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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Gla - Gyl

Gladd, Arthur Anthony (1913- )

Galleys East! Dodd, Mead, 1961. 270 pages

Greek-Venetian lad, forced to become a sponge fisher after his father's disappearance, meets Miguel de Cervantes, finds Barbarossa's treasure, gets shipwrecked by a storm, captured by the Turks, and forced to become a galley slave. Escaping from the Turks, he goes to the Holy League fleet camped outside of Lepanto, warns them of a Turkish trap, and fights at the battle of Lepanto alongside Cervantes, rescuing his father and restoring the family fortune. Seems more plausible as you read the story, than when you encapsulate it.

Glanzman, Sam

A Sailor's Story. Marvel Entertainment Group, 1987. 1 volume

Graphic novel about service aboard a FLETCHER class destroyer during WW II. The ship was equipped with a catapult for an OS2U Kingfisher aircraft. "...very well done, and very evocative of a sailor's life on a 'tin can' in the Pacific."

Wind, Dreams, and Dragons. Marvel Entertainment Group, 1989. 1 volume

A Sailor's Story, book two. Covers the kamikaze period of WW II in the Pacific in more detail.

Glascock, William Nugent, Captain RN, (1787?-1847)

Naval Sketch-Book; or, The Service Afloat And Ashore : with characteristic reminiscences, fragments and opinions on professional and political subjects. H. Colburn, 1826. 2 volumes

"...A curious olla-podrida of 'galley' stories, criticisms on naval books, and miscellanies,... It is not very well written, and is in parts very dull, but provides some genuine things." [Saintsbury's Nineteenth Century Literature]

Sailors and Saints, or Matrimonial Manoeuvres. H. Colburn, 1829. 3 volumes

Tales of a Tar, with Characteristic Anecdotes. H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1830. 333 pages

Land Sharks and Sea Gulls. R. Bentley, 1838. 3 volumes

Gobbell, John J.

Todd Ingram Series:

  1. The Last Lieutenant. St. Martin's, 1995. 360 pages

    A spy story in the Philippines during World War II. A German agent has obtained American battle plans for an attack on a Japanese fleet off Midway, information which could lead to an American defeat and a Japanese invasion of the U.S. An American lieutenant races to catch the agent.

  2. A Code for Tomorrow. St. Martin's, 1999. 316 pages

    As the war in the South Pacific heats up, Lieutenant Ingram gets a new assignment to the destroyer U.S.S. Howell, on which he will serve as executive officer. Thrown into two epic naval battles of World War II, the battle of Cape Esperance and the battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, a young but already battle-weary Todd Ingram is also in the middle of a personal nightmare: his girlfriend, Army nurse Helen Durand, is trapped behind enemy lines, fighting for the resistance on Mindanao. With Soviet espionage activity hindering his attempted rescue of Helen, Lieutenant Ingram is at an impasse.

  3. When Duty Whispers Low. St. Martin's, 2002. 343 pages

    It's 1943, and the U.S. Navy is caught in a fierce battle against the Japanese in the South Pacific. At stake, is the Allies' newly won Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. But Isoroku Yamamoto, admiral of the Combined Fleet and architect of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, desperately wants Guadalcanal back and prepares to launch a series of bombing raids in the Solomons.

  4. The Neptune Strategy. St. Martin's, 2004. 344 pages

    In 1944, the Allies have delivered a stunning blow to Hitler's Western front. In the Pacific, Admiral Raymond A. Spruance's Fifth fleet is poised to eviscerate the Japanese Navy - and begin a new war for the occupied islands. But in the center of this world-spanning drama, a lone Japanese submarine is on a mission of a very different kind. And on board is Todd Ingram, a prisoner of war and captive of fate.

The Brutus Lie. Scribner's, 1991. 357 pages

Reunited after thirty-five years of Cold War, brothers and bitter enemies Lofton and Dobrynyn pursue their individual goals of outwitting each other, unaware that their deaths have been ordered at the highest government levels. Much of the action takes place on submarines.

