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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Ve - Vo

Vercel, Roger (1894-1957)

Tides of Mont St.-Michel. Random House, 1938. 305 pages

Translation of Sous le pied de l'archange.





Ride Out the Storm. Putnam, 1953. 470 pages

Translation of La fosse aux vents.






Verne, Jules (1828-1905)

Jules Verne's Twenty thousand leagues under the sea : the definitive unabridged edition based on the original French texts. Naval Institute Press, 1993. 392 pages

A new translation which corrects the many errors, mistranslations, and bogus additions of the English versions previously available and restores nearly a quarter of Verne's original text that was cut from that version of the adventures of Captain Nemo and his marvelous submarine NAUTILUS.



The Mysterious Island. Modern Library, 2001. 629 pages

A new translation. Five Union prisoners escaping in a balloon from the siege of Richmond set down on the shores of an uncharted island.




Captain Grant's Children or, In search of the castaways. Gloria Mundi, 2009. 379 pages

Lord Glenarvan, Scots aristocrat, liberal and owner of the big steam/sail yacht DUNCAN, finds in the sea a bottle with a document telling about a shipwreck that mentions the name of the ship's captain - Grant. Unfortunately, part of information related to the location of shipwreck was destroyed by the sea water and Glenarvan only could get the latitude: 37 degrees and some minutes. He also knew that it was the Southern Hemisphere. He gets familiar with the two children of the captain and decides to search their father, having many adventures on the way, including meeting a character who later plays a part in Verne's The Mysterious Island.



The extraordinary journeys : the adventures of Captain Hatteras. Oxford University Press, 2005. 402 pages

The novel, set in 1861, described adventures of British expedition led by Captain John Hatteras to the North Pole. Hatteras is convinced that the sea around the pole is not frozen and his obsession is to reach the place no matter what. Mutiny by the crew results in destruction of their ship but Hatteras, with a few men, continues on the expedition. On the shore of the island of "New America" he discovers the remains of a ship used by the previous expedition from the United States.



The Blockade Runners. Sampson Low, Marston & Co, 1891. 120 pages

The exploits of James Playfair who must break the Union blockade of the harbour of Charleston in South Carolina to trade supplies for cotton and, later in the book, to rescue the father of a young girl held prisoner by the Confederates. Verne's tale was inspired by reality as many ships were actually lost while acting as blockade runners in and around Charleston in the early eighteen sixties.




Verrill, Alpheus Hyatt (1871-1954)

Cruise of the Cormorant. H. Holt, 1915. 322 pages

Paul Rogers and his cousin accompany Paul's father when he delivers his yacht Cormorant to a new owner in Barbados.




The Deep Sea Hunters. D. Appleton, 1922. 241 pages

The old derelict sailing ship HECTOR is repaired and fitted out for a voyage to South Shetlands to obtain sea-elephant oil for the WW I war effort.




The Deep Sea Hunters in the frozen seas. D. Appleton, 1923. 262 pages





The Deep Sea Hunters in the South Seas. D. Appleton, 1924. 265 pages







Vidal, Gore (1925-2012)

Williwaw. E.P. Dutton, 1946. 222 pages

Storm in the Aleutian islands takes a tremendous physical and mental toll on a ship's company.






Villars, Elizabeth

The Normandie Affair. Doubleday, 1982. 319 pages

Life at sea on a 1935 sailing from New York to Southampton aboard the Normandie, most glamorous of the luxury liners.






Villiers, Alan (1903-1982)

Joey Goes to Sea. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1939. 66 pages

Joey the ginger cat went to sea with Alan Villiers on the ship Joseph Conrad. He was a kitten of great personality and his story is full of humor.





Whalers of the Midnight Sun : a story of modern whaling in the Antarctic. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1934. 285 pages

Children's sea story




And Not to Yield : a story of the Outward Bound School of adventure. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1953. 183 pages

Children's sea story




Great Sea Stories: A Seaman's Selection of Great Sea Stories. Dell, 1959. 255 pages

Contents: Youth / Joseph Conrad -- The reluctant hero / William Mcfee -- "Seventy-two days without a port" / Joshua Slocum -- Easting down / F.C. Hendry -- The captain of the Ullswater / Morley Roberts -- Ordeal / Angus Macdonald -- The boat journey / Sir Ernest Shackleton --The captains from Ilhavo / Alan Villiers -- A frigid reception / Sir James Bisset -- Christmas day on the high seas / Felix Riesenberg -- Skipper next to God /Jan de Hartog -- The advantages of seafaring / Kenneth Hardman -- First deck landing / Hugh Popham -- The character of the foe / Joseph Conrad.



Vignoles, Keith H.

Dick Burgess of Bosham. I. Harrap, 1976. 144 pages

Young Dick works for his father who mixes a bit of smuggling in with his fishing. They are ambushed by Custom officers but Dick manages to evade capture. French agents assisted by some locals are preparing for Napoleon's imminent invasion and Dick, at great risk, is able to help in unmasking traitors amongst the local community in 1803.




