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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Dor - Doy

Dorling, Henry Taprell (Taffrail)

Pincher Martin, O.D : a story of the inner life of the Royal Navy. Chambers, 1916. 340 pages

Great War adventures.

A Little Ship. Chambers, 1918. 337 pages

A naval officer tells of his experiences at sea during World War I.

H.M.S. anonymous. H. Jenkins, 1920. 320 pages

Pirates. Hodder and Stoughton, 1929. 311 pages

An account of British gunboats tackling piracy in the Canton delta.

Endless Story : being an account of the work of the destroyers, flotilla-leaders, torpedo-boats and patrol boats in the great war. Hodder and Stoughton, 1931. 451 pages

Destroyers in WW I

Kerrell. Hodder and Stoughton, 1931. 319 pages

First lieutenant of a destroyer in action in the North Sea and with the Dover Patrol in WW I. Good substantial naval action story.

Cypher K. Hodder and Stoughton, 1932. 315 pages

A book for older boys, The latest cypher is stolen from a RN cruiser and a retired naval officer in his sailing yacht manages to retrieve it.

The Scarlet Stripe : being the adventures of a naval surgeon. Hodder and Stoughton, 1932. 310 pages

Naval surgeon adrift in life-boat with 22 men after their Q ship is sunk by U-boat in WW I.

Dover-Ostend : A cross-channel thriller. Hodder and Stoughton, 1933. 351 pages

Piracy in the English Channel is resolved by a naval officer. Included are charts so the reader can follow the action which involves lots of coastal cruising aboard the officer's yacht.

Seventy North. Hodder and Stoughton, 1934. 319 pages

Plenty of statistics and social history are interestingly incorporated into a readable story involving a Hull trawler fishing in the arctic prior to WW II. Although written in the style of the day, reading the book now graphically illustrates how the importance and impact of fishing on the community has been eroded today.

Second Officer. Hodder and Stoughton, 1935. 310 pages

Gives the reader an accurate picture of the pleasant side of life in the Merchant Navy of the day. Large general cargo ships voyage London - Panama - Pacific to New Zealand with adventures on the way.

Mid-Atlantic. Hodder and Stoughton, 1936. 318 pages

With this story the author takes up the cudgels on behalf of the merchant seamen of Great Britain during the Depression. Sailing aboard an ill-found tramp the unfailing courage and heroic tenacity of her people fail to save her after steering failure in severe weather. Plenty of technical, social and background detail.

Operation 'M.O.' Hodder and Stoughton, 1938. 228 pages

Naval Intelligence track down and recover stolen state secrets, with the aid of the Royal Navy, from a merchantman off the Danish coast in this pre-war spy thriller. Really only 25% nautical.

Fred Travis A.B. Hodder and Stoughton, 1939. 336 pages

Naval action off the Spanish coast during the Spanish Civil War.

Chenies. Hodder and Stoughton, 1943. 282 pages

Two serving officers of the above name in the Royal Navy in the early years of WW2. Destroyer patrol, convoy duties, bad weather, U-boats and torpedoed ships combine to make a patriotic yarn. As the blurb says, Taffrail's first novel of the navy in action in WW2.

Eurydice. Hodder and Stoughton, 1953. 286 pages

The Royal Navy destroyer HMS EURYDICE, badly damaged and only just afloat, survives the battle of the Java Sea and by evading the omnipresent Japanese Navy, survives to seek shelter at a small island in the Japanese dominated Eastern Archipelago. She can not remain undisturbed for long and the story unfolds with the attention to detail one expects from this author.

Arctic Convoy. Hodder and Stoughton, 1956. 315 pages

A story strongly based on fact. The Arctic convoys to North Russia from the perspective of a young officer serving in a destroyer.

Naval Sketches and Stories:

  1. Carry On! C.A. Pearson, 1916. 122 pages
  2. Stand By! C.A. Pearson, 1916. 120 pages
  3. Off Shore. C.A. Pearson, 1917. 121 pages
  4. Sea, Spray and Spindrift. C.A. Pearson, 1917. 159 pages
  5. Minor Operations. C.A. Pearson, 1917. 120 pages
  6. The Watch Below. C.A. Pearson, 1918. 121 pages

Dorris, Michael and Erdrich, Louise

The Crown of Columbus. HarperCollins, 1991. 382 pages

An anthropologist discovers Columbus' lost diary and reference to "the greatest treasure of Europe", so it's off to the Caribbean.