A Call to Colors: A Novel of the Leyte Gulf. Ballantine, 2006. 487 pages

Commander Mike Donovan is a veteran haunted by earlier savage battles. What Donovan doesn't know is that Vice Admiral Takao Kurita of Japan has laid an ingenious trap as the Matthew heads for the treacherous waters of Leyte Gulf. But Donovan faces something even deadlier than Kurita's battleships: Explosives secretly slipped on board American ships by saboteurs are set to detonate at any time.

Golding, William (1911-1993)

Pincher Martin; The Two Deaths of Christopher Martin. Faber & Faber, 1956. 208 pages

Torpedoed RN officer washes up on a barren rock in the middle of the Atlantic. Strange.

To the Ends of the Earth trilogy:

Old Napoleonic Wars warship hauls passengers to the Antipodes.

  1. Rites of Passage. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1980. 270 pages

    An account of a trip to Australia in the form of a journal written by Edmund Talbot, a young, aristocratic passenger aboard the British warship HMS Pandora. His influential godfather, having secured him employment with the Governor General in Australia, presents him with the journal in which to record the significant events of the journey. The journal quickly becomes concerned with the account of the downfall of a passenger, the Reverend Colley. Winner of the Man Booker Prize.

  2. Close Quarters. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1987. 281 pages

    This book begins with Edmund Talbot starting a new journal, but with a different tone as this was not to be presented to his godfather. The plot focuses upon the romantic feelings of a clearly unwell Talbot for a young woman whom he meets on a different ship they come across, HMS Alcyone, and fears about the seaworthiness of the Pandora to complete her journey.

  3. Fire Down Below. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1989. 313 pages

    Continues the ever-more perilous voyage of the old ship and charts, amongst other things, Talbot's ongoing maturation and growing admiration for the Prettimans, the rivalry between the two principal officers (Summers and Benét) for Captain Anderson's respect and trust and the conclusion to Edmund's affaire of the heart with Miss Chumley.

Goldman, Eric (1949- )

Napoleon's Gambit. [self published], 2008. 373 pages

A modern sailor is recruited by the Royal Navy and finds himself on the deck of HMS Impérieuse in 1813, as she sails into battle against overwhelming odds. At stake are $5 billion in gold and the fate of the modern world.

Goldman, Francsico

The Ordinary Seaman. Atlantic Monthly Press, 1997. 387 pages

Fifteen desperate men lured from Central America by the promise of work aboard a freighter find themselves trapped on a rusting, rat- and roach-infested hulk without plumbing, heat or electricity, abandoned at an isolated Brooklyn pier. Placated by the promise that they will eventually be paid, the crew work for six months under horrifying conditions: half starved, filthy, sick and humiliated, they're victims of their own poverty and the chicanery of others.

Goldsmith, John

Return to Treasure Island. Berkley, 1985. 251 pages

Jim Hawkins, now an adult in the employ of Squire trelawney, is set to travel to Jamaica to discover why the Trelawny's estate there is not making money when Long John Silver resurfaces. It seems that Silver is after the rest of Flint's treasure left behind on the first expedition, and the key lies in Jim's map. Naturally, Trelawny's estate manager -- and his partner, the Governor of Jamaica -- are cheating Trelawny, and know about the treasure map... need more be said?

Good, James

Sub Wars series:

  1. Target Delta V. Zebra, 1982. 216 pages

    Russians send super sub on a cruise, and the US sends our hero after it with orders to capture or sink it.

  2. Target Susus. Zebra, 1982. 223 pages

Goodrich, Marcus

Delilah. Popular Library, 1941. 558 pages

Life on an early US destroyer on the eve of WW I. One of the great classics of naval literature.

Gordon, Richard (Gordon Ostlere) (1921-2017)

The Captain's Table. Harcourt, Brace, 1954. 224 pages

Rough diamond cargo ship captain is given command of the company's passenger ship.