A Prisoner of Portchester. I. Harrap, 1977. 127 pages

Two French POWs escape from Portchester Castle (situated at the north end of Portsmouth Harbour) in 1808 and hope to use the long established escape route to return to France. Two young lads become involved when they discover a wounded man near their home.




Portsmouth Point. I. Harrap, 1984. 95 pages

A naval adventure set in 1814 with plenty of local interest thrown in - a young lad has no future ashore in Portsmouth and finds himself aboard a Royal Navy schooner, Dick Burgess (from the first novel) is a leading hand, and they are involved in an action against an American schooner off Ireland.





Visiak, E. H. [pseud. Edward Harold Physick] (1878-1972)

The Haunted Island: Being the History of an Adventure to an Island in the Remote South Seas: Of a Wizard There: of his Pirate Gang; his Treasure; his Combustible; His Skeleton Antic Lad: Of his Wisdom; of his Poesy; his Barbarous Cruelty; his Mighty Power: Of a Volcano on the Island: And of the Ghostly Terror. Elkin Mathews, 1910. 194 pages

Original subtitle A Pirate Romance


Medusa: A Story of Mystery, and Ecstasy, & Strange Horror. Victor Gollancz, 1933. 286 pages

Begins as a normal-seeming 19th century adventure at sea that climaxes into a literal pit of fantasy - a vast circular hole occupied by the eponymous sea monster which eats sexually aware men alive.


Volk, Gordon (1885-1962)

The Devil's Whirlpool. Skeffington & Son, 1928. 286 pages






The Sea Cave. Skeffington & Son, 1929. 287 pages






The Lighthouse Mystery. Skeffington & Son, 1930. 286 pages






The Green Ship. Skeffington & Son, 1931. 256 pages

The Isle of Men. Skeffington & Son, 1932. 286 pages

The Tideless Sea. Skeffington & Son, 1932. 288 pages






Thunder Island. Skeffington & Son, 1933. 288 pages

South of the Line. Skeffington & Son, 1934. 288 pages

Bamboo Bay. Skeffington & Son, 1934. 288 pages






Fifty-Fifty. Skeffington & Son, 1935. 287 pages

Cliffs of Sark. Skeffington & Son, 1936. 288 pages

In Brighton Waters. Skeffington & Son, 1936. 256 pages






The Lonely Shore. Skeffington & Son, 1937. 254 pages

The Zoo Ship. Skeffington & Son, 1938. 254 pages






Galleon Rock. Robert Hale, 1939. 280 pages

And the Deep Blue Sea. Stanley Paul, 1944. 176 pages

Gold Out of China. Stanley Paul, 1946. 167 pages

Cornish Crusoe. Stanley Paul, 1947. 199 pages

The "Maid of Sussex" : a Romance of the Sea. Stanley Paul, 1948. 208 pages






The Lobster Pot. Stanley Paul, 1949. 223 pages

Island Schooner. Stanley Paul, 1950. 208 pages



Vollmann, William T. (1959- )

The Rifles. Viking, 1994. 411 pages

Fictionalized recreation of the disastrous last voyage of Sir John Franklin with the bomb ketches EREBUS and TERROR in 1845 searching for the Northwest Passage. Volume six of the author's series "Seven Dreams: A Book of North American Landscapes" about the settlement of North America and the conflicts between natives and settlers.





Vondys, Horace (Editor)

Best Sea Stories from Bluebook. McBride, 1954. 359 pages

The Crowbar Captain / Joseph Patrick -- Freedom / Edwin L. Sabin -- The Yellow Ship / H. Bedford-Jones & L. B. Williams -- Offshore / Richard Howells Watkins -- Through Twelve-League Labyrinth / J. M. Reynolds & H. P. McCormack -- Owner’s Interest / Captain Dingle -- The Ship of Silence / Albert Richard Wetjen -- Thirteen Men / H. Bedford-Jones -- The Hurricane / Captain George Grant -- Prize Cargo / George Allan England -- Proved by the Sea / Jacland Marmur -- Fireboat Style / Captain Michael Gallister -- The Last Voyage of the Unsinkable “Sal” / Samuel Taylor -- The Uncertain Weapon / George Fielding Eliot



Vorhies, John Royal (1920-1993)

Pre-empt. H. Regnery, 1967. 220 pages

Done up in a series of reports, articles, tapes, letters and editorials, it traces the events leading to the impeachment of the President of the U.S. It all starts with a message from the S.S. Nathan Hale, a submarine with enough bombs aboard to make it the sixth nuclear power. Captain Hawk of the Hale, demands that all nations with atomic weapons turn them over to the control of an international committee and he emphasizes his point by launching first a bomb into a relatively unpopulated area in the U.S. hinterlands, then ditto into Russia. The hot lines sizzle as the world tries to track down the renegade sub. U.K. title: The Nathan Hale




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