Doss, Vernon L.

Survival. Tower, 1981. 285 pages

Teenage farmboy joins the Navy, and sees the Pacific -- if not the world -- aboard a DE and the PENSACOLA during World War II. Covers his entire career from boot camp to post-war discharge. Despite the downer title, an upbeat book.

Douglass, Keith (house pseud.)

Carrier series

  1. Carrier. Jove, 1991. 325 pages

    Commonwealth of Independent States (ex USSR) shatters, so the US carrier JEFFERSON is sent to Russian waters to prevent the deployment of Russian Typhoon submarines.

  2. Viper Strike. Jove, 1991. 329 pages

  3. Armageddon Mode. Jove, 1992. 332 pages

  4. Flame-Out. Jove, 1992. 330 pages

  5. Maelstrom. Jove, 1993. 328 pages

  6. Countdown. Jove, 1994. 331 pages

  7. After Burn. Jove, 1996. 327 pages

  8. Alpha Strike. Jove, 1997. 329 pages

  9. Arctic Fire. Jove, 1998. 329 pages

  10. Arsenal. Jove, 1998. 358 pages

  11. Nuke Zone. Jove, 1998. 312 pages

  12. Chain of Command. Jove, 1999 pages

  13. Brink of War. Jove, 1999. 313 pages

  14. Typhoon Season. Jove, 2000. 282 pages

  15. Enemies. Jove, 2000. 281 pages

  16. Joint Operations. Jove, 2000. 288 pages

    When China makes a surprise attack on U.S. soil, Tombstone and his Carrier fleet work with the SEALs in an explosive battle to regain control.

  17. The Art of War. Jove, 2001. 262 pages

  18. Island Warriors. Jove, 2001. 281 pages

  19. First Strike. Jove, 2002. 263 pages

  20. Hellfire. Jove, 2002. 286 pages

  21. Terror at Dawn. Jove, 2003. 226 pages

  22. Final Justice. Jove, 2004. 279 pages

  23. Last Stand. Jove, 2006. 308 pages

    When a group of modern-day Japanese samurai begins an assault on the high seas, the only force standing between them and total victory is the might of Carrier Battle Group Fourteen.

Seal Team Seven series

  1. Seal Team Seven. Berkley, 1994. 328 pages

    SEAL team seven is called in when a group of fanatics decide to poison a continent.

  2. Specter. Berkley, 1995. 296 pages

  3. Nucflash. Berkley, 1996. 294 pages

    USN Seals deal with nukes, offshore platforms and psychotic renegades.

  4. Direct Action. Berkley, 1997. 282 pages

  5. Firestorm. Berkley, 1997. 292 pages

    The first mission is simple. Lieutenant Blake Murdock and his SEALs must infiltrate a Chinese beach house and acquire top secret information from CIA informant.

  6. Battleground. Berkley, 1998. 278 pages

  7. Deathrace. Berkley, 1999. 308 pages

    When Iran starts building nuclear devices, it's up to Lt. Blake Murdock and his SEALs to stop them.

  8. Pacific Siege. Berkley, 1999. 296 pages

    Following World War II, Japan returns one of its northern islands to Russia; now Japanese General Nishikawa decides he wants it back. After he and his troops capture the Russian military post on the island and threaten to kill the Russian garrison, Japan is left helpless. They don't want to open fire on their own troops, but they have to do something before Russia retaliates. And Russia is not happy.<

  9. War Cry. Berkley, 1999. 289 pages

  10. Frontal Assault. Berkley, 2000. 294 pages

  11. Flashpoint. Berkley, 2000. 307 pages

  12. Tropical Terror. Berkley, 2000. 287 pages

  13. Bloodstorm. Berkley, 2001. 258 pages

  14. Deathblow. Berkley, 2001. 290 pages

    SEAL team seven is called in when it is learned that the Chinese are planning to occupy Pakistan and taking their oil reserves.

  15. Ambush. Berkley, 2001. 287 pages

    Seal team seven must save sixty tourists taken for ransom in the Philippines.

  16. Counterfire. Berkley, 2002. 292 pages

    Seal tem seven is called in when a bomb threat is called into London demanding that all civilians and military are removed from the West Bank.

