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Mitchell, James

Steady, Boys, Steady. P. Davies, 1960. 205 pages

Humorous account of a serious war fought by characters from all walks of life who find themselves in WW II special forces, the Royal Navy Commando. Rigorously trained in the Scottish Highlands, they survive to die on the beaches of Dieppe, North Africa, Sicily and Reggio.





Mitchell, Joseph (1908-1996)

The Bottom of the Harbor. Little, Brown, 1959. 243 pages

Up in the old hotel -- The bottom of the harbor -- The rats on the waterfront -- Mr. Hunter's grave -- Dragger captain -- The rivermen





Mobley, C. A. (Cyndy)

Jerusha Bailey series:

  1. Rites of War. Jove, 1998. 342 pages

    A German U-boat destroys a North Korean submarine then attacks a U.S. command ship. The plan works; America and North Korea hold each other accountable. As warships converge across the globe, the command of the "USS Ramage" falls into the hands of Jerusha Bailey. Bailey, however, senses a hidden strategy behind the attacks. And now, she alone must go one-on-one with the brilliant commander of a German U-boat and prevent full-scale war.



  3. Rules of Command. Berkeley, 1998. 347 pages

    When an American cruiser accidentally shoots down a commercial aircraft--and kills the president of Panama--an interim government seizes control of the Panama Canal. Bailey is dispatched on a peacemaking mission that could either defuse an international crisis or add fuel to the fires of an all-out war.




  5. Code of Conflict. Berkeley, 1999. 344 pages

    National Security Agent Jerusha Bailey is called in to investigate the trouble that's brewing on the Bengali-India border-- and to see how it ties in to the mysterious missile attack on the USS Mahan. And as tensions build across the globe, her nemesis at the esteemed Naval War College is busy wargaming, frantically trying to predict the next world war. But the more questions Bailey asks, the fewer answers he gets. She's beginning to suspect that something sinister is at hand.




Mohrt, Michel (1914-2011)

Mariners' Prison. Viking, 1963. 286 pages

Translation of La Prison maritime. Sea-going adventure based on an actual plot, when nationalists of Brittany wanted to separate from France and join Ireland and Wales. The book won the Grand Prix du Roman of the French Academy.





Mokin, Arthur (1923- )

Ironclad: The Monitor and the Merrimack. Presidio, 1991. 274 pages

The mood in Washington in 1861 is bleak. The army is stalled, and rumors abound about the Confederate navy's steel-shelled war machine, when Secretary of the Navy Wells calls upon Captain John Erickson and his bizzare experimental craft, the MONITOR.





Monjo, F. M. [Ferdinand Nicolas] (1924-1978)

Pirates in Panama. Simon and Schuster, 1970. 64 pages

When the pirate Henry Morgan attacks Panama, Brother John succeeds not only in hiding the church's gold altar from the pirates but also in begging gold from them





Monroe, Kirk (1850-1930)

Dorymates : a Tale of the Fishing Banks. Harper & Bros., 1889. 357 pages

Raftmates : a Story of the Great River. Harper & Bros., 1893. 341 pages

The Coral Ship : a Story of the Florida Reef. G.P. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1893. 261 pages

In Pirate Waters : a Tale of the American Navy. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1898. 345 pages

Shine Terrill : a Sea Island Ranger. Lathrop, 1899. 317 pages

Midshipman Stuart, or, the Last Cruise of the Essex : a Tale of 1812. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1899. 339 pages

Brethren of the Coast : A Tale of the West Indies. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1900. 303 pages

Under the Great Bear. Doubleday, Page, 1900. 313 pages

A Son of Satsuma, or, With Perry in Japan. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1901. 306 pages

For the Mikado, or, A Japanese Middy in Action. Harper & Bros., 1905. 270 pages


Monsarrat, Nicholas (1910-1979)

Leave Cancelled. Knopf, 1945. 124 pages

A navy officer and his young wife concentrate their passionate love into twenty-four hours, knowing that it might be their last chance.




