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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Hamm - Har

Hammond, Marc

Fathom. Futura, 1978. 345 pages

The world's most sophisticated mini-sub is missing - along with a nuclear warhead.




Hammond, Ralph [pseud. Hammond Innes] (1913-1998)

Cocos Gold. Collins, 1950. 254 pages






Isle of Strangers. Collins, 1951. 251 pages

U.S. title: "Island of Peril". A boy's trip across the North Sea in search of his uncle during World War II.





Saracen's Tower. Collins, 1952. 189 pages

U.S. title "Cruise of Danger".







Hammond, William C. (1947- )

Culter Family Chonicles

  1. A Matter of Honor. Cumberland House, 2007. 311 pages

    A Massachusetts teenager who ships out with John Paul Jones to avenge the death of his beloved brother Will, taken by force by the Royal Navy and flogged to death aboard a king's ship. On the high seas, in England and in France, on the sugar islands of the Caribbean and the battlefield of Yorktown, Richard Cutler proves his mettle and wins the love -- and the allegiance to the infant republic -- of a beautiful English aristocrat from the arms of a young British sea officer named Horatio Nelson.



  3. For Love of Country. Naval Institute Press, 2010. 239 pages

    In the late 18th century, Richard Cutler attempts to both save his family from Barbary pirates and his one true love and her daughters from the guillotine during the French Revolution, with help from U.S. naval commander John Paul Jones along the way.




  5. The Power and the Glory. Naval Institute Press, 2011. 254 pages

    Set in the late 1790s during the Quasi- War with France, and featuring the adventures of the seafaring Cutler family of Hingham, Massachusetts, looks at the new American Navy during the Age of Fighting Sail.




  7. A Call to Arms. Naval Institute Press, 2012. 246 pages

    Set primarily in the Mediterranean Sea during the war against Tripoli, this novel includes business ventures that expand the Cutler commercial empire to the Orient. Richard Cutler has command of a frigate while his younger son Jamie serves as midshipman aboard USS Constitution under the command of Captain Edward Preble. Other naval heroes in the novel include Stephen Decatur, Richard Somers and Charles Stewart.



  9. How Dark the Night. Naval Institute Press, 2014. 213 pages

    Included are the Chesapeake vs Leopard affair, impressment of American sailors at sea by the Royal Navy, and the Embargo Act, a piece of legislation imposed by President Jefferson and Sevretary of State Madison that crippled American shipping companies, including Cutler & Sons, and nearly caused New England to secede from the Union. In addition to facing fierce trials and tribulations in the external environment, Richard Cutler and his family are forced to confront the heart-wrenching illness of a dearly beloved family member. Years Covered: 1805 to 1811.



  11. No Sacrifice Too Great. McBooks Press, 2022. 240 pages

    Chronicles the swashbuckling adventures of the Cutler family as the United States takes on Great Britain in the War of 1812. Richard Cutler and his two sons, William and James, serve in the US Navy, weak in number of ships but strong in experience and fighting-spirit. Battles in which the family participates include high seas drama between the USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere, fleet engagements on Lake Erie and Lake Champlain, the siege of Baltimore, and the epic Battle of New Orleans.



  13. To Distant Shores. McBooks Press, 2023. 312 pages

    As America entered the 1840s and began expanding its dominion over North America and opening lucrative overseas markets in Asia and elsewhere, all that was needed to secure its place in the world was an alliance with a like-minded nation with the naval resources to guarantee the integrity of global trade routes and the financial rewards accruing to both parties of such an alliance. Captain Richard Cutler commands the new United States steam frigate Suwannee on a mission to the South Seas to the distant shores of New Zealand.