  17. Payback. Berkley, 2002. 288 pages

    Crossover with the author's CARRIER series.

  18. Deadly Force. Berkley, 2002 pages

  19. Field of Fire. Berkley, 2003. 304 pages

  20. Attack Mode. Berkley, 2003. 291 pages

  21. Hostile Fire. Berkley, 2004. 293 pages

  22. Under Siege. Berkley, 2005. 321 pages

    When the First Lady is abducted by terrorists, the President knows only one man tough enough to handle the situation. Now, Lieutenant Commander Blake Murdock and his SEALs are going to pay the kidnappers a different kind of ransom--in blood.

Dowdell, Del

Torpedo Alley. Windsor, 1988. 414 pages

The US sub POCATELLO chases the Russian supersub SUSLOV which is carrying stolen secrets that could render the US Navy defenseless.

Dowling, Sherwood

Submarine Chums series

  1. The Cruise of the Gray Whale. D. Appleton, 1914. 215 pages

    Adventures of a group of young boys in a home-made submarine. The first discovery of the submarine and the chums' first adventures. These are not without peril, and the stories' real moral lies in the clear-headed, and innovative way the young hero saves the lives of his companions and extricates them from danger. Nothing fantastic or unbelievable, just good common sense, some simple basic physics and the hard lesson learned that things that appear to be dangerous, probably are, and that adults should probably be consulted first!

  2. Gray Whale - Warship. D. Appleton, 1914. 194 pages

  3. The Gray Whale - Flagship. D. Appleton, 1915. 184 pages

    More adventures of the Submarine Chums but now with two subs! They decide to go into business carrying passengers on submerged tours, but obviously, since this is a boy's book series, much trouble ensues with bad guys (and good guys) galore.

  4. Gray Whale Derelict. D. Appleton, 1915. 168 pages

Downey, Bill

Black Viking. Fawcett Gold Medal, 1981. 316 pages

Gunnar Black Wolf, son of a Viking lord and a Moorish slave, grows up as one of the chosen of Odin and the companion of prince Harald Finehair. He returns home from fun and freebooting to find his adoptive parents, wife, and child dead, and vows vengance against their slayer. In the course of this quest, he becomes outlawed and is driven to lead a mighty raid against the Franks.

Dowswell, Paul (1957- )

Sam Witchall series

  1. Powder Monkey. Bloomsbury, 2005. 275 pages

    Thirteen-year-old Sam endures harsh conditions, battles, and a shipwreck after being pressed into service aboard the HMS Miranda during the Napoleonic Wars.

  2. Prison Ship. Bloomsbury, 2006. 313 pages

    After being framed for cowardice in a sea battle, fifteen-year-old Sam and his friend Richard are sent to Australia, where they must fight for their lives in the outback.

  3. Battle Fleet. Bloomsbury, 2007. 290 pages

    Having escaped death in Australia, Sam endures a dangerous sea voyage back to England, where he rejoins the Navy and becomes midshipman on the Victory as it prepares for the Battle of Trafalgar.

Doyle, Arthur Conan (1859- 1930)

The Dealings of Captain Sharkey, and other tales of pirates. George H. Doran , 1919. 260 pages

Four stories about Captain Sharkey: How the governor of Saint Kitt's came home -- The dealings of Captain Sharkey with Stephen Craddock -- The blighting of Sharkey -- How Copley Banks slew Captain Sharkey.
Other nautical related stories: "The Captain of the Pole-Star" is about the mysterious and untimely end of Nicholas Craigie, the captain of the ship called The Polestar, as recorded by the ship's doctor in his diary. "J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement" is an explanation of the disappearance of the crew from Mary Celeste, here called the Marie Celeste. "That Little Square Box" takes place on a ship, where a gentleman overhears two passengers talking about a box with a trigger.
The other stories are: The "Slapping Sal" -- A pirate of the land (One crowded hour) -- Tales of blue water: The striped chest -- The fiend of the cooperage -- Jelland's voyage.

Uncollected stories : the unknown Conan Doyle. Doubleday, 1982. 456 pages

Maritime related fiction: The fate of the Evangeline -- Touch and go : a midshipman's story -- A true story of the tragedy of Flowery Land -- The recollections of Captain Wilkie -- The Death Voyage.

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