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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors I

Icenhower, Joseph Bryan

Mr. Midshipman Murdock and the Barbary Pirates. Winston, 1956. 179 pages

Little Jim Murdock joins the USS LIBERTY, 44, sister to the frigate UNITED STATES and sails to the Mediterranean. Definitely for a younger audience.

Submarine rendezvous; Pacific adventure in World War II. Winston, 1957. 182 pages

Three youths must get a scientist away from Manila during the Japanese invasion.

Mr. Murdock Takes Command : a story of pirates and rebellion in Haiti. Winston, 1958. 173 pages

Midshipman Murdock is made prize master of a ship captured from one faction in the Haitian Rebellion, but gets captured in turn by his captives. When his captors are about to be run out of the town in which he is held, Murdock -- with the beautiful daughter of a French emigre in tow -- escapes just before the Haitians massacre the prisoners, and captures his captor in turn. Set in the 1790s.

Innes, Hammond (1913-1998)

Wreckers Must Breathe. Wm. Collins, 1940. 251 pages

A U-boat hiding out in a cave in the Cornish cliffs during WW II. U.S. title: Trapped.

Maddon's Rock. Pan Books Ltd., 1947. 218 pages

Mystery, adventure, treasure and salvage on the North Sea in 1945.

The Survivors. Harper, 1949. 276 pages

UK title: The White South. Adventurer and Norwegian girl go on whaling expedition to Antarctica to investigate the mysterious death of her father. Filmed as HELL BELOW ZERO.

Cruise of Danger. Westminister, 1952. 241 pages

The Wreck of the Mary Deare. Knopf, 1956. 276 pages

Salvage tug finds liberty ship adrift in the English Channel with only her captain aboard.

Atlantic Fury. Knopf, 1962. 308 pages

Evacuation of missile tracking station on island west of the Hebrides goes awry. The Royal Artillery at sea!

The Strode Venturer. Knopf, 1965. 338 pages

A new island appears in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. The head of a shipping company tries to help the local people but a terrifying crash at sea jeopardizes more than those hopes.

North Star. Knopf, 1974. 334 pages

Drifting North Sea oil rig in a hurricane.

The Last Voyage: Captain Cook's Lost Diary. Knopf, 1979. 243 pages

Solomon's Seal. Knopf, 1980. 340 pages

Philately and fraud in the South Seas, mixed up with independence in Papua New Guinea and Bouganville and an old colonial trading house.

The Black Tide. Knopf, 1982. 368 pages

The Petros Jupiter is lying wrecked off the coast of Land's End. The tanker is spewing oil, and it only takes a week before the first oil-soaked birds begin to come ashore. Trevor Rodin's wife believes they have to fight back. She takes matters into her own hands and the result sends Rodin to sea to search for the truth about the wreck of the Petros Jupiter.

Medusa. Atheneum, 1988. 350 pages

HMS Medusa is an obsolete frigate with an ill-assorted crew and an insecure captain, yet it is dispatched under secret orders to be a sitting target in one of the most vital ports of the Mediterranean to cope with modern gunrunners and terrorists.

Isvik. St Marin's, 1991. 319 pages

An old wooden ship, with only the stumps of its masts, the helmsman frozen to the wheel, all coated in ice, is sighted in the Antarctic. Could a ship remain locked in the ice for centuries, or was there a more sinister secret?

Innis, W. Joe, and Bunton, William

In Pursuit of the Awa Maru. Bantam, 1980. 274 pages

"Docudrama" fictionalization of the events leading to the torpedoing of the AWA MARU by a USN Submarine during WW II. The AWA MARU was a mercy ship carrying illegal war materials, but guaranteed safe passage. This book mixes fact and fiction liberally, making it difficult to establish which are which.

Irvine, A. T.

Submarine Captain. Anchor, 1985. 212 pages

Iverson, Marc

Persian Horse. Orion Books, 1991. 326 pages

In the Persian Gulf, Iranian commandos storm the frigate USS BULKELEY, kill the captain, take over the ship. But a handful of sailors elude capture and try to take the ship back.

Fire Storm. Orion Books, 1992. 354 pages

When Shining Path guerrillas launch a revolution in Peru, American Special Forces troops and Drug Enforcement Agency operatives stationed at two small bases in the Andes become specific targets of the uprising. Back in Washington, a determined president, his hard-nosed female national security adviser and a host of cabinet officers, generals and admirals hit upon the idea of using the soon-to-be mothballed USS Missouri to effect a rescue.

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