Doctor At Sea. M. Joseph, 1953. 219 pages

A newly qualified doctor signs on as ship's doctor in a merchant ship for a voyage from Liverpool to South America and back. Loosely based on the author's experiences as a ship's doctor. It was filmed with Dirk Bogarde as the doctor and James Robertson Justice as the ship's captain.

Gordon-Stables, W. (Gordon Stables) (1840-1910)

The Meteor Flag of England : The Story of a Coming Conflict. James Nisbet & Co, 1905. 332 pages

Written for boys and set in 1980-1! The French, the Germans and the Russians invade Britain: The French the South, the Germans and Russians Scotland. The technical advances are a bit out to say the least, 300 knot coal burning ships and giant subs etc. But underlying all this the author was greatly concerned about the vulnerability of Scotland to invasion because of the governments parsimonious attitude to modernising the fleet and in his work with youth (boys) organisations he advocated they should be encouraged to shoot and own rifles to defend the country in that event.

Gould, Alan (1949- )

The Man Who Stayed Below. Angus & Robertson, 1984. 201 pages

A raw 16 year old apprentice is on a wool clipper from Melbourne bound for London via Cape Horn. He is intoxicated with the glamour of the sea and ships until he encounters the malign Captain Trygg.

Graeme, Bruce (1900-1982)

Mystery on the Queen Mary : another story of Superintendent Stevens and Inspector Allain. Hutchinson, 1938. 319 pages

Robby MacKay, a young shipyard worker who is one of many helping to prepare the Queen Mary get ready for her historic maiden voyage, overhears a scheme to hide something somewhere on the ship, masterminded by a man with a foreign voice. Robby later survives a violent attack and near-drowning to seek the help of the police. Inspector Stevens uses his influence to get Robby a job aboard the ship so he can mingle with passengers and hopefully ID the mystery voice. Meanwhile in France, a dying foreigner with ties to jewel thieves leads Inspector Allain to also snag a ticket aboard the Queen, and soon the detective duo realize the two mysteries are in some way connected.

Graham, Ross

Death on a Smokeboat. Hurst & Blackett, 1947. 167 pages

The smoke boats are a motley flotilla of ancient craft stationed in a southern English dockyard immediately prior to D-day. During enemy air attacks they station themselves upwind and obscure possible targets. A young lieutenant from Naval Intelligence is sent to the flotilla to trap a spy and falls in love. An enjoyable mystery story with good period detail.

Graham, Winston (1908-2003)

The Grove of Eagles. Doubleday, 1963. 576 pages

Englishman escapes the Spanish Inquisition to fight beside Raleigh at the sacking of Cadiz in 1596, and to help defeat the second Spanish Armada.

Grant, Bruce

Eagle of the Sea, the story of Old Ironsides. Rand McNally, 1949. 176 pages

The story of the frigate USS Constitution told through the experiences of a boy who helped build her in the Boston shipyards, and later sailed on her as a recruit of the new U.S Navy, as she sails against the Barbary pirates and during the War of 1812.

Grant, Edward

The Ultimate Weapon. Pinnacle, 1976. 183 pages

From the Log of the U.S.S. Devilfish. Duel with a Soviet sub to determine which one is the best in the world.<

Grass, Günter (1927-2015)

Crabwalk. Harcourt, 2003. 240 pages

Translation of Im Krebsgang. The narrator of the novella is the journalist Paul Pokriefke, who was born on 30 January 1945 on the day that the Strength Through Joy ship, the Wilhelm Gustloff, was sunk. His young mother-to-be, Tulla Pokriefke, found herself among the more than 10,000 passengers on the ship and was among those saved when it went down. According to Tulla, Paul was born at the moment the ship sank, on board the torpedo boat which had rescued them. His life is heavily influenced by these circumstances, above all because his mother Tulla continually urges him to fulfill his 'duty' and to commemorate the event in writing.

