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Nautical Fiction Index

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Kinrade, Kim

Rockets of the Reich. BainBridge Books, 2000. 330 pages

Hitler and the SS formulate a plan to devastate the United States with a rocket attack during World War II. To carry out the plan, the Nazis set up a rocket base on a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia. An officer of the US Coast Guard and a Canadian army veteran find an unlikely ally in a German U-boat commander as they struggle to foil the plan.




Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936)

Captains Courageous. Nelson Doubleday, 1896. 224 pages

Filmed in 1937 and 1977. Set on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, this story of the spoiled son of a railroad tycoon who must prove his worth aboard an American fishing schooner admirably captures the day-to-day workings of a 19th-century fisherman. An ageless tale that reads well.




Life's Handicap: Being Stories of Mine Own People. Macmillan, 1891. 351 pages

Stories: The Lang Men O' Larut; non-nautical tales.




Many Inventions. Macmillan, 1893. 365 pages

Stories: Brugglesmith; non-nautical tales.




The Day's Work. Doubleday & McClure, 1898. 431 pages

Stories: The Ship That Found Herself; The Devil and the Deep Sea; Bread Upon the Waters; non-nautical stories.





Traffics and Discoveries. Doubleday, Page & Co, 1904. 363 pages

Stories: Their Lawful Occassions - Parts I and II; Steam Tactics; non-nautical tales.




Abaft the Funnel. Doubleday, Page & Co, 1909. 323 pages

Stories: A Menagerie Aboard; The Red Lamp; non-nautical tales.




Actions and Reactions. Macmillan, 1909. 301 pages

Stories: With the Night Mail; non-nautical tales.




Rewards and Fairies. Macmillan, 1910. 338 pages

Simple Simon: featuring Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada.




The Collected Poems of Rudyard Kipling. Wordsworth Editions, 1994. 880 pages

Nautical poetry: Sestina of the Tramp- Royal; The Liner She's A Lady; The "Mary Gloster"; The Ballad of the "Bolivar"; The Merchantmen; "Poor Honest Men"; White Horses; Song of the Wise Children; The Second Voyage; Mine Sweepers; The Wet Litany; My Boy Jack.




Kneale, Matthew (1960- )

English Passengers. Nan A. Talese, 2000. 446 pages

Captain Illiam Quillian Kewley wants only to smuggle a little tobacco, brandy, and French pornography from the Isle of Mann to a secluded beach in England. Yet somehow in the process, he and his crew end up weighing anchor for Australia. Worse, they're forced to carry three temperamental Englishmen bound for Tasmania on a mission to discover the exact location of the Garden of Eden.




Klingman, Lawrence L. (1918-1986) and Green, Gerald (1922-2006)

His Majesty O'Keefe. Scribner, 1950. 356 pages

A novel based on the true history of David O'Keefe, who built a fortune and empire on the Pacific island of Yap.






Knight, Frank Edgar (1905-1998)

Acting Third Mate. Nelson, 1954. 256 pages

A fairly routine story of a young apprentice promoted to Third Mate, having some adventures along the way.




The Sea Chest: stories of adventure at sea. Collins, 1960. 128 pages

Collection of stories and short essays with the fiction featuring adolescent male protagonists. Includes four post-WW II stories set aboard the British tramp HOPEWELL, centering about the ship's cadets, five set between 1700 and 1900, and one Viking raid. For young readers, but good fun for all.




Knox, William (Bill) (1928-1999)

Books below may be shelved under his name or any of three noms de plume (Michael Kirk, Robert MacLeod and Noah Webster). Laird mysteries more likely under Michael Kirk and the Carrick books under Knox's own name

Andrew Laird marine insurance investigator mysteries:

  1. All Other Perils. Doubleday, 1975 160 pages.






  3. Dragonship. Doubleday, 1976. 174 pages

    When the freighter VELELLA survives a fire off the coast of Denmark Andrew Laird is sent to handle the insurance payoff, but a routine assignment turns sinister when a charred body is found in the hold, along with two firebombs and the burned remains of a replica Viking ship. A terrorist group, the New World Revolution, claims responsibility for the fire, but Laird finds out otherwise, with the help of a charming Danish policewoman.



