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Nautical Fiction Index

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Sabatini, Rafael (1875-1950)

The Sea Hawk. M. Secker, 1915. 362 pages

An English renegade who becomes a Barbary corsair and preys on the Spanish -- and others -- in the Elizabethan era.




Captain Blood, his Odyssey. Grosset & Dunlap, 1922. 356 pages

For treating a wounded nobleman who participated in the Monmouth rebellion, Dr. Peter Blood is condemned and sold as a slave in the Carribean. Taking advantage of a Spanish raid on the island on which he is held, Blood captures the Spaniard's ship, and embarks on the carreer of a buccaneer. Good fun.



Captain Blood Returns. Houghton Mifflin, 1931. 296 pages

Short stories about Blood's adventures as a buccaneer captain. Also published under the title: The Chronicles of Captain Blood.




The Black Swan. Houghton Mifflin, 1932. 311 pages

Pirates versus buccaneers in the 17th century Caribbean.




The Fortunes of Captain Blood. Houghton Mifflin, 1936. 240 pages

More short stories about Blood's adventures as a buccaneer captain.




Columbus, a romance. Hutchinson, 1941. 304 pages

Depicts the life of Christopher Columbus at the Spanish court, his voyages across the Atlantic Ocean in which he discovered the Americas and his relationship with the mother of his second son Beatriz Enríquez de Arana, who he never married. Originally a screenplay.




A Century of Sea Stories. Hutchinson, 1935. 1024 pages







Sabin, Edwin L. [Legrand] (1870-1952)

Mississippi River Boy. J.B. Lippincott, 1932. 317 pages

In which Tony Lee takes to the water trail of ark and broadhorn, flat and keel and threshing steamboat down and up the blue Ohio and the mighty Mississippi in those days when the big rivers were the highways of commerce and adventure


Sadler, S. Whitechurch [Samuel Whitchurch] (?-1890)

Adventures of Marshall Vavasour, Midshipman. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1873. 160 pages

The African Cruiser: A midshipman's adventures on the West Coast. Henry S. King, 1873. 197 pages

The Slave-Dealer of the Coanza: A naval story. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1874. 127 pages

Perilous Seas and How Oriana Sailed Them, a naval romance. Marcus Ward, 1875. 298 pages

The Ship of Ice : a strange story of the polar seas. Marcus Ward, 1875. 279 pages

The Last Cruise of the Ariadne and What Befell Her Passenger. Marcus Ward, 1876. 300 pages

The Flag Lieutenant: a Story of the Slave Squadron. Marcus Ward, 1877. 1 volume

Slavers and Cruisers : a tale of the West Coast. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1881. 384 pages

Set during the Anglo-French campaign against slavers in the mid-19th century. Midshipman Claude Sefton, age 18, having two years experience in the Royal Navy, is put in command of a slaving schooner captured on the coast of Angola. Surviving attack by the slavers, sinking, and capture by African slave dealers, he displays courage and resourcefulness in re-capturing a British merchant vessel and rescuing his beautiful sister-in-law who happens to be aboard.

The Good Ship Barbara, a story of two brothers. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1882. 370 pages

Pirate's Creek: A story of treasure-quest. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1883. 318 pages

After the death of his father, a Naval Lieutenant, Harry Treverton sets off for London to seek aid from a relative.

The Adventurous Voyage of the "Polly," and Other Yarns. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1886. 320 pages


Safford, Henry Barnard (1883-1956)

Mr. Madison's War. Julian Messner, 1936. 316 pages

Historical nautical novel of the war of 1812





Tory Tavern. Penn, 1942. 389 pages

After being impressed in the British Navy for 3 years, a young man pretends to be a Tory while spying for the revolutionary cause


Sagon, Amyot

When George the Third was King. Sands, 1899. 347 pages

Smuggling off the Cornwall coast


Sahin, Ozgur K.

Brethren of the Spanish Main series:

  1. The Wrath of Brotherhood. self published, 2014. 414 pages

    First volume in a planned trilogy. After learning of his sister's death at the hands of pirates, successful merchant Captain Roy Toppings sails to the Caribbean on a misguided mission of vengeance against the man who failed to protect her: her Spanish widower, Pablo Francisco. In the climate of the Restoration-era Caribbean colonies, where scheming and stealth could yield a prize as readily as boldness and firepower, Roy's vendetta lands him and his small but talented privateer crew in the middle of political intrigue and a deadly invasion in the West Indies as the nations of Europe struggle to consolidate power in anticipation of new monarchs in England and France.