Graves, Jack L.

Flagg of the Mimi : Romance and Shipwreck on the Oregon Coast in 1913. Maverick, 2000. 143 pages

Story of a pre-WWI shipwreck of the "Mimi" on the Oregon Coast and the ill-conceived attempt to salvage her. Spine of the novel is the conflict between Frederick Flagg, first mate on the Mimi (owned by his uncle), and the incompetent, avaricious, drug- addicted Captain Westphal.

Gray, Edwyn

Nick Hamilton series

  1. Fighting Submarine. Futura, 1978. 182 pages

    British sub commander sent to hunt down a U-Boat haunting the East coast of Britain in 1940 suspects it may be commanded by his friend and ex-commander, a cashiered RN officer believed killed in a race car accident. Then the British sub is sent to capture a German prison ship in Norwegian waters.

  2. Devil Flotilla. Futura, 1979. 184 pages

    Following the invasion of Norway, HMS RAPIER is trapped in the Skagerrack by German destroyers. Hamilton uses a trick to convince the Germans that he has been sunk which is so convincing the British believe it, too! The Royal Navy then takes advantage of the confusion to declare the RAPIER destroyed, and assign Hamilton the command of a motley collection of foreign subs that have escaped German occupation -- and use the force for missions the admiralty wishes to disavow.

  3. Diving Stations. Futura, 1980. 222 pages

    In Hong Kong the submarine Rapier is attacked by supposedly neutral Japanese planes. Hamilton fights back--to the dismay of local UK diplomats. Next, when a Japanese warship forces the UK ship Firefly into Hai-An Bay, taking the captain as a quasi-hostage, Hamilton undertakes a risky mission to free the Firefly.

  4. Crash Dive 500. Futura, 1981. 220 pages

    The Rapier is reassigned as a training ship at Tobermory, off the coast of Scotland. In a couple of months, Hamilton transforms his crew from green recruits to able-bodied seamen. Then at a party at a WRNS base, he runs into an old flame, Caroline Faversham, and beds her, not knowing that she is the wife of Captain Gervaise Woodward, a man with a pathological dislike of submarine sailors.

U-Boat / Konrad Bergman Series:

  1. No Survivors. Futura, 1975. 190 pages

    Bergman as he goes through pre-war submarine training and service, then taking command of UB-44 at the outbreak of WW II. Covers UB-44's missions during the first six months of the war, and chronicles Bergman's transition from a non-party supporter of Hitler to an anti-Nazi. Book is climaxed when Bergman receives the Fuhrer's orders to sink a German pocket battleship, and leave no survivors.

  2. Action Atlantic. Futura, 1975. 191 pages

    Berman, in UB-44, participates in a mass attack on an Atlantic convoy while the Gestapo investigates him for disloyalty.

  3. Tokyo Torpedo. Futura, 1976. 192 pages

    Berman takes U-boat to Japan to study midget subs there, and hijacks a Kaiten.

  4. The Last Command. Futura, 1977. 189 pages

    Bergman salvages a sunken U-boat, takes charge of a flotilla of midget submarines attacking the Normandy beachhead, commands salvaged sub on three missions in 1944-45, then is involved in an attempt to smuggle Hitler to Argentina.

Greenfield, Irving A. (1928- )

Barracuda. Arbor House, 1978. 245 pages

Missing US sub is spotted by recon fighter around the world from where she allegedly went down. The hunt is on.

Over the Brink. Kensington, 1990. 287 pages

Russian sub sinks to bottom of Indian Ocean, signals for help, and USN responds. But the Russians try to destroy their own sub first.

Depth Force series:

  1. Depth Force. Zebra, 1984. 362 pages

    The SHARK is America's high technology submarine whose mission is to stop Soviet domination of the oceans. The crew have had their pasts deleted, and if threatened with capture, they are under orders to self-destruct.

