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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Dil - Dix

Dillon, Eilís (1920-1994)

The Lost Island. Faber & Faber, 1952. 201 pages

For young readers. Boy sails off with some friends to find lost father.




The Singing Cave. Faber & Faber, 1959. 186 pages

In Connemara on the west of Ireland there is a niche in a cliff that is known locally as "the singing cave". On the day after a great March storm, Pat, the narrator, hears the cave begin to sing. He discovers an inner chamber in the cave and in that chamber the skeleton and tomb of a Viking warrior, but when he visits the cave again the next day the Viking and his hoard have disappeared. Who has stolen this treasure - and why? Pat has told nobody about it but his grandfather and the local amateur archaeologist, Mr Allen. With the quest for the missing Viking and his tomb, an exciting and perilous adventure begins for Pat and for his friend, Tom Joyce. For young readers.


The Cruise of the Santa Maria. Funk & Wagnalls, 1967. 189 pages

A newly built boat proves a launch to adventure as two Irish boys seek to disprove that their vessel is cursed. For young readers.




The Seals. Funk & Wagnalls, 1968. 127 pages

Pat Conneeley and three friends set out for the mainland in stormy weather to rescue his uncle Roddy wanted by the Black and Tans for patriot activities.




The Island of Ghosts. Scribner, 1989. 151 pages

Before leaving Inishglass, an island off the coast of Ireland, for school in Galway, Dara and Bran visit their tutor who has moved to a haunted island and has plans to keep the boys on the island forever. For young readers.




DiMercurio, Michael

Voyage of the Devilfish. D.I. Fine, 1992. 351 pages

The FS KALININGRAD is the last great triumph of Soviet submarine technology. Now it is at sea beneath the polar icecap. Aboard is the most brilliant commander in the Russian undersea fleet, Admiral Alexi Novskoyy. In his fanatic hands is the power to turn back the clock to the cold war and restart the countdown to doomsday. Opposing him in the killer-chase sub USS DEVILFISH is Captain Michael Pacino. His orders: to find and destroy the invincible Russian vessel. His private passion: to settle a score with the man who killed his father.


Attack of the Seawolf. D.I. Fine, 1993. 352 pages

The nightmare fear of the US had come true. One of our finest submarines, the USS TAMPA, on a top-secret spying mission, had fallen into Chinese Communist hands. The Communists, fighting for survival in a savage civil war, now held not only the sub, the crew, and the gutsy Commander Sean Murphy hostage, but US power and prestige as well. America had one last desperate card to play. The most advanced submarine in the world, the still untried USS SEAWOLF, under command of maverick daredevil Captain Michael "Patch" Pacino. The SEAWOLF had to steal back the TAMPA from where it lay guarded by the entire Chinese fleet armed to the teeth with technology from the bankrupt Russians.


Phoenix Sub Zero. D.I. Fine, 1994. 381 pages

The HEGIRA was the finest super-sub that Arab oil money could buy. But the US Navy was only now learning just how good this undersea sword of Islam was. Already one American sub had been destroyed, and another crippled, as the Hegira broke out of the Mediterranean and headed toward America to deliver its lethal payload. It was up to Captain Michael Pacino and the USS Seawolf to find the enemy and destroy it in the ultimate battle between the most advanced weapons technology on the planet and the most primal courage and daring.


Barracuda Final Bearing. D.I. Fine, 1997. 365 pages

A volatile new state calling itself Greater Manchuria emerges out of the political military strife of Asia. Thanks to the connections of its brash leader, it boasts an atomic arsenal. Japan, threatened by its proximity to nuclear disaster, shocks the world by launching a sophisticated preemptive strike against its new neighbor. Worldwide outrage at this aggression provokes the UN to blockade the trade-dependant nation. But Japan is ready - its sub fleet is armed to the teeth and thoroughly equipped to destroy the blockade. With the world now at the boiling point of all-out war, Admiral Michael Pacino gives his captain a "mission impossible" order to sink the Japanese submarine fleet.


Piranha Firing Point. Onyx, 1999. 400 pages

Six Japanese submarines are attacked and believed destroyed in the East China Sea. To the world, it seems like an accident. But to former submarine commander Dick Donchez it is the first act of war. He alone knows the truth: that the old guard of Red China has stolen the subs to wage a massive attack against the new Free China. Vice Admiral Michael Pacino can't prove Donchez's theory. The US government will not officially retaliate. But when a full-scale battle erupts, Pacino is quickly given command of the Navy's latest undersea weapon: the highly classified submarine known as SSNX. It is America's most advanced and sophisticated warship - and the world's only hope in the final, desperate war for freedom.

Threat Vector. Onyx, 2000. 555 pages

With a renegade sub commander on the loose and in the employ of an organization bent on disrupting international trade, the USS Devilfish is called in to stop the sinking of a cruise ship carrying most of the US Navy's top brass.