  3. True Colors. self published, 2019. 581 pages

    After thwarting a Spanish invasion, privateer Captain Roy Toppings finds himself face to face with the object of his misguided vendetta. However, details revealed in the aftermath of the battle and subsequent raids on weakened Spanish colonies shed new light on the circumstances of the death of Roy's beloved sister: someone is attacking French shipping as part of a conspiracy's larger design, and Constance may have been a casualty of their secrecy.




St. Leger, Hugh [Anthony] (1857-1925)

Sou'Wester and Sword : a story of Struggle on Sea and Land. Blackie, 1894. 320 pages






"Hallowe'en" Ahoy! or, Lost on the Crozet Islands. Blackie, 1896. 320 pages






An Ocean Outlaw : a story of Adventures in the Good Ship "Margaret". Blackie, 1897. 319 pages






Skeleton Reef : or, The Adventures of Jack Rollock. S.W. Partridge, 1897. 320 pages






The "Rover's" Quest : a story of Foam, Fire, and Fight. W. & R. Chambers, 1897. 270 pages






Shipmates : a story of Adventures in the Merchant Service. G.F. Browne, 1899. 384 pages







St. John, Henry

The Voyage of the "Avenger" in the Days of Dashing Drake. Jarrolds, 1898. 367 pages







Sale, Richard (1911-1993)

Not Too Narrow - Not Too Deep. Simon & Schuster, 1936. 240 pages

A group of escaped prisoners from a French penal colony take to the open water for liberation. Filmed in 1940.




Is a Ship Burning? Cassell, 1937. 260 pages

John Banion, communications officer aboard a luxury cruise ship, receives a telegraph message from another ship 40 miles away. The other ship sees a glow in the sky and asks if a ship is burning. As the passengers escape the burning vessel, the radio man etches their lives and stories and personalities in swift sketches. Sale later adapted and directed his novel in "Abandon Ship" (1957).



Destination Unknown. The World's Work, 1943. 110 pages

On a Dutch freighter, an American ichthyologist, his prehistoric fish fossil, and a beautiful blonde foil a fiendish Nazi plot. Serialized in Argosy in 1940. Reprinted in 1948 by Popular Library as Death at Sea.





Sallaska, Georgia [pseud. Georgia Myrle Miller] (1933- )

Three Ships and Three Kings. Doubleday, 1969. 382 pages

Hippolochus, Bellerphron, & Perseus






Sanders, Leonard (1929-2005)

Act of war : a novel of love and treason. Simon and Schuster, 1982. 396 pages

During World War II, former U-boat captain Walther Von Beck and Rachel, a German Jewess working for the Nazis to save her imprisoned family, carry out a plan to destroy the liner "Normandie" docked in New York.





Savage, Douglas

Incident in Mona Passage. Combined Books, 1994. 432 pages

A US sub conducts a top secret biowar experiment that goes wrong. The sub seeks a solution to the sickness as another sub stalks it.






Savage, Les (1922-1958)

Danger Rides the River : a frontier story. Five Star, 2002. 408 pages

Expanded from Silver Street Woman (Hanover House, 1954). Just a few years before the War of 1812, Natchez-Under-the-Hill rang with the cries of hawkers and harlots, the curses of brawling river boatmen and the clank of slave chains. It was a lusty and turbulent time on the mighty Mississippi. Owen Naylor and Charlotte Dumaine are united in their effort to put steam power on the river, an idea that threatens the traditional reign of the keelboats. They must pit their strength and will against the river's treachery and the men who are willing to fight steam with fire, violence and bloodshed. Against this backdrop is the dramatic Battle of New Orleans with the ragtag Americans under the command of Andrew Jackson-a handful of troops standing alone against thousands of British regulars poised to seize the city and control the Mississippi.



Saxton, Alexander Plaisted (1919-2012)

Bright Web in the Darkness. St. Martin's, 1958. 308 pages

In the wartime San Francisco Bay Area shipyards, African-American workers and white sympathizers challenge the union on its racial and gender bias






Schaill, William S. (1944- )

Cabot Station. Walker, 1990. 243 pages

Once central to the US Navy’s anti-submarine warning network, Cabot Station is now obsolete. Then, a mystery submarine is found abandoned nearby and Cabot’s 70 men and women are plunged into a bloodchilling battle for survival against time and the icy terrors of the merciless deep.




