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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Corb - Corn

Corbett, Julian Stafford (1854-1922)

For God and Gold. Macmillan, 1887. 427 pages

Sir Francis Drake in the West Indies.





A Business in Great Waters. Methuen, 1895. 361 pages

A naval story set in the 1790's when England is at war with France. Based around smuggling in late 18th Century Sussex it features the Quiberon Expedition (1795) and provides a detailed look at the state of the French navy after the Glorious First of June battle.


Corbett, W. Scott (1914-2006)

The Sea Fox. Thomas Y. Cowell, 1956. 244 pages

The Adventure of Cape Cod's most Colorful Rumrunner, Captain Manuel Zora.





Midshipman Cruise. Little, Brown, 1957. 248 pages

A tale of the US Naval Academy set against the background of a real cruise.





Danger Point: The Wreck of the Birkenhead. Little, Brown, 1962. 141 pages

The story of a British troop ship sinking off the Coast of Africa with 300 men aboard





Cutlass Island. Little, Brown, 1962. 151 pages

To solve the mystery of the caretaker's strange actions on Cutlass island off the New England Coast, Skip and Harvey were hired to live there. They knew about the island's museum filled with Civil War weapons but the fort was a surprise. Nor did they dream that in order to save their lives they would actually be firing weapons from the fort




One by Sea. Little, Brown, 1965. 182 pages

A boy takes a clipper ship from England to America in order to warn his sea captain father of a dangerous plot against him





Dead Before Docking. Little, Brown, 1972. 134 pages

A young boy accidentally discovers that a murder is planned on board his Panama-bound freighter. Who is the victim? Who is the killer? For young readers.





Captain Butcher's Body. Little, Brown, 1976. 168 pages

Two boys confront the ghost of a long-dead pirate on an island off the coast of New England. For young readers.






Corkum, Captain Alexander C.

Musings of a Mariner. Atlantic Printing Co., 1921. 110 pages

Privately published book of poems.






Corder, Eric (1941-2020) [pseud. Jerrold Mundis]

Slave Ship. McKay, 1969. 278 pages

Middle passage voyage aboard the slaver JUBILATION turns into a struggle between a journalist aboard to write an expose, and her power-crazed captain, with the slaves aboard looking for an opportunity to kill everyone and regain their freedom.





Corley, Edwin (1931-1981)

Sargasso. Doubleday, 1977. 259 pages

Apollo 19 splashes down in the Bermuda Triangle... with the three US astronauts missing. Spooky suspense novel.






Cornford, L. Cope [Leslie] (1867-1927)

Captain Jacobus : certain passages from the memoirs of Anthony Langford, gentleman: containing a particular account of his acquaintance with Captain Jacōbus, the notorious cavalier highwayman, Written by himself and now newly set forth [or rather, the whole written] by L. C. Cornford. Stone & Kimball, 1896. 285 pages





Sons of Adversity : a romance of Queen Eliabeth's time. Methuen, 1898. 309 pages






The Last Buccaneer. W. Heinemann, 1902. 318 pages






Parson Brand and Other Voyager's Tales. E. Grant Richards, 1906. 352 pages






Echoes from the Fleets. Williams & Norgate, 1914. 250 pages






The Lord High Admiral and Others. Williams & Norgate, 1915. 239 pages







Cornwell, Bernard (1944- )

Killer's Wake. Putnam, 1989. 317 pages

Also published as Sea Lord. John Rossendale, a sea gypsy, is called into action when he returns to England and becomes a reluctant player in a dangerous game of blackmail and ransom.





Wildtrack. Putnam, 1988. 320 pages

Nick Sandman won a Victoria Cross in the Falklands War, but his heroism cost him his marriage, his savings and two years in the hospital. Determined to start afresh, he plans to sail his beloved ketch Sycorax to New Zealand. But then he finds his boat beached, looted and rotting near his former home, now owned by media star Tony Bannister. To earn money to restore it, Nick agrees to captain Tony's yacht, Wildtrack, in a transatlantic race. Soon Nick is sucked into Tony's messy private life: Bannister may have been responsible for his wife's death, and her father is plotting to kill him. And now Nick is falling in love with Tony's mistress, Angela. Before long Nick finds his own life on the line as he battles human treachery and nature's storms on a mid-Atlantic "killing ground".


Crackdown. HarperCollins, 1990. 308 pages

Drug pirates stalk their victims in the treacherous waters of the Bahamas, then return to their fortress island of Murder Cay like primal sharks after a kill. Then along comes skipper Nicholas Breakspear with the son and daughter of a U.S. Senator. What should have been a simple de-tox cruise soon lurches into a voyage of terror and death when Breakspear is lured into a horrifying plot of cocaine, cash, and cold-blooded killings. Suddenly, he's racing through the shadowy kingdom of drug lords to save the woman he loves ... one step ahead of his own murder, and one step away from the big crackdown on Murder Cay.



Stormchild. HarperCollins, 1991. 358 pages

Yachtsman and boatbuilder Tim Blackburn embarks on a mission to rescue his daughter from suspected environmental terrorists in Patagonia. An American journalist looking for a story accompanies him.





Sharpe's Devil : Richard Sharpe and the Emperor, 1820-1821. HarperCollins, 1992. 280 pages

Lord Cochrane's adventures commanding the Chilean navy in the war of independence against Spain. Most action is ashore, but there is some at sea, and an interesting portrayal of Cochrane.





Sharpe's Trafalgar : Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805. HarperCollins, 2000. 276 pages

Sharpe's voyage home from India is interupted by the French warship Revenant. Soon, Sharpe finds himself caught up in the one of the greatest naval battles in British history.




Sharpe's Prey : Richard Sharpe and the expedition to Copenhagen, 1807. HarperCollins, 2002. 262 pages

It is 1807. Lieutenant Richard Sharpe, newly returned to England, now wants to leave the army. One last job is offered to him. Go to Copenhagen, help the Hon. John Lavisser deliver a bribe and so stop a war. It seems easy, but nothing is easy in a Europe stirred by French ambitions. The Danes possess a battle fleet that could replace every warship the French lost at Trafalgar, and Napoleon's forces are gathering to seize it. The British have to stop them, while the Danes, caught between two rival armies, insist on being neutral.




Cornwell, John

The Free & the Brave. Nordon, 1978. 319 pages

Young man caught bootlegging volunteers for the US Navy after Pearl Harbor to avoid jail, goes through boot training, and joins a 4-piper destroyer converted to a seaplane tender cruising the Caribbean and Pacific Coast in the opening days of the war. After the ship's alcohol-sodden commander dries up, the ship straightens out and becomes a hero ship in an action with a U-boat. Book ends with the protagonist entering flight school on the strength of the medal he's earned.







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