Hancock, Harrie Irving (1868-1922)

Motor Boat Club series:

  1. The Motor Boat Club and the Wireless; or, The Dot, Dash and Dare Cruise. Henry Altemus, 1909. 256 pages





  3. The Motor Boat Club Off Long Island; or, A Daring Marine Game at Racing Speed. Henry Altemus, 1909. 252 pages





  5. The Motor Boat Club in Florida; or, Laying the ghost of Alligator Swamp. Henry Altemus, 1909. 250 pages





  7. The Motor Boat Club of the Kennebec : or, The secret of Smugglers' Island. Henry Altemus, 1909. 253 pages





  9. The Motor Boat Club at Nantucket; or, The mystery of the Dunstan heir. Henry Altemus, 1909. 256 pages





  11. The Motor Boat Club at the Golden Gate, or, A thrilling capture in the great fog. Henry Altemus, 1909. 212 pages





  13. The Motor Boat Club on the Great Lakes; or, The "Flying Dutchman" of the big fresh water. Henry Altemus, 1912. 252 pages





Hankins, John Walter

Cayman Gold. Writer's Club of America, 1997. 416 pages

High-ranking Nazis, using specially modified submarines, sumggle gold bullion to countries still friendly to Germany. One U-boat--along with its precious cargo--is sunk by a British destroyer, but not before discharging its secret cargo on an unknown island in the Carribean. Some fifty years later, the missing cache is discovered by an American family visiting the Cayman Islands. Their unexpected find leads to a murder, kidnapping, and the sudden convergence of foreign agents and Neo-Nazis to what had once been a peaceful island paradise.



Hanks, Douglas Jr.

Muskrat: A Surprise Bid for the America's Cup. the Author, 1987. 239 pages

A local favorite around the Chesapeake Bay. A group of "good ole boys" (spelled drunks) from the Eastern Shore of Maryland mount an America's Cup campaign in 1987 and take it to Australia. MUSKRAT is the name of their boat and in the town of Oxford, Maryland you can now buy MUSKRAT t-shirts and hats, and find a half-hull model of the boat on the wall of the local drinking establishment.




Hanley, James (1901-1985)

Half an eye : sea stories. The Bodley Head, 1937. 438 pages

The tale -- Jacob -- The swimmer -- Shadows before sunset -- Fog -- Greaser Anderson -- Victory -- Sitting Royal -- The storm -- Captain Cruickshank -- The old ship -- Stoker Haslett -- The sea -- Feud.




The Ocean. Morrow, 1941. 233 pages

Written for a time when a group of men were likely to find themselves adrift in a lifeboat with little chance of survival. A thoughtful study of human behaviour.




Sailor's Song. Nicholson & Watson, 1943. 204 pages

Another lifeboat story featuring an old English stoker and his memories of his past.






Harding, Duncan [pseud. Charles Henry Whiting] (1926-2007)

Tug of War : (December 22nd-December 31st 1941) . Futura, 1975. 190 pages

Adventures of a tugboat during an Arctic convoy in the mid-WW II period.




Flotilla Attack. Futura, 1976. 190 pages

HMS ROSE, a WW I-era destroyer, fights the Nazi invasion of Norway with a crew that believes her to be jinxed, and a First Lieutenant under a cloud because of the percieved cowardice of his father in WW I.




Torpedo Boat. Futura, 1976. 192 pages

Loosely based on the Royal Navy's involvement in Russia immediately after the Fist World War. Using two small but very fast torpedo boats, four British sailors attempt to put a British agent ashore in Petrograd. Petrograd is believed to be impregnable, and to make things even more complicated they are expected to sink a Soviet battleship on the way out!



Operation Chariot. Futura, 1977. 187 pages

A continuation of HMS ROSE's WW II service. Lamb, her erstwhile First Lieutenant, is now her captain. In spite of having the reputation as a jinxed ship her crew slowly become proud of her. In the attack by commandos and the destruction of the dock gates at St. Nazaire by by HMS CAMBELLTOWN, the ROSE is allocated the task of ensuring that E-boats do not prevent the escape of the survivors.




Hardy, Adam [pseud. Kenneth Bulmer (1921-2005) & Terry Harknett (1936- )]

George Abercrombie Fox series:

Napoleonic Wars adventures featuring an officer in the Royal Navy. Fairly standard, except that the brutal side to life in Nelson's navy is played up.