Three corvettes : comprising H.M. Corvette, East Coast Corvette, Corvette Command. Cassell, 1945. 268 pages

Monsarrat's own recount of his time spent in Corvettes during World War II. Includes b/w photographs taken by Monsarrat and others.




H.M.S. Marlborough Will Enter Harbour. Cassell, 1947. 92 pages

An old sloop, homeward bound, is torpedoed, leaving her guns out of action, more than three-quarters of her crew dead, and radio contact impossible. But her valiant captain steadfastly refuses to surrender his ship.




The Cruel Sea. Knopf, 1951. 509 pages

WW II convoy escort, and his best by far.




The Ship That Died of Shame and Other Stories. W. Slone, 1959. 259 pages

Contents: The ship that died of shame -- Licenced to kill -- The man who wanted a mark nine -- The Thousand Islands snatch -- I was there -- The dinner party -- Oh to be in England!-- The list -- The reconciliation -- Up the garden path.




The Nylon Pirates. W. Slone, 1960. 375 pages

A group of con-artists join the passengers of a "millionaire's cruise" as part of their plan to separate the other passengers from their cash and valuables over the three-month voyage.




A Fair Day's Work. W. Slone, 1964. 191 pages

A cruise aboard modern ocean liner with labor problems. Liverpool Docks, on Merseyside - a senseless strike threatens to delay the departure of an ocean liner. As the last of the passengers come aboard, including the shipping line's chairman, the drama increases with the threatened walk-out of the stewards. Below deck, agitation and unrest mount as the tide water rises and the vital hour for sailing approaches.



Monsarrat at Sea. Cassell, 1975. 342 pages

Collection of Monsarrat's nautical writing, both fiction and non-fiction: The Longest Love, The Longest Hate; Three Corvettes; I Was There; A Ship to Remember; HMS Marlborough Will Enter Harbour; The Ship that Died of Shame.




The Master Mariner: Running Proud. Cassell, 1978. 524 pages

Book one of a planned series. "Damned to immortality by a spectacular act of cowardice during battle with the Spanish Armada, young Matthew Lawe is sentenced to an eternity at sea....he rides... history with Henry Hudson, Henry Morgan, Lord Nelson, and others..."




The Master Mariner: Darken Ship; the unfinished novel. Cassell, 1980. 181 pages







Montague, Dan (F. Daniel)

White Wings. Dutton, 1997. 467 pages

The story of a Herreshoff Buzzard's Bay 15 and the three generations of women associated with it. The central character is a sailboat which over the years has been the setting of blissful outings, clandestine loves and battles against the sea. The story of the boat and of its lady owner is pieced together by a teacher who is restoring it. The author apparently really did his homework and knew the boat model intimately.





Montgomery, Rutherford George [pseud. Everitt Proctor] (1894-1985)

The Last Cruise of the Jeannette. Westminster, 1944. 195 pages

Published under his Everitt Proctor pseudonym




Sea Raiders Ho! David McKay, 1945. 224 pages






Thunderboats Ho! David McKay, 1945. 256 pages






Thar She Blows. Westminster, 1945. 143 pages

Published under his Everitt Proctor pseudonym




Men Against the Ice. Westminster, 1946. 148 pages

Published under his Everitt Proctor pseudonym





Mooney, Ralph E.

David Rudd. Henry Waterson, 1927. 272 pages







Moore, David William (1895-1954)

The End of Long John Silver. Thomas Y. Crowell, 1946. 214 pages






The Scarlet Jib. Thomas Y. Crowell, 1950. 178 pages







Moore, Donald (1923- )

All of One Company. Hodder & Stoughton, 1957. 349 pages

U.S. title: Scramble Six Hurricanes. Northern convoy November 1943 - Royal Navy escort group sets out for Russia escorting Convoy PQ 63. Focusing mainly on the Woolworth carrier HMS VISCOUNT with her Hurricanes, Swordfish and escorts; day by day - watch by watch - we follow the convoy's progress; from the viewpoint of the convoy - there are no insights into the higher command on either the Allied or German side. The escort groups air-ops and anti-sub tactics are particularly well done.




