johnny Bates is the WW II corvette HMS DESBOROUGH's first lieutenant, who takes over command from his sick captain. While on convoy protection duties as part of an escort group she faces atrocious weather, never far from the Focke-Wolfe Condors and the U-boats, trying to pick up as many survivors from stricken ships as possible. The author seems to dwell on just seeing bits of bodies after explosions and suffering in general, which is probably what it was like! "Two swooping seagulls led the watchers to believe that human remains may....." Bates' step brother is a Swordfish pilot on a carrier and after being shot down is rescued by a U-boat but is reunited, under peculiar circumstances, with his brother - this tends to destroy the credibility of what started out as a good yarn.


The Decoys : a Killer-Hunt ... with the Famous L.R.D.G. Brown, Watson, 1959. 159 pages






Dive, Dive--DIVE! Brown, Watson, 1960. 159 pages







Horst, Karl

Sink the Ark Royal! Corgi, 1979. 205 pages






Caribbean Pirate. Corgi, 1980. 205 pages






Arctic Mutiny. Corgi, 1981. 174 pages







Hough, Henry Beetle (1896-1985)

Long Anchorage, a New Bedford Story. D. Appleton-Century, 1947. 300 pages

Novel about the whaling days of New Bedford.





The Port. Atheneum, 1963. 241 pages







Hough, Richard Alexander (1922-1999)

Archy Buller - Rod McLewin series

  1. Buller's Guns. Morrow, 1981. 297 pages

    Archy Buller, a rich officer, and Rod Maclewin, a poor enlisted man, serve in the Royal Navy in the 1880s-1890s, on the quarterdeck and fo'csle respectively, but get bound into firm friendship through action, despite the differences in class.




  3. Buller's Dreadnought. Morrow, 1982. 251 pages

    Early 20th century RN, including battle of Tsushima (between the Russian Baltic Fleet and the Japanese, where Buller and McLewin were observers.




  5. Buller's Victory. Morrow, 1984. 215 pages

    Archy Buller and his son fight WW I, including Cradock's defeat off Chile, von Spee's defeat at the Falklands and the battle of Jutland.






Hough, Robert

The Stowaway. Arcade, 2004. 232 pages

Aboard a container ship, three stowaways are put out in flimsy rafts by captain's orders as they are discovered. When a fourth stowaway is discovered by one crew member, he decides to protect the man from a similar fate and instead feeds him and keeps him hidden, endangering his own life and the lives of those who help him




The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan. House of Anansi, 2015. 305 pages

The year is 1664. Benny Wand, a young thief and board game hustler, is arrested in London for illegal gaming. Deported to the city of Port Royal, Jamaica--known as 'the wickedest city on earth'--Wand is forced by his depleted circumstances to join a raid by privateers on the Spanish city of Villahermosa. The mission is a perilous success, and Wand attracts the attention of the mission's leader, an up-and-coming Welsh seaman named Captain Henry Morgan, whose raids on Spanish strongholds are funded by the British government. While embarking on his campaign in the Caribbean, Morgan forms an unlikely friendship with Wand through their shared love of chess. Yet as Morgan becomes morally corrupted by the increasingly sordid attacks, he slowly transforms into Wand's greatest enemy. To defeat his former ally, Wand embarks of a strategic battle of withs with Morgan, only to discover that if he wants to break free of his friend, he's going to have to help him in the most savage and unexpected way possible



Hough, S. B. [Stanley Bennett] (1912-1998)

The Seas South. Hodder & Stoughton, 1953. 287 pages

"A novel of lawless adventure and romance at sea"






Household, Geoffrey (1900-1988)

Prisoner of the Indies. Bodley Head, 1967. 142 pages

The 15 year voyage of Miles Philips who signed on as a cabin boy with John Hawkins on a voyage to New Spain. There he chose to stay ashore with several comrades, to avoid the scurvy and starvation of ship life, preferring to face the perils of the Inquisition as an Englishman on sixteenth century Spanish soil







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