  1. The Press Gang. Pinnacle, 1973. 157 pages





  3. Prize Money. Pinnacle, 1974. 152 pages





  5. Savage Siege. (UK title: Siege). Pinnacle, 1974. 160 pages





  7. Treasure Map. (UK title: Treasure). Pinnacle, 1974. 155 pages





  9. Sailor's Blood. (UK title: Power Monkey). Pinnacle, 1974. 150 pages





  11. Sea of Gold. (UK title: Blood for Breakfast). Pinnacle, 1974. 151 pages





  13. Court Martial. Pinnacle, 1974. 151 pages





  15. Battle Smoke. Pinnacle, 1975. 152 pages





  17. Cut and Thrust. Pinnacle, 1975. 148 pages





  19. Boarder's Away. Pinnacle, 1975. 152 pages





  21. The Fireship. Pinnacle, 1976. 184 pages





  23. Blood Beach. New English Library, 1976. 110 pages





  25. Sea Flame. New English Library, 1976. 112 pages





  27. Close Quarters. New English Library, 1977. 128 pages






Strike force Falklands series:

  1. Operation Exocet. Futura, 1984. 158 pages





  3. Raider's Dawn. Futura, 1984. 160 pages





  5. Red Alert. Futura, 1984. 156 pages





  7. Recce Patrol. Futura, 1985. 158 pages





  9. Covert Op. Futura, 1985. 159 pages





  11. 'Ware Mines. Futura, 1985. 160 pages






Hardy, René

The Lost Sentinel. Doubleday, 1960. 223 pages

Translation of Sentinelle Perdue. Italian submarine Moro in the Med during WW II.




Harmuth, Robert

Up From the Deep. Graphic Enterprises, 1997. 197 pages

Compilation of SSG Class sea stories.




Harper, Richard

Greenland Passage. Leisure, 1981. 220 pages

It's May 1945 and U-boat commander Werner Reutemann is on an escape mission under the Arctic Ice through the Bering sea to Japan.




Harrigan, Stephen (1948- )

Aransas. Random House, 1980. 259 pages

A richly ambiguous story of self- discovery: an aimless ex-hippie is troubled by his training dophins to perform. Evokes the atmosphere of Aransas Pass (and Corpus Cristi, Texas) with detailed description. Worth a read.




Harris, John (1916-1991)

The Sea Shall Not Have Them. Hurst & Blackett, 1953. 256 pages

The title is the mottos of the Air/Sea Rescue High Speed launch Flotillas of the RAF. This is the heroic story of LAUNCH 7525, of four men lost in a rubber dinghy in the North Sea, and of those on shore and in the air who direct their destinies. The whole action takes place within forty-eight hours in the autumn of 1944. U.S. title: The Undaunted.




Close to the Wind. W. Sloane, 1956. 245 pages

Just a perfectly grand novel that blends a rare charm with the thrill of high seas adventure as it follows four people on a wild voyage through the tiny islands of the South Pacific. U.K. title: "Getaway".




Corporal Cotton's little war : a novel of the Aegean campaign 1941. Hutchinson, 1979. 287 pages

Set in the Spring of 1941 around the invasion of Greece... fast motor boat action to recover weapons and gold before the German hold on the Aegean is complete.




Harrison, Harry (1925-2012)

The QE2 Is Missing. TOR, 1980. 352 pages

The QE II is highjacked for a cargo of diamonds. Not SF, despite the author.





Stars & Stripes series

  1. Stars & Stripes Forever. Ballantine, 1998. 338 pages

    England joins the Confederates against the US during the American Civil War. Some naval action, with USN ironclads mixing it up with CSN ironclads and British wooden warships. WARRIOR gets her stuffing knocked out by a horde of monitors.