Terminal Run. New American Library, 2002. 414 pages

The final undersea showdown between Admiral Michael Pacino and his most hated nemesis, Alexi Novskoyy.




Emergency Deep. New American Library, 2004. 411 pages

U.S. Navy submarine commander Peter Vornado is taken out of service by a devastating illness that ends his career and leaves him in a deep depression, but when a terrorist cabal acquires a scrapped Soviet sub that allows them to fire torpedos directly at Israel, Peter is asked to infiltrate the group and stop a worldwide war.



Vertical Dive. New American Library, 2005. 427 pages

When a band of Algerian terrorists hijack a French nuclear submarine so advanced it can elude any radar system, two NATO subs are called into action and Burke Dillinger and Peter Vornado must join forces to stop the terrorists before they can destroy Russia and the United States.





Anthony 'Patch' Pacino

  1. Dark Transit. Gordian Knot, 2021. 656 pages






  3. Panic Switch. Gordian Knot, 2023. 577 pages







Dingle, Captain Aylward Edward (Sinbad) (1874-1947)

Gold Out of Celebes. Little, Brown, 1920. 301 pages




Wide Waters. Brentano's, 1924. 310 pages




The Flying Kestrel. G. H. Watt, 1927. 307 pages




Fathomless. Henry Waterson, 1927. 294 pages




Seaworthy. Stanley Paul, 1929. 286 pages




Tares. Stanley Paul, 1930. 288 pages

The Silver Ship. Stanley Paul, 1931. 288 pages

Sinister Eden. Harrap, 1934. 271 pages

Murder mystery set on South Sea island. Published under the pseudonym Brian Cotterell



Spin a Yarn Sailor. Harrap, 1934. 368 pages




Red Saunders: The Chronicle of a Genial Outcast. Harrap, 1934. 257 pages

U.S. title: Salt of the Sea, Red Saunders



Pipe All Hands! Harrap, 1935. 382 pages




Sailors Do Care [short stories]. Harrap, 1936. 302 pages

Yellow Half-Moons. Harrap, 1936. 310 pages

Not Wisely. Stanley Paul, 1936. 287 pages

Mary, First Mate. Stanley Paul, 1937. 287 pages

Nor Breed Nor Birth. Stanley Paul, 1937. 256 pages

Mock Star. Stanley Paul, 1938. 352 pages

Nita of Martinique. Stanley Paul, 1938. 256 pages

Old Glory. Stanley Paul, 1938. 288 pages

Adrift. Stanley Paul, 1939. 253 pages

The Bomb Ship. Robert Hale, 1942. 191 pages




Calamity Jock. Robert Hale, 1943. 248 pages




Pirates May Fly. Robert Hale, 1943. 191 pages




Desert Island Discord. Robert Hale, 1944. 219 pages




"Black Joker". Robert Hale, 1946. 214 pages

The Age-Old Kingdom. Hutchinson, 1947. 176 pages

The Petrel's Path. Hutchinson, 1947. 176 pages




Reckless Tide. Robert Hale, 1947. 252 pages

The Corpse Came Back. Robert Hale, 1948. 200 pages




Out of the Blue. Hutchinson, 1948. 192 pages




Moonshine and Moses. Robert Hale, 1949. 208 pages

Cave of Stars. Robert Hale, 1950. 246 pages




Magnolia Island. Robert Hale, 1952. 222 pages




Sargasso Sam. Robert Hale, 1952. 256 pages




Disney, Dorothy Cameron (1903-1992)

The 17th Letter. Random House, 1945. 248 pages

Sea-going espionage and skulduggery in New York, Halifax and Reykjavik.





Divine, Arthur Durham [David Divine] (1904-1987)

They Blocked the Suez Canal. Green Circle, 1936. 252 pages

To foil Mussolini's invasion of Abyssinia, plucky adventures plot to scuttle ships to block the canal




U-Boat in the Hebrides. Collins, 1940. 252 pages

A Lieutenant in Naval Intelligence seeks a German submarine.




The Sun Shall Greet Them. Macmillian, 1941. 290 pages

Divine captained a small motor launch during the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk. Published under his David Rame pseudonym.




Atom at Spithead. Macmillian, 1953. 186 pages

One officer foils an attempt to destroy with an atomic bomb the British fleet during the Corronation Naval Review




Boy on a Dolphin. Macmillian, 1955. 191 pages

An American archaeologist and a Greek sponge diver search for a sunken treasure.




Thunder on the Cheapeake. Macmillan, 1961. 399 pages

The momentous clash of the Monitor and the Merrimac brings home to a Virginia family the tragedy of its own "house divided.".




Divine, Charles (1889-1950)

"The Lover and the Deep Blue Sea". Colliers, February 23, 1924.

A young New Yorker is facinated by ocean liners.





Dixon, Douglas and Mary Dixon

Seagull and Sea-Power. Blackwood, 1937. 257 pages








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