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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Daw - Dea

Dawlish, Peter [pseud. James Lennox Kerr] (1899-1963)

Dauntless series:

  1. Dauntless Finds Her Crew. Oxford, 1947. 188 pages






  3. Dauntless Sails Again. Oxford, 1948. 200 pages






  5. Dauntless and the Mary Baines. Oxford, 1949. 192 pages

    The crew of the Dauntless save Captain Blake and his crew but their ship, the Mary Baines is lost. Captain Blake is blamed for the accident but the boys suspect skulduggery.




  7. Dauntless Takes Recruits. Oxford, 1950. 236 pages

    Reprinted as Dauntless And The Poplar Pirates.





  9. Dauntless Sails In. Oxford, 1952. 259 pages






  11. Dauntless in Danger. Oxford, 1954. 186 pages

    Reprinted as Dauntless and the Smugglers.





  13. Sailors All! Blackwell, 1957. 48 pages

    Initially a story in 5 More, edited by Geoffrey Trease.





  15. Dauntless Goes Home. Oxford, 1960. 167 pages







Captain Peg-Leg's War. Oxford University, 1939. 256 pages






Peg-Leg and the Fur Pirates. Oxford, 1939. 236 pages






Peg-Leg Sweeps the Sea. Oxford, 1940. 246 pages






Peg-Leg and the Invaders. Oxford, 1940. 255 pages






The First Tripper. Oxford, 1947. 158 pages

A story of the Merchant Navy.





North Sea Adventure. Oxford University, 1949. 214 pages

Trainee fishermen on board a trawler in the North Sea in winter with a gale blowing. For young readers.





The Bagodia Episode. Oxford University, 1953. 183 pages






Young Drake of Devon. Oxford University, 1954. 205 pages






Way for a Sailor. Oxford University, 1955. 218 pages







Dawson, Michael [pseud. John Howard Jackson Boyle] (1916-1994)

Fathoms Deep. Nicholson & Watson, 1943. 145 pages

This purports to do for the submarine service what Monsarrat's books do for destroyers. And up to a point, it succeeds. One gets a very real feel of what it is like, -- the crowding, the close proximity of fellows of the crew, the periods of boredom and the activities, the sense of oneness with the ship and her parts, the planning for shore leave, the thoughts of women -- of food and drink and smokes, and the yearning for action, no matter what the outcome.



Torpedoes Running. Nicholson & Watson, 1946. 191 pages

Sequel to Fathoms Deep.





The "Schaduw" Dives. Nicholson & Watson, 1948. 190 pages

In a long and complicated story, we follow the fortunes of the Dutch submarine SCHADUW from her escape to Britain as the Nazi Germans invade Holland, to the war in the Pacific.






Day, Thomas Fleming (1861-1927)

The Adventures of Two Yachtsmen : transcribed from the note-book of the late John Gordon Falcon. Rudder, 1907. 118 pages





The Four and the Fire: or Five Nights in a Yacht Club. Rudder, 1907. 167 pages

Collection of tall tails set in the yachting world.






Day, Holman (1865-1935)

Blow the Man Down; A Romance of the Coast. Harper, 1916. 461 pages

Yacht captain works among the rich and beautiful, falls for boss's daughter, gets in trouble, and quits to work as freighter captain.






Daysh, Katie

Nightingale and Courtney series:

  1. Leeward. Canelo Adventure, 2023. 352 pages

    Plagued by wounds both physical and mental, Captain Hiram Nightingale attempts to recover by accepting command of HMS Scylla. His task is to hunt down a mutinous ship and bring the crew to justice. In the center of all this, his new lieutenant, the popular Arthur Courtney, stirs up long repressed feelings. On his journey, Nightingale must confront his own demons




  3. Devil to Pay. Canelo Adventure, 2024. 1 volume

    Courtney and Nightingale receive a position on the HMS Lysander, tasked with tracking down a missing frigate. But as their mission grows ever more dangerous with each passing day, the risk of dissension simmers menacingly and the truth of Courtney and Nightingale’s powerful bond could be the spark that sets everything ablaze





De Camp, L. Sprague (1907-2002)

The Golden Wind. Doubleday, 1969. 288 pages

Exploits of Eudoxos of Kyzikos, as he attempts to establish a commercial route from the Mediterranean to India during the time of the Ptolemys. He leads two profitable expeditions across the Indian Ocean, only to be robbed and imprisoned by the Ptolemys on his return in each case, then attempts to reach India without going through Egypt by circumnavigating Africa. Novel inspired by actual events.




The Arrows of Hercules. Doubleday, 1965. 297 pages

While not strictly nautical has considerable nautical content, including two sea voyages and a stint where the protagonist is employed at the world's first naval research laboratory in ancient Syracuse.





The Hand of Zei. Ace, 1963 (serialized 1950). 113 pages

Takes place on the planet Krishna, one of Sprague De Camp's favorite venues. Krishna is inhabited by people very like humans, except for being oviparous and having "antennae" on their foreheads that function as organs of smell. The planet is politically and technologically about like Europe in the 16th century, and interstellar law has placed an interdict on the importation of more advanced technology. This makes Krishna an ideal place for De Camp to introduce Terran heroes, who can disguise themselves as Krishnans and undertake some derring-do, while maintaining a more sophisticated attitude towards it all. In this book Zei, a princess of one of the Krishnan kingdoms, has been kidnapped by pirates who haunt a Sargasso Sea-like swamp in the middle of one of the major oceans, studded with the wrecks of ships of various origins and kinds. The Terran hero has the task of rescuing the princess. Since she can only be reached by sea, the job gives De Camp, who is interested in the history of technology, a chance to describe the ships and techniques the hero encounters. At one point a crisis is handled by changing the rig of a ship, under way, to a more efficient one that the local seamen are unfamiliar with. A good yarn, with a fair dose of seafaring and nautical hardware.


De Felita, Frank (1921-2016)

Sea Trial. Avon, 1980. 270 pages

An Orgy in the Caribbean aboard the sailboat PENNY DREADFUL turns into horror as something evil this way comes.






de Sélincourt, Aubrey (1894-1962)

Family Afloat. Routledge, 1940. 352 pages







Dean, Leon W. (1889-1982)

Pirate Lair. Rinehart, 1947. 246 pages







Dearden, R. L. [Richard Lionel] (1883-1995)

Christopher Parkins, R.N. [Tales]. T. Fisher Unwin, 1925. 251 pages

Jim of the "Valfreya". A. & C. Black, 1925. 256 pages






Ships that Pass. Heath Cranton, 1930. 235 pages

Watch on Deck. Blackie & Son, 1934. 246 pages






A Seafarer's Harvest. Blackie & Son, 1935. 248 pages






Maiden Voyage. Herbert Jenkins, 1938. 284 pages

Care of the Commander. Herbert Jenkins, 1939. 284 pages

Great Circle Track. Herbert Jenkins, 1939. 284 pages








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