  3. Stars & Stripes in Peril. Del Rey, 2000. 336 pages

    Her Majesty's Navy unleashed an attack on American soil aimed at bolstering the Confederate cause. In retaliation Lincoln's top soldiers, including Lee and Sherman, plan the most daring naval invasion ever launched: an assault on British soil itself.




  5. Stars & Stripes Triumpant. Del Rey, 2003. 256 pages

    In England, Irish-born citizens are being herded into prison camps. On the high seas, a furious British Navy is seizing American cargo ships bound for Europe. And on the Thames, a new weapon of unparalleled destructive force is sailing toward an impregnable city–spearheaded by a daring act of espionage.




Harrison, Payne

Thunder of Erebus. Crown, 1991. 498 pages

USA and Russian confederation go on joint mission in Antarctica, detect a new power deep beneath the glaciers, and duke it out for control over and under the sea.




Hartley, L. P. (1895-1972)

The Boat. Doubleday, 1950. 450 pages

Timothy Casson has been requested to write about England to support the war effort. He rents a quiet county house in an English village - having chosen a house next to the river largely because of its boathouse. He has a passion for rowing and for boats, and has proudly brought his boat with him. But he discovers that the local gentry aren’t happy at the idea of disturbing the fishing, and the landowner - who also owns the river - has to decide whether or not to allow him his rowing.




Hartog, Jan de (1914-2002)

Tugboating series:

  1. Captain Jan : a story of ocean tugboats. Cleaver-Hume Press, 1952. 315 pages

    Originally published in Dutch as Holland's Glory. A young Dutchman rises from sailor to command in seagoing tugboats in the early years of the 20th century. He fights the sea and also a big company that is trying to monopolize the towing business by buying up all the smaller fleets and starving its crews to make a profit. De Hartog's first novel. Not as well written as his later work, but he does an excellent job of describing the seagoing tugs' work and the men who manned them. An instant and historic bestseller and a symbol of Dutch resistance; the German occupying forces banned the book in 1942 but it went on selling in large quantities in the underground market.


  3. The Captain. Atheneum, 1955. 434 pages

    Our Dutch hero now has his master's certificate for the big ocean-going tugs. The summer of 1940 finds him entering an RN school for foreign captains of rescue tugs. But his old boss, the mysterious robber-baron Mr Kwel, pulls strings, and has him yanked out to serve as job-captain of various ships of his remaining fleet of tugs. He mainly spells captains of the smaller tugs that are working local to the UK until the death of the famous and heroic Bok Mumble, captain of the largest tugboat in the Kwel fleet, who can be considered the Commodore of the Dutch tugboat fleet. It turns out that Kwel has been grooming our hero to replace the heroic Captain Bok. Unfortunately for Kwel he has just failed in his last attempt to hold this largest tug, the pride of his fleet, from convoy duty. The remaining two thirds of the book concern two voyages to Murmansk. Prior to his first Murmansk convoy he meets his old RN instructor at the school for tugboat captains, and asks him how his old class-mates are doing. He is shocked to learn that every single one of them has died in the line of duty.


  5. The Commodore: a novel of the sea. Harper & Row, 1986. 406 pages

    The "Captain", now 70, finds himself towing a giant oil rig to Singapore.






The Lost Sea. Harper, 1951. 153 pages

Memoirs of a ship's boy on the fleet of fishing boats that plied the Zuider Zee in the years before it was diked off from the ocean.




The Distant Shore, a story of the sea. Harper, 1952. 309 pages

Novel about a salvage ship plying the Mediterranean in the years immediately after WW II. Published in the U.K. in two volumes: Stella & The Distant Shore. When the first section filmed in 1958, Stella was also published separately as "The Key".




The Call of the Sea. Atheneum, 1966. 465 pages

Single volume collection of The Lost Sea, The Distant Shore, and A Sailor's Life.




The Trail of the Serpent. Harper & Row, 1983. 214 pages

Escape from the Japanese in Indonesia during WW II.




Star of Peace: a novel of the sea. Harper & Row, 1984. 376 pages

Aging freighter full of Jews flees Nazis.




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