  5. Salvage Job. Doubleday, 1979. 184 pages

    Published under the Michael Kirk pseudonym.





  7. Cargo Risk. Doubleday, 1980. 177 pages

    Published under the Michael Kirk pseudonym. Marine insurance investigator Andrew Laird sorts out why containers holding two million dollars' worth of medical supplies according to the cargo manifest actually have only worthless scrap lumber.




  9. Mayday From Malaga. Doubleday, 1983. 179 pages

    Trouble is getting to be a bad habit with Andrew Laird, even in paradise. His latest case finds the marine insurance inspector in sunny Spain on what he had assumed would be a totally routine investigation. There is never anything routine about danger-especially when it involves a half-submerged freighter, a ruthless shipping tycoon, a mysterious cargo.and more than one corpse.



  11. A Cut in Diamonds. Doubleday, 1986. 176 pages

    Published under the Michael Kirk pseudonym.





  13. Witchline. Doubleday, 1988. 178 pages

    A washing machine from a cargo that was supposedly lost near the Jersey coast appears in Spain, and marine insurance investigator Andrew Laird realizes the importance of the case when the man who meets him at the airport is murdered. Published under the Noah Webster pseudonym.




Scottish Fisheries Protection Officer Webb Carrick mysteries:

  1. The Scavengers. Doubleday, 1964. 178 pages






  3. Devilweed. Doubleday, 1966. 188 pages






  5. Blacklight. Doubleday, 1967. 188 pages






  7. Figurehead. Doubleday, 1968. 189 pages

    U.K. title: The Klondyker





  9. Blueback. Doubleday, 1969. 186 pages






  11. Seafire. Doubleday, 1970. 184 pages






  13. Stormtide. Doubleday, 1973. 157 pages






  15. Whitewater. Doubleday, 1974. 179 pages

    The traditional wedding flag is flying as the cruiser MARLIN enters Port MacFarlane on the west coast of Mull. But Port MacFarlane, a small and prosperous lobster fishing base, is no peaceful haven and the wedding flag becomes a signal which marks the start of murder and violence. Chief Officer Carrick discovers a maze of blackmail and threats in which death is the payment waiting those who seek too many answers.



  17. Hellspout. Doubleday, 1976. 176 pages






  19. Witchrock. Doubleday, 1977. 185 pages






  21. Bombship. Doubleday, 1980. 182 pages

    When a sunken WW II ammunition ship starts disintegrating and releasing its deadly cargo near a fishing village on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, the fisheries protection cruiser MARLIN is sent to the scene to help deal with the problem -- and so 1st officer Carrick and Captain Shannon can secretly investigate reports of modern-day piracy.




  23. Bloodtide. Doubleday, 1982. 186 pages

    MARLIN is sent to Port Ard to investigate a warning sent by an old drunk who then turns up dead, apparently by accident. Investigating the death, Shannon is injured, leaving Carrick in charge of MARLIN, and a web of murder involving a Soviet fish factory ship that may be spying on the British.




  25. Wavecrest. Doubleday, 1985. 181 pages

    Given command of the patrol launch TERN, off the Western Isles, Carrick encounters an oil slick, and the bodies of a couple that owned a lighthouse on one of the islands. As he investigates, the boat repair yard at Dumbrach burns to the ground, and yet another body is found in it. Carrick sets out to discover whether the bodies are related to an oil magnate in the area or a long buried monastic treasure.



  27. Dead Man's Mooring. Doubleday, 1988. 180 pages

    Carrick, and TERN are sent to quell trouble at a fishing village on Skye where a Canadian developer who is establishing a fish farm has turned the natives against him because of the roughshod methods of his employees. Then a dead man turns up on a warning buoy in the area, and divers discover a dynamited yatch just offshore.