Moore, Frank Frankfort (1855-1931)

Mutiny on the "Albatross". Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1884. 376 pages

The Fate of the Black Swan: a tale of New Guinea. Society for Promoting Chritsian Knowledge, 1885. 320 pages





The 'Great Orion'. Society for Promoting Chritsian Knowledge, 1886. 319 pages






Tre, Pol, and Pen. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1887. 320 pages

Smuggling in Cornwall and Nelson's victories.

Coral and Cocoa-nut: the Cruise of the Yacht 'Fire-fly' to Somoa. Society for Promoting Chritsian Knowledge, 1890. 336 pages





Highways and High Seas: Cyril Harley's Adventures on Both. Blackie & Son, 1890. 350 pages

New edition, 1897.




Under Hatches: or, Ned Woodthorpe's Adventures. Blackie & Son, 1889. 352 pages

Set in 1830. Sixteen-year old Ned, washed out to sea while saving a life, is picked up by a ship taking convicts to Botany Bay. In the Indian Ocean the crew and convicts mutiny, setting the officers and Ned afloat in a cutter, in which they sail to a desert island. The mutineers arrive two days later and swarm ashore. Ned and the the officers fight to recapture the ship.




Captain Latymer: a Romance. Cassell, 1907. 343 pages

Barbadoes and Ireland during the English Civil War.



Moore, Frederick F. (1877-1967)

The Devil's Admiral. Doubleday & Page, 1913. 295 pages

Tale of a cargo ship sailing out of Manila into the China Sea with pirates, murder and villainy afoot.






Moore, Ruth (1903-1989)

The Weir. William Morrow, 1943. 342 pages

Changes in a small Maine island fishing village during the years before World War II





Spoonhandle. William Morrow, 1946. 377 pages

In a small Maine fishing community during the Great Depression, the natives navigate the changes forced upon their little island by wealthier summer people. Filmed as Deep Waters in 1948





The Fire Balloon. William Morrow, 1948. 347 pages

Conflict in the small Maine town known as Granite Hook to the rich summer people and Scratch Corner to the native fishermen





Candlemas Bay. Morrow, 1950. 308 pages

The modern world spells the end of the way of life for a 200 year old Maine fishing town





Jeb Ellis of Candlemas Bay. Morrow, 1952. 328 pages

Abridgment of Candlemas Bay focusing on Jeb's attempt to perserve his town's traditions and become a fisherman





A Fair Wind Home. Morrow, 1953. 312 pages

The adventures of the Ellis family in eighteenth-century Boston including the real story of Ringgold the Pirate





Speak to the Winds. William Morrow, 1956. 309 pages

A feud engulfs the entire population of a small island off the coast of Maine.





Cold As a Dog and the Wind Northeast. Morrow, 1958. 61 pages

A collection of nautical ballads including the celebrated (in Maine) "The Night Charlie Tended Weir"





The Sea Flower. Morrow, 1964. 282 pages

Two orphans seek a safe refuge on a houseboat during a hurricane and drift to an almost uninhabited island where they come into contact with a group of assorted Down East eccentrics





The Gold and Silver Hooks. William Morrow, 1969. 330 pages

Set on the Maine coast, a woman is both blessed and cursed by her uncompromising personal integrity





"Lizzie" & Caroline. William Morrow, 1972. 273 pages

A young girl struggles to create a better life for herself and her brother by fleeing to an unoccupied cottage on the opposite shore






Moorhouse, Geoffrey (1931-2009)

The Boat and the Town. Little, Brown, 1979. 275 pages

Chronicles the lives of a fishing boat crew and their families in a small New England fishing village over the course of one year. Nicely written, and captures well the way a small crew get on (or don't get on) together in a small boat.




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