  2. Depth Dive. Zebra, 1984. 235 pages

    While attempting to salvage an incalculable fortune in gold from an ancient wreck, America's high technology submarine, the Shark, faces a Soviet killer sub with the same mission and a suspected double-agent aboard.

  3. Bloody Seas. Zebra, 1985. 252 pages

    Adventures under the ice with the top secret submarine SHARK.

  4. Battle Stations. Zebra, 1985. 255 pages

    Super sub USS SHARK seeks stranded Soviet sub, but it's surrounded by Russian navy.

  5. Torpedo Tomb. Zebra, 1986. 236 pages

    Weird experimental sub SHARK has tank-like treads for invading Libya(I'm not making this up) to rescue spy team.

  6. Sea of Flames. Zebra, 1986. 254 pages

    Renegade USN force steals super sub SHARK, sets out to attack the Soviet Union. Former skipper pursues his old ship in the attack sub NEPTUNE.

  7. Deep Kill. Zebra, 1986. 268 pages

    Supersub stalks Soviet invasion fleet approaching Arabian coast, and is herself stalked by Russian leviathan while being lured into a trap.

  8. Suicide Run. , Zebra, 1987. 254 pages

    Commander Jack Boxer is given secret orders to take America's newest sub, the Barracuda, to Antarctica and challenge the Russian sub guarding the continents's offshore mineral resources.

  9. Death Cruise. Zebra, 1988. 253 pages

    Admiral Jack Boxer and his crew on board an American nuclear submarine head of the Persian Gulf and an assignment to seek out and destroy a secret Iranian-Soviet undersea base for a fleet of deadly mini-submarines.

  10. Ice Island. Zebra, 1988. 254 pages

    Admiral Jack is off to the arctic to find crashed Russian transport plane on an ice island, but Soviet killer sub is in the way.

  11. Harbor of Doom. Zebra, 1989. 253 pages

    Ships from all over converge on NYC for 500th anniversary of Columbus' voyage, but Chinese are up to no good. Admiral Jack Boxer to the rescue.

  12. Warmonger. Zebra, 1989. 255 pages

    Back to the Arctic, this time to thwart lunatic Russian admiral, who's threatening nuclear war. It's Jack Boxer and his supersub against the Russian fleet.

  13. Deep Rescue. Zebra, 1990. 224 pages

    Secret sub NARWHAL is down, fighting saboteurs, and a Russian sub tries to help.

  14. Torpedo Treasure. Zebra, 1991. 208 pages

    When brigands board his pleasure craft "Sea Dog" in the South China Sea, Captain Jack Boxer finds himself the prisoner of an old Nazi U-Boat commander with a strange idle of sunken treasure. Escaping under fire in a rusting U-238, Boxer returns with his old nemesis, Russian Captain Viktor Borodin, to recover the remains of a WWII British cruiser carrying 500 million in Russian gold.

  15. Hot Zone. Zebra, 1992. 223 pages

    On a rescue mission to save a downed Russian vessel, Admiral Jack Boxer discovers that its crew is dead and that high levels of lethal radiation caused by illegally dumped nuclear waste is filling the vessel.

  16. Rig War. Zebra, 1992. 223 pages

    Jack Boxer and Viktor Borodine are on special assignment to stop terrorists who are out to destroy the world's biggest offshore oil field.

Super Depth Force: Project Discovery. Kensington, 1988. 397 pages

In 1992, hundreds of ships from across the globe converge on New York harbor to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus's fateful voyage. But from behind the Bamboo Curtain, the Chinese super-sub Sea Death sets out to transform the mammoth jubilee into an explosive nightmare of terror.