  29. The Drowning Nets. Hutchinson, 1991. 256 pages

    When a fishery protection launch tries to arrest salmon poachers it is attacked and bombed by a high-speed raider escort. Only a mysterious mayday message saves her crew. No U.S. edition




The Grey Sentinels. Doubleday, 1962. 185 pages

SANCTUARY ISLE in UK. Glaswegian police detectives Colin Thane and Phil Moss investigate the murder of the caretaker of an island bird sanctuary off the West Highland Coast.





Kobryn, A. P.

Poseidon's Shadow. Rawson, Wade, 1979. 243 pages

Renegade US ballistic missile sub ADRESTEIA goes up against the Pentagon, the Soviets and an American killersub. Skipper intends to expose nasty military scandal, but must stay alive in the meantime.





Köepf, Michael

The Fisherman's Son. Broadway Books, 1998. 293 pages

As Neil Kruger clings to a liferaft during a fierce storm recalls his life of commercial fishing off the northern California coast.





Koller, Jackie French

The Last Voyage of the Misty Day. Atheneum, 1992. 154 pages

Having reluctantly moved to Maine after her father's death in Manhattan, fourteen-year-old Denise forges a healing friendship with a boat owner surrounded by considerable mystery. For young readers.





Korel, Charles

Full Alert. Kensington, 1989. 286 pages

The Command One, America's most sophisticated submarine, is pursued by twin Soviet attack subs while en route to the Persian Gulf and Captain Donald Smith is faced with a choice between the safety of his country and the lives of his crew.





Krauss, Bruno [pseud. Kenneth Bulmer]

Seawolf series:

  1. Steel Shark. Kensington, 1978. 175 pages

    Story of U-boat commander Baldur Wolz in action in the North and South Atlantic during 1940, commanding a new supersub.





  3. Shark North. Kensington, 1978. 171 pages

    Story of U-Boat U45 in action in the North Sea and Norway during the winter of 1940. Wolz is on a misson to land a spy in a Norwegian fjord, and winds up in command of another submarine.




  5. Shark Pack. Kensington, 1978. 156 pages






  7. Shark Hunt. Kensington, 1980. 160 pages






  9. Shark Africa. Kensington, 1980. 156 pages






  11. Shark Raid. Kensington, 1982. 159 pages






  13. Shark America. Kensington, 1982. 120 pages






  15. Shark Trap. Kensington, 1982. 124 pages







Krutein, Manfred G. (1917-2002)

Hitler's Last Gasp : the Miracle Weapon. Amador, 1995. 193 pages

Encounter between an American OSS officer, a German U-Boat commander and a Nazi SS officer, who wants to become Hitler's successor. They fight for control of a super weapon, directed at the U.S. East Coast.





Kubeck, James.

The Calendar Epic: A Novel of the Merchant Marine. Putnam's, 1956. 318 pages

Set during World War 2 on the West Coast and in the South Pacific and New Guinea. An account of the C-2 freighter CALENDAR EPIC's first -- and last -- voyage.





Kyne, Peter B. (1880-1957)

Cappy Ricks, or the Subjugation of Matt Peasley. Grossett & Dunlap, 1915. 349 pages

Cappy Ricks is a crusty yet soft-hearted Scots sea captain, a real go-getter, who owns the Dollar Steamship Lines.




Captain Scraggs: or, The Green Pea Pirates . Grossett & Dunlap, 1919. 308 pages

This sea yarn recounts the adventures of three rapscallion sea-faring men,—Captain Scraggs, owner of the green vegetable freighter Maggie, Gibney the mate and McGuffey, the engineer. Set in San Francisco




Cappy Ricks Retires, but that doesn't keep him from coming back stronger than ever. Cosmopolitan, 1922. 442 pages





Cappy Ricks Comes Back. Kinsey, 1934. 335 pages





The Cappy Ricks Special. Kinsey, 1935. 276 pages

A short story collection.






Kytle, Ray

Last Voyage. Dell, 1979. 219 pages

Two couples, off the Mexican coast in a sailing yacht, are suddenly attacked by modern-day pirates, who board for a day of rape, torture and murder. Sad to say, this kind of stuff happens in the Caribbean on a regular basis. U.K. title: Sea Stalk.




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