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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Boo - Boy

Booth, Charles G. [Gordon] (1896-1949)

Mr. Angel Comes Aboard. Doubleday, Dorran, 1944. 207 pages

A wartime mystery where an empty freighter is found abandoned at sea with no sign of the crew. Salvager Johnny Angel solves the case. Made into a George Raft vehicle the following year





Borden, Charles A. (1911-1968)

He Sailed with Captain Cook. Crowell, 1952. 248 pages

The hazards and adventures of the voyage of the bark Endeavor, under Captain James Cook, to the South Seas on a scientific expedition, as experienced by the youngest and smallest member of the crew





Borodin, George [pseud. George Sava] (1903-1996)

Friendly Ocean. Staples, 1946. 179 pages

Personal dramas of a group of passengers on a merchant ship in wartime.





Bostrum, Hank

Ocean Black. Kensington, 1995. 310 pages

18,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific, billionaire industrialist Paul Deride has hit a motherlode of manganese. But the only way to retrieve the precious ore is through a series of strategically placed nuclear detonators that could trigger a massive earthquake along California's San Andreas fault.




Bostwick, Ronald

The Iron Ring. Avon, 1963. 181 pages

Iron Joe Ring, the mustang ex-UDT captain of the worn out minesweeper DEAN patrolling the Korean coast during the Korean War, is finishing up his 20 years in the navy. He and the DEAN will be retired in 20 days. Before he hangs it up, he wants to destroy a railroad tunnel along the coast through which the Chinese are running their supplies to the front.




Bosworth, Allan R. (1901-1986)

Full Crash Dive. Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1942. 271 pages

"An Admiral Wetherbee Mystery". Also published as The Submarine Signaled ... Murder! and Murder Goes to Sea.




The Crows of Edwina Hill. Harper & Row, 1961. 214 pages

Light novel about a Navy submarine rescue vessel on its last legs off Japan after the Korean War.




Storm Tide. Harper & Row, 1965. 268 pages

Aboard one of the first steam-powered whalers in the mid-1800s, the captain must contend with the rivalry of a fellow captain and former mate who has impugned his courage, and the owner of the ship -- a woman who joins the expedition to "rescue" her native half-sister from life among Pacific island "savages."




Bottume, Carl Huntington (1913-1955)

Sailor's Choice. Little, Brown, 1951. 211 pages

Gunrunning and romance in the Caribbeans






Boulle, Pierre (1912-1994)

The Whale of the Victoria Cross. Vanguard, 1983. 182 pages

Translation of: La baleine des Malouines. During the Falkland Islands war, a British ship takes a whale, first mistaken for a submarine, as a mascot. An admiral recommends the whale for a medal and the Home Office thinks the entire fleet has gone bonkers. An odd novel.




Bourne, Lawrence R. [pseud. Lawrence Harbourn] (1879-1941)

The Channel Pirate: A West-Country Sea Story. Oxford University Press, 1923. 279 pages






The Treasure of the Hebrides: the Story of a Yacthing Cruise. Oxford University Press, 1924. 288 pages






Coppernob Buckland: A Story of Rum Row. Oxford University Press, 1925. 156 pages






The Radium Casket: A Story of China and the South Seas. Oxford University Press, 1926. 160 pages






Coppernob: Second Mate. Oxford University Press, 1927. 160 pages






Well Tackled!: A Story of a Shipyard. Oxford University Press, 1928. 160 pages






Captain Coppernob: The Story of a Sailing Voyage. Oxford University Press, 1929. 158 pages






Copppernob : Shipowner: The Story of a Lost Steamer. Oxford University Press, 1931. 285 pages






The Adventures of John Carfax, a Gentleman of Devon and Sometime Seaman in the British Navy: A Story of Press Gang Days. Oxford University Press, 1930. 286 pages






The Voyage of the Lulworth: A Story of the Great Days of Sail. Oxford University Press, 1932. 287 pages






Eastward Bound: A Story of Dope Smuggling. Oxford University Press, 1933. 288 pages






The Fourth Engineer. Oxford University Press, 1934. 287 pages






Stark Naked. Muller, 1934. 310 pages

A villain escapes in a ketch; a power yacht is involved in the climax.




The Chronicles of Jerry. Oxford University Press, 1935. 286 pages






Radium Island [An adventure story for boys]. Oxford University Press, 1936. 288 pages






Mixed Cargoes [short stories]. Oxford University Press, 1938. 288 pages






Saving His Ticket. Oxford University Press, 1939. 271 pages







Bowen, R. Sidney (1900-1977)

Dave Dawson

  1. Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol. Saalfield, 1941. 247 pages

    No. 4 in the series





  3. Dave Dawson with the Pacific Fleet. Saalfield, 1942. 249 pages

    No. 7 in the series





  5. Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal. Saalfield, 1943. 245 pages

    No. 12 in the series





  7. Dave Dawson at Truk. Crown, 1946. 245 pages

    No. 15 in the series





Red Randall

  1. Red Randall at Pearl Harbor. Grosset & Dunlap, 1944. 216 pages

    No. 1 in the series





  3. Red Randall at Midway. Grosset & Dunlap, 1944. 210 pages

    No. 4 in the series





  5. Red Randall in the Aleutians. Grosset & Dunlap, 1945. 216 pages

    No. 6 in the series





Bowles, George Frederic Stewart (1877-1955)

A Gun-Room Ditty Box : [Poems and sketches of naval life]. Cassell, 1898. 116 pages

Expanded edition: 1905





A Stretch Off the Land. Methuen, 1903. 299 pages







Bowline, J. "Skipper" & Gregory, R. R. C. [Richard Robert Castell] (1855-1927)

Yarns from a Captain's Log. William Blackwood, 1912. 375 pages







Bowling, Tom [pseud.]

The Antigallican. Oldcastle, 2008. 283 pages

Jersey fishing captain, Jean Cotterell is rescued by a French frigate - the Hortense - off the Grand Banks of Nova Scotia in May 1794. His fishing vessel has foundered and he is the sole survivor. The Hortense is part of Republican Admiral Jan Van Stabel's great fleet of over 100 ships bringing corn to France. Lord Howe's Channel Fleet is off Brest, hoping to intercept them. A planned sequel A Ship Aground has never been published.



Boyd, Dean

Lighter Than Air. Harcourt, Brace & World, 1961. 249 pages

Lighthearted novel about life in the US Navy's blimp service during WW II. It follows the collisions between a pompous blimp expert, dragooned into service as the squadron commander, and a maverick Alaskan bush pilot, drafted in as a blimp pilot, who is wooing an uptight minister's daughter, serving as a Navy nurse.




Boynton, B. H., jr.

The White Dart, or, The Cruiser of the Gulf of Mexico : a true tale of piracy and war. "Star Spangled Banner" Office, 1848. 46 pages





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