Griffin, Gwyn

Master of This Vessel. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1961. 398 pages

"In a tension-filled situation, a group of lonely people, thrown together aboard an ocean liner, stubbornly cling to their status symbols even though the price might be their lives. At the center of this antagonistic group, and suddenly catapulted into the position of Acting Captain, is 26-year old Serafina Ciccolante. His knowledge of the sea belies his years, but-although in complete control of his ship-he is completely at odds with his ship's company. Consequently, in the midst of a tropical cyclone, he finds himself forced to battle both the elements and his hostile companions." [from the dust jacket]

An Operational Necessity. Putnam, 1967. 447 pages

German U-Boat machine-guns survivors of a French merchantman in South Atlantic, leading to the pursuit, capture, and trial of the submarine's officers after the war.

Griggs, Lieut. George Philip, RN

Destroyer at War : An account, in the form of fiction, of life in a destroyer. Hutchinson & Co, 1943. 128 pages

Good contemporary account of the drama, the thrill, the tragedy and the humour which make up the lives of men aboard a British "V" class destroyer in the early days of WW II.

The Days are Spent. Coward-McCann, 1945. 314 pages

U.K. title: The Readiness is All.

Grundner, Tom (1945-2011)

Sir Sidney Smith Nautical Adventure series:

A planned nine volume series unfinished at the author's death.

  1. The Midshipman Prince. Fireship Press, 2006. 260 pages

    How do you keep a prince alive when the combined forces of three nations (and a smattering of privateers) want him dead? Worse, how do you do it when his life is in the hands of a 17 year old lieutenant, an alcoholic college professor, and a woman who has fired more naval guns than either of them? A revision of Between Two Flags (2005) eliminating the time travel subplot.

  2. HMS Diamond. Fireship Press, 2007. 229 pages

    After surviving the horrors of the destruction of Toulon, Sir Sidney is given a critical assignment. British gold shipments are going missing. Even worse, the ships are literally disappearing in plain sight of their escorts and the vessels around them. The mystery must be solved if Britain is going to maintain its lines of credit and continue to finance the war. But to do that Sir Sidney must unravel a web of intrigue that leads all the way to the Board of Admiralty.

  3. The Temple. Fireship Press, 2009. 241 pages

    It's 1798 and Sir Sidney Smith is languishing in 'The Temple,' France's maximum security prison. For the past two years he had been running the Agence de Paris - Britain's primary spy ring in France - from his cell. But the authorities are starting to close in. It's time for Sir Sidney to leave; but, to do so, he must stage one of the most spectacular prison breaks in history. Arriving back in England, he receives a set of orders sending him to Portsmouth for further duty. What he didn't know was that his new duty would involve working with an itinerant musician, by the name of William Parish - who happens to be a genius at breaking codes.

  4. Acre. Fireship Press, 2011. 274 pages

    Napoleon's army might not be able to go anywhere by sea, but they can still march. He leads them from Egypt through Syria toward Constantinople. From there he can go west and enter Europe through the backdoor, or go east, and conquer India. Either way, it would be a disaster for Britain. The only thing standing in his way is a small coastal city called Acre. Sir Sidney Smith is given command of every British warship in the eastern Mediterranean - all of two third-rate ships of the line. He moves his minuscule forces to Acre to head off Bonaparte.

Gruppe, Henry

The Truxton Cipher. Simon and Schuster, 1973. 223 pages

Lt. Commander Harry St. John is unexpectedly appointed Executive Officer of the destroyer USS SOMERSET. His captain is a bully and discipline is bad. Coding officers have fatal accidents. On exercise the SOMERSET is cut in two by an aircraft carrier with major loss of life while Harry is OOD. To make matters worse survivors claim he was the drunk at the time.

Gyles, Tony (1925- )

Deep their grave : the diary of a merchant ship and her crew, during the battle of the Atlantic, 1942. P.O.D., 1998. 414 pages

A peace-time passenger ship is converted to a troop carrier, and her crew are sent on a single fateful voyage, at a time when the enemy was sinking, on average, an Allied ship every four hours and the prospect of the crew returning safely to their homes and families was grim. Seamanship of the highest standard would not, alone, be sufficient to guarantee their safety, for this was a time when Britain's 'darkest hour' loomed ominously close.

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