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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Mic - Mir

Michelsen, G. F. [pseud. George Foy (q.v.)]

Mettle. University Press of New England, 2007. 255 pages

Lorenzo Fuller is a Cape Cod-based seaman who has assumed command of a huge freighter carrying grain to ports along the east coast of Africa. Two complications surface immediately: the resistance of the crew to Lorenzo's "hard ass" management style and the fact that Lorenzo's son Dowie is a crew member, despite the owners' promise that they would never be assigned the same ship. Their relationship has deteriorated since Lorenzo's divorce from Dowie's mother.




Michener, James (1907-1997)

Tales of the South Pacific. Macmillan, 1947. 326 pages

Island life in WW II US navy.





Return to Paradise. Random House, 1951. 437 pages

Sequel to Tales of the South Pacific.





The Bridges of Toko-Ri. Random House, 1953. 146 pages

A US carrier task force operates off the coast of Korea during the "Police Action." The courage and professionalism of the flyers and sailors is contrasted with the uncertain, perhaps pointless, war.




Chesapeake. Random House, 1978. 865 pages

The four-hundred-year saga of America's Eastern Shore, from its Native American roots to the present. The central scene of Michener's historical novel is that section of Maryland's Eastern shore, hardly more than 10 miles square. To this point come the founders of families that will dominate the story. A panoramic narrative of human and animal life on Maryland's Eastern Shore focuses on a ten-square-mile area at the mouth of the Choptank River and the families that settle there, from 1583 to the present.



Caribbean. Random House, 1989. 672 pages

A fictional account of the history of the Caribbean area includes the racial, political, and economic struggles from the arrival of Columbus and Spanish control to present day problems.





Miers, Earl Schenck (1910-1972)

Pirate Chase. Colonial Williamsburg, 1965. 129 pages

Williamsberg youth gets captured by Blackbeard's ship, and is forced to serve with them or die. After escaping, he returns home, helps Virginia's Governor Spotswood to eliminate Blackbeard, and joins the expedition sent to fight the pirates.






Miéville, China (1972- )

The Scar. DelRey, 2002. 638 pages

Fantasy novel about Armada, a huge floating city, that is sailing to the edge of the world.






Miller, Drew

Seen from a Windmill: a Norfolk Broads revue. Heath Cranton, 1935. 236 pages







Miller, Helen Topping (1884-1960)

Dark Sails. Bobbs-Merrill, 1945. 256 pages

General Oglethorpe leads a group of English settlers to St. Simon's Island






Miller, John D.

Adventures Afloat. Adam & Charles Black, 1949. 204 pages

Napoleonic war naval action






Miller, Merle (1919-1986)

Island 49. T.Y. Crowell, 1945. 186 pages

WW II Pacific Theater action.






Miller, Sharon B.

Danger Aboard the Evening Star. Moody, 1974. 160 pages

Jeremy Cuffe signs on as a ship's boy on a whaler owned by one of his grandfather's friends to reach his father, who is a missionary in New Zealand. Along the way he encounters numerous adventures and learns to love the life of a whaler. For young adults.





Miller, Stanley B.

Mr Christian! : the journal of Fletcher Christian, former Lieutenant of His Majesty's Armed Vessel 'Bounty'. Macmillan, 1973. 342 pages







Miller, Warren Hastings (1876-1960)

Under the Admiral's Stars. D. Appleton, 1929. 250 pages







Minns, Steph

One Man Drowning. New Generation, 2009. 472 pages

Running away in 1762 from a dull life in fashionable Georgian Bath, Jesse Sunderland joins an ocean-going merchant ship. Just nineteen years old, naïve and keen for adventure in the expanding world where England rules the seas and dominates the colonies, he has to not only deal with the harshness of this life at sea but coming to terms with himself and essentially his homosexuality, a hanging offence by law in these times.





Mirvish, Robert F. (1921-2007)

The eternal voyagers. Sloane, 1953. 314 pages

Life, love and work in the merchant marines.





Red Sky at Midnight. William Sloane, 1955. 343 pages

Yet another novel about the trials of the Murmansk run during World War II.




Point of Impact. William Sloane, 1961. 312 pages

Heavily influenced by the Andrea Dorea sinking, the novel chronicles life aboard a great ocean liner until the moment it collides with a heavily laden oil tanker




Cleared Narvik 2000. A. Redman, 1962. 287 pages

A woman is torn between two men: her old flame - a disfigured sea captain - and his handsome and ambitious first mate.


The Last Capitalist. William Sloane, 1963. 320 pages

In Murmansk during the Great Patriotic War, 12 year old Dmitri, orphaned, discovers free trade, becomes secure in providing what people want by salvaging after bombings, gathers a cadre of youngsters around him -- and defies Russian authority.




There you are, but where are you? Dutton, 1964. 253 pages

Comedy of a third-rate ship that becomes part of the Merchant Marine during WW II.





Holy Loch William Sloane, 1964. 345 pages

Romantic entanglements between a remote Scottish village and the crew of a Polaris submarine stationed in the Firth.





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