Seaglow. Dorchester, 1998. 360 pages

A Soviet submarine sinks off Puerto Rico during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Years later, Al Madeira is hired by the Russian Federation to salvage the sub because its experimental plutonium reactor is leaking radiation. Madeira finds himself caught between the US and Russian governments, the Russian Mob and Saddam Hussein.



The Wreck of Misericordia. Leisure, 1999. 358 pages

Cuban-American syndicate hires Al Madeira to salvage a rich treasure galleon. The syndicate says the recovered artifacts are for a Cuban Heritage museum but the Cuban government is convinced the treasure will be used to fund dissidents and will stop at nothing to destroy the operation.




MacHugh and the Faithless Pirate. Fireship, 2015. 320 pages

Robert MacHugh is a late 17th century Scots wine merchant and smuggler in New York who finds himself (not totally willingly) chasing pirates, perfidious French persons, angry Native Americans and others as a "favor" for a very powerful London power broker.




Death of a Siren. Chicago Review Press, 2016. 256 pages

In 1938, Frederick Freiman steals Pandora, his Uncle Alf’s boat, and sails away from New York for reasons he can’t tell anyone. Wandering the globe eventually brings him to the Galápagos Islands, where he’s greeted, minutes after making landfall, by the corpse of Baroness Ilsa von Arndt, an ax buried in her head. Frederick investigates her German chums to prove his innocence.




Schauwecker, Franz (1890-1964)

The Armoured Cruiser : a Naval Romance of the Great War. Massie, 1938. 318 pages

Translation of Der Panzerkreuzer: Kriegsfahrt, Kampf, und Untergang


Schenck, Hilbert. (1926-2013)

Wave Rider. Pocket Books, 1980. 237 pages

Collection of speculative nautical stories. Title short story is about a catamaran surfing some extremely high waves. "The Morphology of the Kirkham Wreck": A New England coastal rescue team creates alternative presents. "Three Days at the End of the World": Oceanic survey ship battles to forestall an ecological catastrophe. "Buoyant Ascent": an account of a rescue attempt of a sunken submarine.



At the Eye of the Ocean. Timescape, 1981. 224 pages

A young man in 19th century Cape Cod has an intuitive capacity to understand the inner shape of the ocean Under the Sea, which unveils to him a mystical enlightenment about the shape and outcome of human history. As a result, he and his wife almost become the messiahs of a new age.




A Rose for Armageddon. Timescape, 1982. 175 pages

A long ago love-affair between a mis-matched pair comes to fruition at the morphological heart of a Timeslip in the centre of an Island in the midst of the waters, leading to a form of liberation from (and possibly for) an Ecologically-degraded Near-Future world sliding into chaos.




Chronosequence. TOR, 1988. 314 pages

A small island off Martha's Vinyard contains a mystery from previous centuries whose solution involves the ocean, geography, time-slippage, an Alien presence, and, once again, the potential redemption of the world.





Schmeltzer, Kurt (1888-1972)

The Long Arctic Night. Oxford University Press, 1951. 194 pages

Account of Barents's expedition to Novaya Zemlya, 1596-97, told in the form of a contemporary account by one of the crew. Translation of Die Hutte im ewigen Eis






Schoonover, Lawrence L. (1906-1980)

The Gentle Infidel. Macmillan, 1950. 304 pages

The adventures of a Italian lad wrongly drafted into the Ottoman Janissaries during the reign of the sultan immediately before Mohammed the Conqueror. Has some very good descriptive material on the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The story of how the Sultan has his fleet carried over land into the Golden Horn, and why, is worth reading in itself, but there is more on the role of sea power. "...Very well written and an easy read." [LF]



The Revolutionary. Little, Brown, 1958. 495 pages

Yet another fictionalized bio of John Paul Jones.




Central Passage. W. Slone, 1962. 246 pages

Nuclear war blasts Panama to bits, opens a passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific.






Schultz, Kenneth D.

Albo Trilogy:

  1. Magellan's Navigator. self, 2016. 272 pages






  3. The King's Galley. self, 2019. 293 pages






  5. The Sultan's Galley. self, 2021. 260 pages










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